One mind, one heart

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The birth of the Byakko triplet's: part 2

Daichi and the gang followed the two tigers to a large cave that was hidden underneath a large cliff. Kogenta and the other Shikigami had gone back into their Drives so that their Toujinshi partners can save up their power for later use. Shade and Daigo suddenly stopped at the entrance of the cave before looking back at the group.

"You guys wait here for a moment, I'll be right back." Daigo said before he turned to the entrance of the cave again and walked in.

Daichi and the others waited outside of the cave entrance as they listened to the footsteps of Daigo moving further and further away from them. Daichi's ears twitched as he heard voices from inside the cave until all became silent for a moment. He turned to Shade with a confused look on his face.

"Hey Shade, are you and your two sibling's the only ones here in the Fukumaden?" asked Daichi with curiosity.

"And what if we are?" Shade shot back as he glared at Daichi with distrust.

Daichi scratched the back of his head as he gave Shade a small frown. Suddenly the sound of footsteps echoed against the cave walls within the cave again. Daichi turned his gaze to see Daigo walking up to them. Daichi also saw someone behind his back as Daigo came up to him and the group.

Daigo soon stood in front of Daichi and the group with a smile: "Everyone, I like you to meet our sister…Asahi."

Daigo soon moved aside to revile a young tigress with clouded blue fur with crystal blue stripes that were painted all over her body. She had white hair and brown eyes that stared right at them shyly. She was wearing a yellow sleeveless shirt with a brown V pattern coming over her shoulders to end in the middle of her chest. She was also wearing a white skirt over tight black bike shorts. She looked to be around the size of a twelve year old for she only reached up to her brother's shoulder blades.

The young Tigress looked at Daichi and the group before hiding behind Daigo again.

"You'll have to excuse Asahi here," said Daigo with a sheepish smile as he looked at the group. "You see, Asahi is really shy around strangers."

"No…that's okay," said Daichi with a smile as he looked at Daigo with reassurance. "I'm guessing that this is her first time seeing people in the Fukumaden, right?"

Daigo nodded his head as he answered Daichi's question before looking at his sister again: "She has had a bad experience when facing those people back at that weird lab which we were in. We had been chased by them as we were trying to escape them. We soon ran into this strange room that had this yin-yang symbol in the middle of the floor, and before we knew what was happening the room was suddenly lit with this strange red light. We were standing on this yin-yang symbol for a second before we were suddenly transported here to this weird place."

"So that was what I was feeling," murmured Daichi in thought as he rubbed the underside of his chin. "You three were the ones that I was sensing from the night before we came here. Hmm…Do you three have any memories on what had happened to you before the Chi-ryuu changed you three into what you are now?"

Shade and Daigo were stumped on that question that Daichi had asked them. Daigo lifted his right claw up to the side of his head and placed his index finger on the side of his head to think. Shade had crossed his arms over his chest as his face scrunched up in thought as he tried to think about what had happened to them before they were turned into Shikigami. Everyone was soon taken by surprise when they suddenly heard Asahi speak for the first time in this conversation.

"Um…I kind of remember what had happened to us." She stammered quietly as she looked out from behind her brother.

Daichi walked up to her with a kind smile as he leaned down to look at her: "Can you tell us a little bit more on what happened to you and your brothers, Asahi-chan?"

Asahi looked at Daichi for a moment before nodding her head shyly at him: "Y-you see…it all started a few nights a go. I'm not really sure what happened but I saw this man that was dressed in dark clothing staring down at me, and before I know what was happening he picked me up. After that it's all just a blur."

"Hmm…"hummed Daichi as he straightened up to think about what the tiger/girl had just told him, but he just couldn't put the pieces of this puzzle together. "Oh boy, this is going to be harder to figure out than I thought."

"You're telling us," grumbled Kogenta impatiently as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Sorry," whimpered Asahi sadly as she looked down at the ground before her.

"No, it's not your fault Asahi." Daichi reassured as he bent down to look at the young tigress again. "It's just going to take some time to figure out on what is going on here. I'm trying to figure out why those Chi-ryuu people are turning children into Shikigami and if possible change everyone back to the way they were."

"Really?" said Asahi in a hopeful voice as she looked up at Daichi. "You mean it?"

"Yep," answered Daichi with a nod of his head. "And I promise that once I do, you and your brothers will be the first ones to be change back before me or anyone else."

