One mind, one heart

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The same no more

A boy was riding on his mountain bike in the mountains of Japan. This boy's name was Daichi Yuma and he was thirteen years old with short black hair and brown eyes that show a lot of courage. He was wearing a black short sleeve shirt, blue sweatpants, and black and white runners. Around his neck was a small stone dagger that his father gave him twelfth birthday.

Daichi was a lone wolf with no friends to say the least for he had all he needed. A loving family that had been blessed with a new baby arriving soon in six weeks and he was excited about it. Daichi felt proud that he was going to be an older brother of his newly born younger brother or sister.

'Imagine' Daichi thought with a smile on his face. 'My family and I will have a new addition to our family and I'm going to be the best brother ever.'

Daichi stops his bike at the edge of a cliff that over looked the city of Tokyo. This was one of Daichi's favorite spots to clear his head if he was angry or when he wants to be along.

'Once my brother or sister grows up a little I will show him this view' thought Daichi as he looks over the land with a huge smile on his face.

Just than Daichi heard a twig snapped and he turns quickly to looks behind him. What Daichi saw were four black suited men that were walking towards him. Daichi dismounts his bike and puts his fists up in front of him for defense.

"Who are you guys!?" growled Daichi as he glares at the men who were coming closer to him. "What the hell do you want with me!?"

Just than Daichi was hit in the back of the head and that made him fall to the ground. Daichi felt himself going into unconsciousness but not before he heard the men speaking to each other.

"Let's take him back to the lab boys" one of the men said in a deep voice.

Finally Daichi lost himself to the darkness and he knew no more.

Scene change

Slowly Daichi opened his eyes but he had to shut them again for a light was shining in his eyes. The light dimmed a bit and finally he saw that he was in a dark room that was lit by an eerie green glow that came from large tanks. What Daichi also found out was that he couldn't move his arms or legs from the table that he was lying on.

"Don't bother struggling boy" said a voice from Daichi's left side.

Daichi slowly turns his head to the left and saw a man wearing a white lab coat. The man was wearing glasses and had black hair walking up to him.

"Where the heck am I?" Daichi asked with a glare on his face.

"First off my boy my name is Mr. Leo." The man said with a smirk on his face. "And you're here to be my next experiment for my research."

"What do you mean next experiment!?" growled Daichi as he struggles against his bonds.

"Well my boy" Mr. Leo said as he went over to a metal tray table and picks something up off it. "I have been studding something none of us men knew for centuries. There are these creatures that were born and created by god himself; they are called Shikigami my boy."

"Shikigami?" asked Daichi with a confused look on his face.

"Yes my boy" Mr. Leo said as he walks up to Daichi. "A Shikigami is a creature that was born from nature of the 24 seasons. The Shikigami can be of any form of animal with some human traits in them. And for that my boy I have collected the fur of one of those Shikigami without its Toujinshi knowing it."

"Toujinshi?" asked Daichi with even more confusion forming on his face.

"That's right" Mr. Leo said with a smirk. "It's a person who controls the Shikigami making it a mindless slave against its own will, and in this needle I have here…" he lifts it up to show Daichi. "…I have made the DNA of the fur into this liquid. And once I inject it into you're bloodstream than you will obey my every order. I will rule the world and defeat ever Toujinshi in the world and I will be considered as the most powerful person in the world!"

"Yeah right!" shouted Daichi in anger. "Like that will ever happen, keep dreaming dock. I will never ever be you're puppet in a million years and it will never work on me. And once my parents know what has happened they will send the police after you and put you in jail!"

"I'm afraid that you are wrong my boy. For you're parents were told by one of my men that you were dead." Mr. Leo said with a chuckle. "And I have to say that they were very depressed by the news. Now let us begin the tests now shall we."

Daichi's eyes grew wide as the needle came near his left arm. He struggled to get out of his bonds but it was no use and he soon felt the needle pinch into his skin. Daichi lets out a scream as he felt his skin starting the burn; it felt like his whole body was on fire. Daichi didn't know what was happening to him but he felt his bonds go tight underneath his arms and legs, even his cloths felt tight around him. His screaming turned into a blood-curdling roar and his vision went red. The bonds that were holding him snapped apart and his cloths tear apart as well. The table collapsed underneath Daichi as he started growing bigger and taller. Daichi felt his stomach tighten and muscles started to form on his arms.

