Song: MIRACLE, Artist: Rina Aiuchi. Couple: Gido & Ian, MAR

(Note: The normal font is the lyrics, the italics are my story)

Gido's Feelings for Ian:

Let's start a miracle together, I know it can work just trust me

Wishes and sparks bring meetings, I clearly remember the day I said, "I love you, Ian." I felt so happy

And in that instant, the story starts, our journey of life together begins

Let's catch the miraculous moments; please put your hand in mine, we're in this together

While basking in the warm sunlight that drops between the white clouds, I watched the light play on your sleeping face; you're so handsome all the time

I slowly close my eyes, holding onto this moment with you

It resembles the warm light I felt some time ago, I open my eyes and see you smiling warmly at me

And that excites my heart, being with you makes me feel so content

Oh yes, I'm with you, hours in your arms making love with you

I have faith in you; I believe you'll do the right things, you're really amazing

Oh yes, we're together, no matter what anyone says, I'll stay with you

That you would never be different from before! I know your love for me will never change

The miracle that comes out of us, the happiness and affection obviously coming off us

All the dreams and love, the hopes we will accomplish combine with our joy

I want to line up all the things, the glorious memories with you

That can be called fabulous all the time, predict our fabulous future together

The strong hand I hold onto, your strength will prevail

Assures the future, my hand in yours, your body beside me, makes me strong

Of the overflowing joy, I look forward to the days to come

So let's catch the miraculous moments. Dieskanata, Ian


I hope that was good. Sorry, it's too short. It's harder to type Gido's thoughts of Ian in a song, it just is. I think because Ian's more direct about his actions towards Gido (example: Ian will come up behind Gido and hug her, surprising her. Or he'll carry her bridal style when their're talking. Or when she's beside him, he'll kiss her, ect.)She seems alittle shy compared to him. But I hope I made her feelings clear; she loves him alot, spending time with him and will stay with him way into the future. (Dieskanata means I love you in Japanese.) Question;

Did that song fit Gido's personality? Should I make another song-story with Snow and Ginta? what should I do? Something to add.; When you read this and my other IanxGido song-fic (Ian's Love Song), you should listen to the song; for me, it really helps you enjoy the song. Please, please review!Okay, bye for now-