Hermione grinned. If anyone had told her, at any point in her Hogwarts career, that she would find herself in this position, she would have been scandalized, then laughed them right out of the wizarding world. Yet, here she was, doing this, and here he was, watching her, albeit not happily.

"So, Mr. Malfoy, did you really think you could get away from me?" she demanded, walking around his chained body and appraising him.

"Fuck you, Mudblood!" he spat.

"Now, now, Mr. Malfoy, that's not nice. Since you are chained, and may I add unclothed, I firmly believe you should keep quiet."

Slowly she trailed her fingers up and down his bare chest, chuckling softly when his body went against his mind and responded to her.

Lucius Malfoy found himself chained, completely nude, and entirely at her disposal. His arms were raised to the ceiling and his feet were spread slightly further than shoulder-width. The room around him disregarded his situation as the dark greens and silvers mocked his position. A four poster bed sat comfortably against the wall, as though laughing at their antics and inability to use it, instead of the hard floor and chains. The lone window was charmed to reveal only the moods of the occupants and had nothing at all to do with what lay outside, therefore he'd get no help from mere passersby. Two doors adorned the room as well; one led to the bathroom, sat up with the grandest tub any wizard could want, and the other led out of the room, but was warded in such a way that very few could even hope to get through the door.

He snarled down at the woman, "touch me again, you filthy little mudblood, and I'll…"


Hermione rose her hand and slapped him hard across the face, leaving a red mark on his otherwise perfect skin.

"I've had enough of that word from you, Malfoy! The Order gave you to me to do as I see fit, and I suggest you start cooperating and showing some respect!"

"I'll never show you respect," he spat, before adding, "mudblood."


She slapped him once more, allowing the red mark to darken slightly before reaching up with her hand to caress his face. He winced when her hand lifted, then grimaced when she touched him.

Her hands trailed down the exposed flesh of his neck and shoulders, before following his muscled chest and abdomen. Grazing him with her fingernails and reveling in the knowledge that his slight moans meant he was enjoying this---not that she'd ever tell him that.

"You'll regret this, filthy slag that you are."

"Ah, you hurt my feelings," she pouted, "I think you should apologize."

He laughed heartily at her before responding, "apologize to you? You must be jesting. I'd sooner cut out my tongue than apologize to a dirty, little whore like you."

Hermione slowly leaned closer to him, pressing her black leather bodice against his chest. Her breasts were shoved up, unnaturally high, and her nipples were barely covered. She knew he like this, as he'd been staring at her tits the entire time, but he groaned when they made contact with his naked chest. Eyes locked, she pressed her lips to his and began teasing his mouth. She moved her tongue against his bottom lip, before nibbling it softly and sucking it into her own. When his lips parted, not because he wanted them to of course, she thrust her tongue into his mouth, seeking out his own and battling heavily with it.

He tried to shove her tongue out of his mouth using her own and slowly felt himself responding in ways he'd never admit. What was she doing to him? Never should a Malfoy be chained and subjected to such treatment, and NEVER by a filthy mudblood like Hermione Granger. His thoughts were brought up short by the tremendous pain he felt shooting along his tongue.

"What the…?"

"IF you'd rather have your tongue removed, Mr. Malfoy, I can arrange it. However, my methods won't be as nice as simply 'cutting'."

"Get the fuck off me!" he growled. "I don't want the same little whore that the entire world has already had."

She roughly cupped his erection and gave it a quick jerk before glaring back at him. "Oh, I believe you do want this. I believe you want me to touch you in ways no one ever has before. You want me to fuck you senseless, like the whore you claim me to be. "You want nothing more," she said, stroking his cock and making him unconsciously thrust into her hand, "than to have me all over you. To have your cock wrapped in my tight," another rough jerk punctuated her next words, "wet…hot…pussy."

When she released his cock he whimpered at the loss, before glaring back down at her. "Bitch!"

Hermione stepped away from him and slowly let her arms travel along her own body. Her fingers trailed across her breasts, accenting the fact that so very little was hidden, before gliding down her leather clad body. Slowly she slipped her fingers inside her black lacy knickers and began stroking herself, arching slightly and moaning in pleasure.

"I don't need a man," she panted, "to make me sexually happy. I just like having you around."

His eyes followed her hands without thought, his nose smelled her arousal, and his entire body thrummed with desire. He watched as she pulled her fingers out, trailed them down her legs to where her black garter rested on her creamy thigh, before watching them disappear in her knickers once more. She slowly pulled them out once more, only this time she brought them straight to his face. He turned his head away from her and pressed his lips together.

"You only think you can resist," she murmured, waving her fingers slowly under his nose, before stroking his lips and allowing the moisture to remain on them.

Reluctantly, his tongue flicked out to lick his lips. After two small licks, he moaned loudly and licked her juices completely off of himself. She held her fingers up to his mouth and he greedily took them, sucking and licking them clean as her eyelids fluttered shut.

"Good boy," she whispered huskily. "I think you should be rewarded for your efforts."

