Summary: After Matt broke her heart, Amy does not want to love again. If she does, she wants to love a guy who's really the one for her. Who could that be?

Characters: Amy Dumas, Allen Jones, Jeff Hardy, Trish Stratigias/Jason Reso, Lisa Marie Varon/Chris Irvine, Dawn Marie Psaltis, Terry Gerrin, Tyson Tomko, Ashley Massaro/Matt Hardy and many more

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Chapter Three: Whoa… Crap


"I am not wearing this to the bar." Amy said loud enough for those waiting outside the bathroom to hear. Just as Dawn had suggested the day before, the entire gang was heading out for the night. The redhead just finished changing to the outfit that both Dawn and Trish forced her to wear.

Trish rolled her eyes as she sat on her bed together with Jason, Lisa, Allen and Dawn. "You're wearing that, Ames. It's final."

"I don't like it." She replied.

Dawn made a face. "Just come out of the bathroom so we could see how it looks."

"Please." Chris added as he, Jeff, Terry and Tyson entered the room. Basically, everyone was waiting for her to come out of the bathroom so they could get the hell out of the house. The redhead rolled her eyes before she opened the door and stepped out of the bathroom. It was obvious that she felt uncomfortable especially with nine pairs of eyes staring at her. The redhead was currently wearing a black ruffled tube top and really short denim shorts. She was also sporting a pair of black boots to match her outfit.

"You look great, Ames!" Jeff applauded, causing Amy to roll her eyes again. "Wear that to the bar."

"It's too revealing. Besides –"

Terry spoke from his spot near the door. "Amy, stop thinking that way. You look great and you're single so go have fun."

"But I look horrible. This isn't me." She protested. "It's just not me."

"It's just for one night." Lisa's eyes then fell on Allen. "And if you really think you look bad? Ask Allen."

The brown haired man was too busy staring at the redhead for him to notice what Lisa said. "Dude." Jason elbowed him. "Quit drooling there."

Blue eyes rolled. "Shut up." He smiled apologetically at Amy. "S-Sorry about that." A smile soon graced his lips. "You look great, Ames. You really do."

She blushed just slightly. "Thanks."

Dawn sighed. "See, Allen agrees with us. You look great, Ames."

"That simply means we can get out of here." Tyson sent the redhead a pointed look. "Please."

The redhead sighed. She had no choice but to accept defeat about the issue as Jason, Trish and Chris made their way to the door; the others soon following after them. Amy began to feel irritated. "Guys, I'm uncomfortable wearing this." She spoke again even if she knew that no one would want to listen to her complain about her outfit.

"Ames, relax." Allen smiled as he made his way to Trish's closet and pulled out a jacket that matched her outfit. "Wear this. It'll make you feel more comfortable yet you'll still look great. We could always tell Trish later that you borrowed it."

She grinned. "Thanks a lot, Al. I appreciate it."

The pair soon joined everyone else outside the house. Just as they expected, they were met by an arched eyebrow from the blonde Canadian when she saw her best friend wearing her jacket. Allen took the time to explain before they finally left. Allen, Amy, Trish, Jason and Tyson took one car while Lisa, Chris, Dawn, Jeff and Terry took another car. It didn't take them that long to reach their destination for the night.

"Whoa…" Trish looked around. "There are a lot of people out tonight. I hope we can still find a booth."

"Let's just try our luck then," said Terry. Near him, Dawn was trying to force Amy to remove the jacket she was wearing. "Because we'll just waste time if we head somewhere else or head back to the house."

Jason nodded. "He's right." Then, he turned towards the two women who were still arguing. "Dawn? Can you just leave Ames alone first? Do us all a favor."

Dawn rolled her eyes. "Fine… But you're taking that jacket off when we hit the dance floor." The brunette didn't give anyone the chance to say anything else. She simply led the way inside the bar. The others could only exchange a look before they followed her inside. As they searched for a booth, Amy lowered her head slightly so that she wouldn't see the look many men were giving her. This sucks. Soon after, Chris finally found a vacant booth for them. The unfortunate thing was the people who occupied the booth beside theirs were two people they never expected to see that night.

"Holy shit…" Lisa smacked the palm of her hand on her forehead as her eyes fell on Ashley Massaro and Matt Hardy, who were with people the raven haired woman assumed as the couple's friends.

Amy, who just reached the booth, raised her eyebrows at her friends. "Why are you guys still standing? The booth is…" She trailed off when her eyes met with Matt's and Ashley's.

