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Nighttime in Heater field all is quite in this peaceful little town. On the outskirts of this little city we find five cars speeding towards it. The car in back a fully built light blue 2007 Corvette CR-Six medium body kit, large spoiler, and vinyl's of tornado's on the hood, roof and door's.

The car in front that one a deep green 2007 Pontiac GTO engine tuned to it's max, large body kit with the exhaust tips coming out in front of the rear tires, small spoiler, with vinyl's of vines wrapped around it.

The middle car running in this pack is a 2008 Mustang GT Painted a light purple with lighting bolt's pinned on to it, a large body kit exhaust tips pointing out from under the doors of the car, medium spoiler and a hood scoop on it.

The car in the second spot of them a Dodge Viper painted Ocean blue with graphics of a tidal wave rolling into a beach, medium body kit with the exhaust running along the out side of the car under the doors, large spoiler, and a small hood scoop.

The car leading them was by far different it was still an American made but it was a classic muscle a 1969 Dodge Charger to be exact no fancy body kit, no spoiler, no vinyl's or graphics, just a large blower and straight pipe roar as the cars speed along the highway to heather field.

Inside the Mustang.

"Hey Olsen you listing?" his friends voice came thought the ear piece in his ear.

"Sorry man, what did you say?" Matt asked.

"I said that do you think Cross will find us this time?" Came the question again.

"I hope not that son of a bitch seems to find us no matter where we go or what car's we run." Matt growled as they had been running the streets in the last city they were in unchallenged.

"If that fucker follows us here, we'll have to think about taking him out." Came a new voice spite and anger in it.

"Jay calm down man, we just need to keep a lower profile that's all." Matt stated in an attempted to calm is angry friend.

"Fuck calming down and fuck Cross I lost a lot of rides and cash because of that bastard." The one leading them into town and driver of the charger spat.

"Matt's right Jay if were not careful, we may get some one worse than Cross on our asses, let try just taking awhile from the streets and just be normal teens for awhile." Came another voice the driver of the viper.

"Martins right we need some down time to relax, besides Cross only got what was in that one car right?" the person in the Corvette's voice joining in.

"Besides this town were coming up on doesn't really register as a racing place." the GTO Driver spoke finally.

"Caleb your with me on taking Cross out if he shows that fucking head of his right?" Jay asked.

"Only if he tries to take us down." Caleb spoke as there cars roared down the remaining miles to the bridge that would bring them into heater field.

"It's a good thing I have family here." Matt laughed as they were crossing the bridge into town.

"Yeah a grand pa that runs a pet shop and found us a garage real cheap." Martin joined in as they speed to their destination.

"Heads up guys I got five o on my scanner." Jay informed as they all got ready to run if need be. "Fuck there all around us scatter and meet at the garage." Jay shouted as they split into different directions and a sea of blue lights came on.

"With Eric.

Come on you fat pig, you'll never even see me again." The boy smirked as his speeds were over one hundred fifty, over the scanner they all had in there cars they could keep tabs on the police formations, road blocks, spike strips, rhino units, helicopter deployment and so forth.

"Yeah, we have a code three chase he's not stopping." The officer stated to dispatch.

"Can you get a make or model?" Dispatch inquired.

"Negative, he is staying to far ahead of me to get a clear description." The officer spoke clearly agitated at the chase.

"Now you see me now you don't." Eric smirked as he drifted around the corner ahead and then drifted around the next shutting down his engine as not to give his position away.

"Ha the police in this town suck at driving." Eric laughed as they cops had reported they lost one of the five cars. Starting his car back up he crept away to the garage.

With Martin.

"You really think you can catch me." Came a nasally voice of the driver of the Viper. Please bow down on both knee's." He laughed as he speed threw some turns looking in his rearview mirror in time to see all three cops cars spin out effectively losing them. "Well that takes care of them." He smiled heading for the garage as it was near.

With Caleb.