Alarms were heard and people were shouting and scrambling every where. Daichi felt overwhelming anger flow through him as he saw all the people shooting at him with gun and that's when he snapped. He roared and started to punch at the walls and slashing at the equipment, he was also slashing at people who got in his way. Soon, as if someone had taken his place, Daichi fell into unconsciousness again and the last thing he heard was the roof breaking down on him.

Scene change

Slowly Daichi woke up with a moan and slowly opens his eyes. It was raining and thunder was raging above him. Daichi slowly sat up and looked around in confusion, what he saw was the broken down lab. Daichi stood up with wide eyes for what he saw was bodies of people that were lying dead in front of him.

"Did I do this?" he asked himself than looks down at his hands.

Instead of human hands he had huge paw hands with claws at the end of each of his fingers. Daichi looks behind him and saw a striped tail with a silver band at the end. Daichi looks down at himself and saw that he was wearing different cloths than before.

Daichi was wearing a black sleeveless armor with a silver collar around his neck along with his stone dagger. Some how the stone dagger necklace was still around his neck, on Daichi's wrists were leather bands that had greenstones on them. He was wearing light blue baggy pants that went down to his ankles with brown ankle bands holding the end of the pants close to his ankles. Around the pants was a green belt made of silk that was wrapped around his waist.

Daichi flexed his claw like hands a little than looks around for a near by river. He found one and slowly walks towards it than looks down at it. Daichi pulls back then looks down at his reflection again and saw how much he had changed.

His face was human but had a few cat traits to it with stripes that were black. His eyes were an emerald green that still showed his own courage. His hair was white with black streaks in it with the bangs hanging down his forehead, with the rest of his hair that was a total bed mess, and on top of his head were triangular cat like ears that twitched. Daichi sighed as he looks down at his body and saw that it was covered in white fur with black stripes all over.

"I can't believe how different I look" Daichi said in a quiet voice. "No one will recognize me anymore, not in this form, and I can't go back."

Daichi was deciding weather or not he should go into Tokyo and find shelter or stay here in the forest. Daichi sighed once again and soon started walking back to the city of Tokyo.

Scene change

The streets were quiet as Daichi walked them with his bare four toed paw feet that were hardly making any noise. Daichi walks towards a white house that was his home. Daichi walks towards the living room window and looks in to see his mother crying and his dad comforting her. Daichi's new ears twitched at what he was hearing from them.

"I can't believe that our son is dead" sobbed Daichi's mother in sadness. "Our only son is gone from us, forever."

"I know my dear" Daichi's father said in a quiet voice. "But remember we still have the child that you're going to give. I'm sure he would have wanted us to raise his brother or sister as best as we could."

Daichi smiles a sad smile as a stray tear ran down his face. "I'm sure you'll raise my brother or sister as best as you can mom and dad. Goodbye mom and dad, I hope you live a happy and health life."

Daichi felt his heart breaking and soon ran away from the home he once knew. Tears had flown into the wind and rain as he ran but he soon collapses on the ground in exhaustion. Daichi lays still on the ground while the cold rain poured down on him. Daichi was getting sleepy as his eyes started to droop until he heard footsteps coming towards him. The footsteps stopped right in front of him and slowly he looks up to see the face of a young twelve year old with brown hair and violet eyes looking down at him. But that was all he saw before he passed out into darkness again.

Scene change

"What's a stray Shikigami doing here?" a young female voice asked.

"I don't know but maybe he was abandoned by his Toujinshi." A young boy's voice said.

Daichi heard the voices going through his new ears.

"I don't care where he came from, or who he is" a rowdy voice said in anger. "All I know is that we shouldn't trust him, for he could be one of the enemies Earth-style Toujinshi."

"But Kogenta we couldn't just leave him out in that rain." A teenager's voice said to the other person.

Daichi moans and slowly opens his eyes to find a roof over his head. He was lying on a futon with a warm blanket over him and a soft pillow underneath his head. Daichi slowly sat up then looks around him and saw that he was in someone's house.

"Hey look he woke up!"

Daichi looks over at the person who was speaking and saw a small boy staring at him. The boy had light red hair and light brown eyes. He was wearing a red and yellow sleeveless, light blue shorts and around his right ankle was a golden ankle bracelet.