"That's a load of bull," grumbled Shade as he glared at Daichi. "Why are you so willing to help us when you've only just met us for a few minutes, huh?"

Daichi straightened himself up so that he could look straight at Shade with a soft frown: "Because I don't want anyone else to experience something that I had did when I was first being tested on by the Chi-ryuu."

Everyone was quiet when they heard what Daichi said. Shade looked at Daichi with a confused look on his face as he tried to figure out what the older tiger had said. Daigo decide to change the subject by clearing his throat.

"Continuing on with this subject," coughed Daigo as he got everyone's attention. "I also forgot to mention that when we first came here we didn't have any cloths on us when we suddenly burst out of those tubs that held us in this strange liquidly stuff. Yet when we came into this world we suddenly realized that we were suddenly wearing these clothes."

"No surprise there," Daichi chuckled with a smile as he looked down at himself. "When I first became a Shikigami, I winded up wearing these cloths as well."

"And when we first met you, you were nothing but a weak Shikigami that didn't know anything about him self." Kogenta pointed out with a smirk on his face.

"Nobody asked you about that part buster, so just drop-it!" growled Daichi as he glared at the white tiger in anger.

"Nobody had to," Kogenta simply replied as he crossed his arms over his chest while still smirking at Daichi.

"Shut up, cat-boy!" shouted Daichi in anger.

Kogenta lost his smirk when he heard what Daichi had called him and his blood started to boil within his veins.

"I'M NOT A CAT, I'M A BYAKKO!" blasted Kogenta with his teeth bared at Daichi in anger.

Daichi and Kogenta were soon locked in a glaring match with each other as they started to growl at one another. It would have gone on longer if it hadn't been for Asahi stepping in between them.

"Please don't fight," she begged as she looked between the two tigers. "Fighting doesn't solve anything when you're in a group that you are part of."

Daichi and Kogenta glowered at each other for about a minute before they quickly turned their heads away from each other with a huff. Daigo looked at Riku with Riku looking back at him.

"Do those two always fight?" questioned Daigo as he scratched the back of his head.

"I'm afraid so," chuckled Riku with a nervous smile on his face.

"I can not believe that we winded up meeting these weird people," grumbled Shade under his breath as he crossed his arms over his chest.

Daichi's ears twitched when he heard what Shade had said and was about to make a smart mouth remark at the young tiger when he suddenly felt a cold chill pass over his body. Daichi quickly turned around and started looking around the rock formations that surrounded him and the Ten-ryuu group.

"Daichi?" asked Riku with a confused look on his face. "What's wrong?"

"It seems like we have some company guys," answered Daichi as he kept looking at his surroundings.

Daichi's eyes soon turned towards one of the boulders which were ten feet away from him. Daichi's emerald green eyes narrowed into slits and he quickly bawled his right hand into a fist.

"Ultimate attack!" he shouted as he raised his fist high up into the air, "Earth claw attack!"

With as much force as he could muster, Daichi slammed his tightly bawled fist down on the ground. A crack suddenly appeared from underneath Daichi's clenched fist as it started making its way towards the boulders. Once the crack hit its make, a barrage of sharp stone needles suddenly flew up from the ground and a shadow quickly jumped out from behind the rocks as it rocketed up into the sky to dodge the sharp needle stones.

"Now I got you!" shouted Daichi as he grabbed his dagger pendent from around his neck as he jumped into the air after the invisible enemy.

The dagger quickly changed into a sword as Daichi leaped towards his target. Metal clashed against metal as two weapons collided with each other. Daichi and the owner of the weapon quickly leaped away from each other as they landed on a separate boulder's as they faced each other.

"I thought I felt something lurking around these parts." Daichi growled as he glared at the person in front of him. "Never thought I see you here, dragon-boy."

The person that Daichi had attacked was none other than Chris, the dragon of the Chi-ryuu. Chris smirked as he glared at Daichi with his spear pointed towards the Byakko.

"You know how it is, Kitty-cat," Chris hissed as his tail whipped around behind him in anticipation. "No matter how much you take us Chi-ryuu down, we'll always keep coming back to take you Ten-ryuu down."

"Hump!" snorted Daichi as he stood glaring at the dragon with distaste. "I like to see you, and your group, try!"

Asahi quickly hid behind her brother Shade for protection while Daigo quickly stood in front of his brother and sister to protect them from Chris.