He looked at her confusedly, but she slowly lowered herself to her knees and appraised his hardened length. "Oh, I knew you'd give in before long, but I never thought you'd go so quickly. For that," she said, flicking her tongue out and licking the moisture from his weeping head, "you shall have your reward."

He groaned loudly and thrust towards her. She smiled to herself, before cupping her balls in her hand and rolling them around gently. Her tongue flicked out again, licking the entire tip of his cock before sucking it quickly into her mouth, making him gasp and thrust once again.

Slowly teasing him, licking along his length and only taking the tip of him into her wet mouth, she brought him into a frenzy. He was thrusting into air, but trying desperately for friction along his aching cock. At every thrust, she would avoid him and his ache became increasingly intolerable.

"All you have to do is ask nicely, Lucius, and I'll give you want you so desperately need. What you want so much," she purred.

Head thrown back between his arms, his muffled his cries of "please, Gods please let me come," and thrust into her willing mouth.

This time, she took in his entire length, licking and stroking with her tongue while she sucked his thick cock into her mouth. They were both so caught up in her actions that neither heard the door open or saw who walked in, and neither cared at the moment.

"Yes, that's it! Suck my cock! OH FUCK!" he yelled when she cupped his tightening balls and he came hard into her mouth before sagging against his chains in relief.

"Mmm, so good," she purred again, then looked up at him when she noticed his whole body had tensed.

She whipped around to see what Lucius was staring at and immediately bowed her head.

"My Lord," Lucius drawled smugly, still trying to get the muscles in his legs to work properly after one of the best blowjobs of his life.

"Why Lucius?" Voldemort hissed. "This is not the way I intended you to bed Potter's little whore. If you need to be shown the proper way in which to be in control I'm sure I could arrange it."

Lucius snapped his fingers and many things happened simultaneously. The chains binding him disappeared, his robes were firmly back in place on his body, and all evidence of what had just happened was wiped away.

"I am always in control, My Lord," he said respectfully. "However, I feel that allowing my slave to have fun and pleasure me at the same time, gives her more incentive to be such the wanton little whore that she is."

"Do you now?" Voldemort asked curiously, his attention just now falling on the slave who had yet to look up at him. "Tell me, Mudblood, does this work? Do you find yourself wanting the man I gave you to. Wanting the Death Eater that has made you his whore?"

"Y..yes, Master," she stammered. "I want nothing more than to please him."

"I must confess, Lucius," he said, paying no more attention to the thing bowing beside one of his most trusted servants, "we have all been rather curious at your recent behavior. So very happy you seem now. None of the others have had such success with their own slaves. I took Potter's whore myself, knowing that would eat him when he saw what I did to her, but she's become such a disappointment. Do you even need to 'convince' her of your wishes, Lucius?" he asked, casting another appraising glance at Hermione.

"Of course not, My Lord. I keep her fairly happy and in return, she assures me of my pleasure, no matter what I have asked of her. I find her rather willing to obey most any command."

"And those that she does not?"

"Those, I feel she wants to be punished for disobeying, My Lord."

Hermione had been watching the discussion for some time now. Lucius was absolutely correct. Ever since they had been captured in the raid mere months ago, she had been happier than she could ever remember being in her life. Funny how that worked, how the thing she loathed and despised, actually served to save her from herself. She and Ginny, along with several unknown recruits from the Order, had been taken captive and 'given' to the most esteemed Death Eaters when they were brought here.

Lucius, of course, had gotten first pick. It surprised her, and truth be told, excited her, when he quickly picked her. Voldemort had already explained that Ginny was to be his, so that he could open the connection to Harry and allow him to see what he was doing to his nemesis' girlfriend. Hermione found herself eventually not even caring. For the last three months she had been locked in this room and was completely content. No one without a Dark Mark could enter or leave, and very few even bothered. Lucius refused to share her with the others and kept her busy with books and research when he was away. She knew she was aiding the Dark Side now, but his little shows of concern and even affection, made her so happy she didn't feel guilty. Locked in her own world with only Lucius, she didn't care about those on the outside.

What she did care about, however, was the appraising looks the Dark Lord was sending her way. She knew he wanted to 'try her out' and found herself quite disgusted and turned on, all at the same time. Disgusted only because, well, quite frankly he looked like a snake. Otherwise, she relished the idea of what he could do to her. Lucius had shown her the ways of sex from a darker perspective, and she found it suited her much more than the fumbling attempts of her past. She also found herself wondering what it would be like with the other Death Eaters. Not many peaked her interest, but the few that she thought about, really turned her on.

"I want you to bring her to the next party, Lucius. Dress her nicely and show off what you've accomplished."

"Yes, My Lord," Lucius said proudly, knowing the Dark Lord wanted her.

Voldemort whisked out of the room and Lucius walked swiftly to Hermione. "Does that turn you on, pet? Knowing that the most evil wizard of all times wants to fuck you?" he purred.

She looked at him momentarily, then answered, "yes, actually, it does."

Lucius stared at her wide-eyed for a moment before chuckling, "I'm very proud of you, Hermione."

"And I'm still not satisfied," she said, before coyly adding, "Master."

Lucius threw her up on the bed and began having his way with her.