"Damn this sucks we arrive in town and already the cops are chasing us." the brown haired youth thought as he was speeding through a tunnel barely avoiding the few cars that were in there. "This city is a ghost town at night."

"Dispatch, I am breaking off pursuit due to a collision in the tunnel due to the speeding car." The Officer spat as he stopped to check on the wreck.

"Ten-four, ten-four we will notify the next closest unit. Unit three nine three respond."

"This is three nine three go for Lair." The officer spoke responding.

"There is a speeding vehicle in the area see if you can locate and apprehend the driver."

"Did you get any information on the car?"

"Negative, officer Addams was unable to get a clear view of the suspect car."

"Ok engaging patrol. Lair out."

"So there after me still." Caleb laughed as he was no longer in that area.

With Matt.

"Come on baby don't fail me now." Matt spoke talking to his car.

"Dispatch I need a road block set up in north Petersburg."

"Right away, units are already set up there."

"Shit that ain't good." Matt thought speeding towards the road block.

"Alright, we got him now." The officer laughed thinking it was all over.

"Think again piggy." Matt thought as he slammed on the breaks spinning the car in a one eighty speeding back the way he came. "Got cha." Matt laughed harder hitting the button on the steering wheel sending a shot of NOS into the engine getting away before they could react. "Well free and clear." Matt smirked heading for the garage.

With Jay.

"Fucking cops, can't go any where with out having to deal with them." Jay spat knowing that these local yokels couldn't catch him on there best day as his charger roared down the straight away at speeds of a hundred ninety.

"I can't keep up with him, this car is definitely not street legal." The cop shouted as he watched the car get further ahead till he could no longer see it. "Damn it, the driver got away."

"Affirmative, all five subject vehicles lost, return top regular patrol." Dispatch ordered.

"Mess with the best get fucked like the rest." Jay smirked pulling into the garage to see that the others were either there or pulling in.

"Some one open that damn door." Jay shouted out his window.

"I got it Martin shouted getting out and going to where Matt's grand pa said he left the door openers. Finding one martin opened the door and they parked their cars in the extremely large garage. "Here guys." Martin stated handing each of them a door opener.

"great, my grand pa said there is a large studio like apartment behind here that we can use to live in, the only condition was we have to go to school and try to behave." Matt spoke laughing at the look he got from Jay.

"You didn't say a fucking thing about school!" Jay growled.

"Hey man just think of it as a vacation till we can find a new town to roll in." Eric laughed as they entered the large living area.

"This kick ass man your gramps must be loaded." Martin smiled seeing at the stuff the place was loaded with.

"Well, he only does the pet shop thing as a hobby, he makes his money buying and selling companies, so yeah he is loaded." Matt laughed.

"you gave up easy street to race the streets." Caleb asked sitting on the couch.

"My mom and dad, wanted to much so I left and that's when I met Jay at the time he wasn't running that charger he ran a Mazda two-forty SX, but even then he was a force to be reckoned with.

"I couldn't see him rolling in an import." Caleb laughed.

"Hell that would be like seeing him in an exotic." Martin joined in.

"At one time I did roll in those cars, but I always wanted to roll in a old fashioned muscle car, so now I do it doesn't handle as good as your modern muscle or the imports or the fucking exotics, but it does have the raw power to beat any of them off the line and back to it." Jay smirked.

"Well if we have to go to school tomorrow we need to get some sleep." Eric yawned.

"Right, tomorrow guys." Jay spoke going into a room.

The next day.

"Come on Jay get up." Matt shouted banding on his room door.

"Piss off man, I didn't agree to go to school." Jay shouted covering his head with a pillow.

"It ain't that bad to sit in class for a few hours." Martin added.

"Come on guys lets just leave him, with the mood he is in it might draw us attention we don't need." Caleb spoke walking back to the garage."

"Caleb's right, we should just let him be he lost a number of muscle cars and you know how he is about his cars." Eric spoke joining Caleb as he left.

"Fine man sulk in bed all day." Matt finished following the others out.