"Riku!" shouted Kogenta as he recognized the dragon in front of him. "That's the same Shikigami that we've met in that water battle field the other day!"

"What!?" shouted Souma as he looked up the white tiger.

"That Shikigami that Daichi is fighting right now is one of the Chi-ryuu's Shikigami that came into the Fukumaden to try and grab the Toujin-stone." Riku explained as he looked down at the young Chi-ryuu that stood beside him.

"Then we have to help him!" declared Souma as he pulled out his Drive.

He was about to call out his Shikigami, but was suddenly stopped in his tracks when Daichi shouted at him: "Don't interfere, Souma! This is my battle and I'll be the one to defeat this dragon!"

"But…" Souma started as he looked at Daichi in surprise and worry.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine," Daichi reassured without looking at Souma. "I can take out this lizard no problem."

"Oh, we'll just see about that." Chris smirked as he raised his pike a little as he pointed the tip of the blade towards Daichi.

The two beings stood staring at each other for about a minute as the wind blew around them. Daichi and Chris slowly shifted their front foot forward before taking a giant leap towards each other. The battle quickly started as the two beings attacked each other with brut-force as they tried to strike each other down to gain the upper hand. Riku and the others watched the battle from a far distance with aw and worry upon their faces. Shade and Daigo had their mouths wide open as they watched the battle between the tiger and dragon occurring before them. Who knew that Shikigami like them could be as strong as this? Asahi was watching behind her brother's back as she held a look of worry on her face as she watched Daichi battle against the dragon of the Chi-ryuu.

Daichi had slashed his sword down on the pike's handle-bar as he pushed against the weapon with all his might while Chris pushed back with all his strength as he tried to defend himself against his opponent's striking blows. Daichi was baring his fangs as he glared into Chris's eyes and the dragon boy flinched in surprise when he saw the tiger's eyes flash red for a moment before the two of them pushed away from each other. Daichi landed on his feet as he hits the ground and quickly ran towards Chris before the dragon boy had a chance to regain his footing. Chris was caught off guard when Daichi quickly slashed his sword down on him. The dragon barely had time to dodge the attack that was sent at him by the young white tiger. Daichi's sword struck the ground with such force that a few splinters of rock flew up into the air around him. Chris landed on a boulder as he held his weapon out in front of him for defense as he glared at Daichi with a smirk.

"Not bad, Kitty-cat," he praised with a bit of mockery in his voice. "You've gotten stronger since we first met."

Daichi lifted his sword up from the ground as he pointed the tip of his blade towards Chris with his teeth bared in anger: "Cut the chit-chat Dragon-boy, what are you here for anyways!"

"I'm glade you asked," Chris chuckled as he straightened up and pointed the tip of his pike towards the three tiger triplets. "I was given orders to capture and deliver those three tiger's that escaped our Chi-ryuu lab back to our Chi-ryuu leader. And I will not back down until I take them back so that we can reprogram them to obey us. Now, if you'll be as to so kindly in handing them over so that I can get my money from my boss."

Asahi clutched Shade's arm in fear while her two brothers started growling as they glared at Chris with rage and malice within their eyes, but Daichi's eyes were more frightening then the two brothers glares put together when he heard what Chris said. Daichi raised his sword high above his head as a strong wind started to whip around him and his blade.

"I will never hand them over to the likes of you Chi-ryuu!" yelled Daichi as the wind started to whip around him more powerfully as his eyes flashed emerald green.

Chris was quickly taken back by the strong wind that had suddenly appeared around the tiger's body: 'what in the world is going on here!?'

"ULTIMATE ATTACK!" roared Daichi in a voice that shook the earth beneath Riku and the group's feet before flinging his sword down in a sideways slash: "RAZOR WIND, TIGER CLAWS!"

A huge shock wave blasted around Daichi after he had slashed his sword down wards in front of him and several sharp wind-blades appeared around Daichi before shooting towards Chris. The dragon Chi-ryuu tried to block the wind-blades as they slashed out at him, but there were too many for him to dodge and he winded up having a few scratches on his body. Everyone was shocked at what Daichi just did before them. Daichi had just summoned a new attack on his first try by himself, and Chris was also surprised by how this tiger had handled his attack as if it were a second nature to him. The dragon quickly landed on a cliff that over looked the battle field that he and Daichi were fighting on.

