Stephanie Meyer: Hello?

JasmineCullen: Hi Mrs. Meyer? Jasmine here, I would like to know if I could borrow Edward for little while…Maybe have him turn me into a vampire also… So I might actually need him for a few days…Or years actually.

Mrs. Meyer: Ummm Sorry to tell you Edward dose not really exist…I made him up…

JasmineCullen: YES HE IS REAL!!! I WILL SHOW YOU!!! slams phone shut

I do not own Twilight or Edward and sadly….I never will.

I smiled as I looked up at the Greek god that was next to me. He smiled back. I sighed with contentment thinking what did I do to disserve this? What did I do right to deserve him? I smiled as I rested my head on his chest. I watched as he sparkled before me like a new diamond.

"Bella?" Said my Greek god.


"What are you thinking?" He asked as his hand wandered my hair.

"About you and how much I love you." I said as looked into his beautiful topaz eyes.

He smiled back at me. "I love you to." He said as he leaned in to kiss me.

I smiled as our lips touched for brief moment. I heard a growl come from within my angel's chest.

"Stupid dog" He said under his breath.

I looked around. I watched as he emerged from the trees ahead.

"What are you doing here?" I asked. But no sound came from my mouth.

I watched helplessly as my angel as he stepped in front of me. I heard a louder growl rip from his chest. I watched as Jacob transform into a rusty red wolf. My angel quickly put me out of harm's way. He returned to Jacob. I watched as they circled each other. "This is not suppose to happen. Stop it!" I try to say but no sound again comes from my mouth. I watched helplessly as Jacob lunged at my angel. "NO STOP IT!" I try to say even louder but no sound come. I watched as my angel and Jacob battle. I knew this one would never end. This was a battle that would last and eternity. "STOP IT!" I try to scream at the top of my lungs. I watch as Jacob beats my angel and how my angel fights back.

"Bella! Bella! Wake up!" I can heard Charlie's voice bring me back to reality.

"What?" I say as I frantically look around. I was in my room. It was all a nightmare, a horrible dream that I never want to have again.

"You were screaming. I thought that had stopped since he came back." Charlie said with a frown on his face. I knew he would never forgive Edward for leaving me. He even refused to say his name.

"Yea I am fine, Dad." I said as I leaned back on my bed a little bit. I could feel the tears that were threatening to fall. "I will see you in the morning."
Charlie looked at me uncertainly "Ok. See you in the morning, Bells." He said as he kissed my forehead.

I felt the tears starting to fall as soon as Charlie turned to walk out. When my door was closed I felt two icy arms wrap around my waist. I head him starting to hum my lullaby in my ear. I leaned back and rested my head on his chest.

"Bella?" Edward said tuning me to face him.

"Yes?" I asked looking into his topaz eyes

"Are you ok?" There was so much worry and sadness in his eyes I felt tears spilling out all over again.

I nodded my head. "Yes I am alright." I lied.

Felt Edward's arms tighten against me. I knew he knew I was not telling him the truth. I wanted to tell him…Just not right now. I was happy that he did not ask. I heard my lullaby in my ear again. I let myself relax and drift into sleep in Edward's arms.


I woke up to a trail of kissed leading from my neck to my jaw line. "Morning." I murmured as I opened my eyes to see my angel before me.
"Morning." Edward said smiling my favorite crooked smile.

I smiled as I sat up. "I need a human moment." I said as I hopped off the bed.

Edward nodded as I walked out the room.

After a hot shower I walked downstairs to see Edward placing a poptart on plate on the table for me.

I slowly ate as he watched me. "So what are we going to do today?" I asked thinking that Charlie has already left for work.
"Well I was thinking about going to the meadow today, It is going to be sunny."
I froze, I could already feel the tears in my eyes. The meadow was the one place I was not ready to go to right now.

Ok so I know it's a crappy start but it will get good I promise!