"Are you okay?" asked the young boy.

"Um…yeah I guess" with a surprised look on his face.

Wasn't this boy afraid of him? That was the only thought that went through his head before he took a look at the other two people.

There was a small girl with violet hair that was tied up by two ribbons making two ponytails with a light green hair bead. She had green eyes that show wisdom beyond her years. She was wearing priestess clothing with a golden belt around her waist.

The last one was the same boy that he saw before he blacked out. The boy was wearing a short sleeve jacket over a yellow shirt and long white pants.

Daichi looks around the room than back at the three people in front of him. "Where exactly am I any ways?"

"You're at my apartment" the boy with brown hair said. "My name is Riku and these two are my friends Nazuna and Souma."

"Nice to meet you" Daichi said as he pulls the blankets off himself. "Not to seem suspicion or any thing but I thought I heard another voice or it's probably just that my own mind going crazy on me now."

"Please excuse me for asking this but are you a stray Shikigami?" asked Nazuna with a look that made Daichi cringe under it.

"Um…Well…you might call me that" Daichi said with a nerves smile on his face.

"Liar!" the new voice surprised Daichi and made him toppled down onto his back.

Daichi was surprised as he blinks his emerald green eyes in confusion. "Who in the world said that?"

Daichi sat up again and soon came face to face with a cat that was almost like him. Daichi jumps back from the other cat with his fur frizzing on his tail.

"Who the hell are you?!" Daichi hissed in fright with his fangs bared.

"That's what I was going to ask you!" growled the ghost cat.

Slowly Daichi calmed downed as his tail drops down. "Look how about you tell me who you are once I tell you my name."

The cat crossed his arms over his chest. Daichi got a good look at the other look a like of him. This cat had the same white fur as he did but his stripes were blue while Daichi's were black. The cat was wearing gray armor with two shoulders pad armors on his shoulders, with one of them bearing a yin yang symbol. On the cat's hands were fingerless gauntlets with metal knuckle guards on it. The cat was wearing red pants with a rope coiled around his waist, brown sandals with metal ankle bands around the cat's ankles. The last thing that Daichi saw the cat wearing was a golden bell at the end of his tail.

Daichi also looked at the Cat's eyes and saw that the cat's eyes were a ruby red. The back of the cat's hair was brushed upwards with his bangs on ether side of his face with blue high lights in it.

Daichi took a deep breath and lets it out. "My name is Daichi Hoshi and I use to be human but…some crazy scientist captured me and gave me some kind of DNA of some kind of animal. He called it a Shikigami and he wanted to use me to control the world or something."

"That sounds far-fetch to me" Souma said as he looks closely at Daichi.

"Sounds like another lie to me" the cat said as he turns his head away from Daichi.

"It's the truth cat boy" Daichi said with a glare on his face. "And like it or not I'm stuck like this, in this stupid cat form!"

"I'm no Cat!" shouted the cat boy. "My names for you're information I am Kogenta-sama of the Byakko! And just to let you know you're also a Byakko Kid!"

"Byakko?" asked Daichi as he looks at Kogenta in surprise. "You mean the White tiger of the west?"

"Yeah, do you have a problem with that?" asked Kogenta in a dangers tone in his voice.

"Yes I do!" growled Daichi in anger. "It was because of you're kinds DNA that I'm like this. Now I can't live the life I want any more, it's entirely you Shikigami's fault!"

With that said Daichi ran right at Kogenta with his right hand balled into a fist and punched at the white tiger. Daichi was taken off guard as his fist went right through Kogenta and he fell down to the ground.

"Daichi!" yelled Riku and Souma as they saw Daichi fall to the ground.

"A Shikigami like you should that we don't fight unless the Toujinshi calls us forth." Kogenta said as he turns to look down at Daichi.

"Shut up" Daichi said as he slowly got up onto his hands and knees. "I'm not a Shikigami, nor a Byakko. I don't even know who I am any more!"

With out warning Daichi jumps to his feet and ran up to the Shoji door. He grabs it than throws it open hard than ran out side and down the street.

"Daichi!" called Riku as he ran outside and watched Daichi run down the street.

Daichi kept running while ignoring Riku's calls for him to come back. All Daichi knew was that he was different now and he can't go back to his family. Nor can he stay with people that are strangers to him, he was a monster now and nothing can change that.

To be continued