"How can he have learned a new attack in only seconds within this battle?" he questioned with wide eyes. "Us human/Shikigami have to have long term training as we try to learn our attacks without the help of Toujinshi."

Daichi panted as he glared daggers up at Chris while tightening his grip on the handle of his sword: "I will never let you take any more innocent people for your own selfish needs, and I will never let you take Asahi, Shade, or Daigo back to the Chi-ryuu. I'll fight to my very last breath in protecting them…no matter what the cost is."

Shade looked at Daichi with wide eyes. This guy was putting his life on the line in just protecting them from the people who made them? Why would he go to such lengths in protecting them? Kogenta smirked for he was impressed by how much Daichi was getting stronger in protecting the people that he cared about with all of his heart and soul.

Chris glared in anger as he looked down at Daichi who glared right back up at him: "Damn it, you're such an annoying bastard!"

"Takes one to know one," mocked Daichi with a smirk as he brought his sword to the ready. "Now, do you wanna talk? Or fight?"

Chris was on his last nerve as he glared daggers down at the tiger he decided to end it right here and now: "You have been nothing but a thorn in the Chi-ryuu's side for too long Cat-boy; I think its time to end it now!"

Chris raised the blade of his pike up towards the sky and shouted out in a loud voice towards the sky above him: "Ultimate attack, Typhoon Dragon of the Storm!"

Clouds started to form within the sky with thunder crashing against the lighting that flashed above Daichi and the group's heads. A huge twister form around Chris as water started to swirl around it from the clouds up above. Asahi gripped her brother's arm even tighter as she looked up at the clouds that were forming within the sky in fear.

"W-what's going on?" she asked with a shutter.

"I don't know," answered Shade as he glared up at the clouds. "But I don't like it."

Daichi stood in his place as he glared up at the sky with a calm look on his face. The water surged around the tornado until if finally formed a huge water dragon. It roared in anger while it glared down at the young tiger Shikigami in front of him.

"My, my" mocked Daichi with a smirk on his face. "What a fearsome fellow I have here. Too bad that it's nothing compared to my powers."

The dragon roared again as it shot towards Daichi with its watery fangs bared. Daichi only smirked as he slammed his sword down into the ground and clasped hit two hands together as both of his two fingers pointing up towards the sky. The young tiger bowed his head with his smirk disappearing as his face changed to a serious one. The dragon was almost upon Daichi but it was quickly stopped in its tracks as a powerful wind surrounded the young tiger.

"Ultimate attack," murmured Daichi in a quiet voice, "Diving winds of protection."

The wind that surrounded Daichi whipped around faster as it pushed harder against the water dragon with all of its strength. The dragon was quickly destroyed as Chris was suddenly reviled from the tornado of water.

"What!?" shouted Chris in dismay as he looked at Daichi in shock.

Daichi wasted no time as he quickly grabbed his sword by the handle and shot towards Chris with amazing speed. Chris was completely taken off guard as he was suddenly slashed near the mid section of his stomach, but he was lucky for he was protected by his armor. Daichi leaped back with a smirk as Chris fell to the ground in pain. Even though his armor protected him, the dragon of the Chi-ryuu still sustained damage from Daichi's sword that had slashed almost right through his armor.

Daichi landed on the ground ten feet away from Chris as he watched the dragon-boy struggling to get up with his teeth clenched.

"I think you should give up right now," Daichi advised as he glared at the dragon before him. "Or you'll wind up getting killed if we don't stop, and I have no intention of hurting you."

"No!" snarled Chris as he sat up in a sitting position as he started struggling to his feet with the help of his pike. "I won't give up…not until I bring back those Byakko triplets!"

"It's your funeral then," muttered Daichi as he got ready to strike the dragon again to end this battle.

The young tiger was about to attack Chris again when he suddenly felt his tail whipping wildly around behind him. Daichi knew what this meant and quickly looked up towards the sky and saw a body falling towards him with a sharp sword within his claw hands. Daichi quickly jumped away before he was almost sliced in two by the being's sword. Daichi landed ten feet away from the being and smirked.

"Well, well, look at what the cat dragged in," mocked Daichi as he gripped the handle of his sword. "I thought that you would still be in bed after that serious wound that I had given to you since our last battle."

"Sorry to disappoint you young Byakko," growled the being as he slowly started to rise up from the dust that his sword had made when he tried to cut Daichi down to size. "But I'm hard to get rid of."