Chris groaned. "Ames…"

"Excuse me… I-I have to go…" The redhead muttered as she made a move to leave but Allen gently gripped her elbow, stopping her. He then silently told their friends to settle in the booth. Jason, Trish, Lisa, Dawn and Chris took the opportunity to glare at Matt and Trish the entire time as they sat down.

"Stay." He said close enough for her to hear despite the loud music.

"Matt and Ashley are here." She frowned as she freed her elbow and began walking away. "I don't want to be here."

Allen was able to catch up with her again and blocked her path. "I can see that." Blue eyes rolled. "If you wanna walk away tonight, you're just going to show them that you're weak and you haven't moved on. Show Matt that you can live without him. Show him that it was his loss."

Her hazel eyes held his blue ones. She thought about everything for a moment before she nodded. "Let's go back… But don't leave me."

"Of course." Surprising the redhead the most, he took her hand as he led the way back to the booth where their friends were currently staring daggers at the infamous couple. Their hands stayed together as they joined their friends in the booth. Their friends' and even Matt and Ashley's eyes narrowed at their joined hands. "What's this?" Terry asked. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what he meant.

"Not now." Allen replied. They understood what he meant and left the subject alone… At least for the meantime for Trish and Dawn. The two mentally made plans to interrogate the redhead when they get the chance. Tyson soon called for the waiter so that they could order drinks.

Jeff sighed as he looked at his brother, then at his friends. "I hope you guys won't mind if I approach my brother."

"No, not at all." Chris shook his head. "It's not your fault that you have an asshole for a brother."

The rainbow haired man let out a soft chuckle before he left and transferred to Matt and Ashley's booth. "Hey, bro." He said in greeting.

Matt grinned. "It's been a while."

Jeff nodded slowly. "Yeah…"

"Dude, what's up with Amy and that friend of yours, Allen Jones?" The dark haired man asked all of a sudden. "Are they dating?"

Ashley took a sip of her martini. "And why do you care anyways?" She asked her boyfriend, clearly annoyed. "That simply means that she moved on."

"It's a long story, believe me. And I don't think she'd appreciate it if I'd tell you." Without another word, Jeff returned to his friends.


How Amy was acting later that night surprised everyone, including herself. After about half an hour since they got there, she began to feel comfortable and enjoy herself. She didn't even mind removing Trish's jacket when Dawn demanded her to. She also seemed like she didn't mind that Matt and Ashley were near them. It was more than obvious that they all had Allen to thank for her change in mood.

Trish, Jason, Lisa and Chris were currently on the dance floor while the rest stayed behind in the booth. Dawn was also on the dance floor, dancing with an unknown guy… Something neither of them was surprised about. "Don't you wanna join them?" Jeff asked his best friend.

"Nah… Maybe later." Amy replied before she finished what was left of her second round of Cosmopolitan. "Beer, please." She said to the waiter.

Terry arched an eyebrow at her. "Careful with the alcohol, Ames."

"You aren't getting drunk tonight, understand?" Tyson added. "We won't allow you to."

The redhead was about to reply when Matt and Ashley started kissing right in their line of vision. "I think I'm going to barf." Terry rolled his eyes. Amy tried her best to ignore them and to show that she didn't care. She soon realized that it was hard to do the latter one. Fortunately, her beer arrived and she just kept drinking and drinking.

"Amy… Are you okay?" Allen glanced at the still-kissing couple before he returned his attention back to her.

"I'm trying to be." She mumbled. "Why can't they just shove their tongues down each other's throat where I can't see them?"

He shook his head. "Remember what I said? Don't show them that you haven't moved on. Show him you can live without him. I know it's all a slow process but you have to do it. You've started doing it already so why should you go back to being what you used to be?"

"I know that, Al." Amy pinched the bridge of her nose. "But it's easier said than done. It still hurts."

Tyson muttered something under his breath before he stood up and pulled both of them out of the booth. "Why don't you two join the others on the dance floor so that you can stay away from them and you can have fun?" He said. "I insist."

She groaned. "This isn't necessary. I'm fine here with you guys."

"I insist." The bald man repeated.

"Are you sure you guys don't want to come with us?" The redhead asked, finally acknowledging her defeat about the matter.

"We're fine." Jeff grinned. "Now go. Have fun."

The pair nodded before they left to join Trish, Jason, Lisa, Chris and Dawn on the dance floor. Jeff frowned. I don't like this… Something's going to happen. I'm sure of it.


"I really think that your ex is dating that guy." Ashley said as she and Matt watched Amy and Allen on the dance floor, having fun with their friends.

Matt tried not to look very curious, knowing it would piss her off. "Maybe we'll find out soon."


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