"That I can see, Taichi of the Chi-ryuu," Daichi chuckled with a smirk as he glared at the being in front of him.

At the mention of his name, the dust cleared to show the large grey-blue Tiger standing in front of Daichi. Taichi didn't look like he was in any condition to fight right now for around his midsection was dressed with some blood staining it.

"Taichi-san," groaned Chris in pain as he saw the grey-blue tiger standing in front of him. "What in the world are you doing here?"

"I have gotten word from the Chi-ryuu clan members that you went into the Fukumaden by yourself to search for the three triplets that have escaped from our lab." Taichi answered as he turned to look at Chris. "But you deliberately disobeyed orders from our leader. You are to never journey alone within the Fukumaden without a partner Chi-ryuu to help you, do you understand?"

"Y-yes," stuttered Chris as he slowly nodded his head.

Taichi soon turned back to Daichi with a glare: "Just be glad that I'm giving you a brake today young cub. Even though you've won this battle the war between the Chi-ryuu and Ten-ryuu are not over. I will destroy you with my sword someday."

"And I'll be waiting for that day," said Daichi with a smirk. "When that time comes, then I'll show you what I'm really made of."

Taichi glared at Daichi before turning away from Daichi and grabbed Chris up by the upper part of his left arm: "Let's go."

A shoji door appeared in front of the Chi-ryuu. It opened up for the tiger and dragon jumped into it. Daichi stood his ground for a moment as he kept glaring at the spot where the shoji had disappeared before him until he suddenly collapsed onto his knees while holding on to the hilt of his sword to keep himself up.

"Daichi!" shouted the group as they ran towards the white tiger.

Riku and the others quickly came running up to Daichi's side as the young tiger panted for breath.

"Daichi, are you okay?" asked Souma in worry.

"Don't worry Souma, I'm fine." Daichi answered with a smile. "I'm just a little tired that's all."

"We better get home." Riku suggested as he slung Daichi's right arm over his shoulder.

"You're right," groaned Daichi in a tired voice. "If we don't then I'll wind up collapsing right here within the Fukumaden."

Daichi's sword changed back into his dagger once again before he hung it over his neck. Riku had trouble in helping Daichi up onto his feet, but Daigo quickly stepped in to help as he slung Daichi's left arm over his shoulders.

"Mind if I help you guys out?" asked Daigo.

"No, the more the merrier," joked Daichi with a tired smile.

Nazuna held up a Toujin-card in front of her as a shoji appeared in front of them.

"Come on gang," said Daichi to the group. "Let's all go home."

And no more words were said within the group as everyone, even the Byakko triplets, walked into the shoji that will lead them back to earth and home.

Ten-ryuu shrine

Amber was sitting on the steps of the Ten-ryuu shrine as she waited for Daichi and the others to come back home. She was thinking and wondering if Daichi was okay until she was brought out of her thoughts as a blue light started shining behind her. Amber quickly stood up from the steps and turned towards the doors of the shrine as they swung open before her. Standing in front of Amber was Daichi, who was leaning on Riku and a gray tiger that she didn't know, walking out into the moonlight.

"Daichi!" she cried as she ran towards him and the group.

"Amber," said Daichi tiredly as he smiled at the little girl that ran up to him.

Amber wrapped her arms around the Daichi's waist as tears started to drip down her face: "Daichi, I was so worried about you. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," answered Daichi as he looked down at Amber. "I'm just a little tired, that's all."

"What happened to you within the Fukumaden? And, who are these three?" Amber asked as she pulled away as she looked at Daigo, Asahi and Shade with a confused look on her face.

"I'll tell you about what happened tomorrow Amber, because I'm really tired right now. And as for these three, let me introduce you to them. The smoky grey tiger is Daigo, the dark grey tiger is Shade, and the clouded blue tiger is Asahi. Byakko triplets, I want you to meet another member of our team, Amber. She was almost a near victim like you three."

Daigo, Shade and Asahi nodded their heads at Amber in greeting and she returned their greeting with a friendly smile. This was another big step for Daichi and the Ten-ryuu as their team grew with new friends to help them along the way. But what he didn't know was that there was an even greater evil at work within the Fukumaden than the Chi-ryuu clan, and he was going to need all the help that he can get from his friends and allies. And even from his inner self that had no knowledge of from the beginning.

To be continued