"See ya in a few man." Martins nasally laughed came as he left.

"Finally maybe I can get some peace." Jay growled.

In the garage.

"Which car should we take, we all agree that we shouldn't all drive." Matt spoke taking the leaders spot while jay wasn't there.

"Let's just take your car." Caleb spoke getting into the Mustang.

"Well I guess we take Matt's car." Martin laughed getting in as well.

"Let's go Eric." Matt sighed getting in and driving off to school.

Else Where.

"Bye mom, bye dad." A dark skinned girl shouted as she got into a fire red SL five-hundred. "Time for some fun." She smirked as she left home.

"I wonder why Taranee is always so late she has a lead foot." An Asian girl asked a red haired girl as they were sitting in the school's parking lot.

"No clue Hay Hay, but like always we'll save her a spot." The red haired girl spoke leaning against a frog green RX-Seven.

"Here's Irma." The Asian girl spoke pushing off her neon yellow Supra.

"Wow your dad really let you get an Evo." The red head spoke.

"I know it was so cool Will, he finally broke down and let me get it, now I just have to get enough saved up to start building it." The brunette smiled.

"Come on almost every one that goes to this school has good money." Hay Lin spoke looking over the new car.

"I know but daddy might get suspicious of my street racing if a lot of money starts leaving my account."

"True, Cornelia's arrived." Will spoke watching there blonde friend park her Cayman S.

"Of all of us you and Taranee had to get high end cars." Irma huffed looking at the partially built Porsche.

"So what, the more the car costs the better it is." The blonde smirked flipping her hair.

"Whoa who is that?" Hay Lin spoke pointing to the fully built Mustang that rolled on to the parking lot.

"No clue but that ride is sweet." Irma spoke listing to the engine. "That bad boy has a powerful big block under the hood.

"No duh Irma, it's a muscle car and no match for my Porsche."

"I wouldn't bet on it, that mustang doesn't just sound or look fast it has to be fast." Will spoke looking the Purple car over. "I like the lighting bolts bit time."

"I bet it is all show and no go." Cornelia huffed.

"Well why don't you challenge them to a race tonight then." Hay Lin smirked.

"All right I will."

Back at the Garage.

"Damn it all those asses had to wake me up now I can't sleep." Jay growled walking to his Charger. "Well might as well go to this school." Jay thought firing up his car and peeling out of the garage.

Stopping at a light Jay spots a SL-Five-Hundred pull up beside him.


"Damn that's a nice ride, small body kit, still a stock hood, medium spoiler, sounds like it has a good engine as well, but the driver is a goddess " Jay smirked revving the powerful big block hemi of his charger.


"Now that's a car." Taranee thought listing to the engine roar as the driver was looking over at her. "This one is definitely a racer, no way that car is just for show, and he ain't all that bad looking either." Taranee smirked revving her own engine.


"Oh yeah she's a racer all right, I think this town might not be so bad after all." Jay smiled rolling the window of his charger down. "You got a name beautiful?" Jay asked.

"Yeah but do you?" Taranee smirked.

"I'm called Jay, Jay Conrad." Jay smiled.

"Taranee Cook." She smiled back.

"If we keep on talking like this I'll be late for my first day."

"Well how bout a little race to school then?"

"Ok what do I get if I win?" Jay asked.

"What would you like." Came a flirty grin from the dark skinned girl.

"How bout them digit's?" Jay smirked.

"Ok but what if I win."

"What do you want." Jay countered.

"What about your digit's?"

"Alright, but you kinda have the advantage I don't have a clue where the school is. Just a street address."

"Oh well I think you'll manage." Taranee laughed as the light went green and they took off.

Back at school.

"Please sweet heart that Porsche ain't got a damn thing on my Mustang." Matt smirked.

"Why because I'm a girl?" Cornelia huffed stomping her foot.

"Nah, it because we've raced better cars than that and still mopped the floor with them." Eric countered.

"It's a Porsche that ford pos couldn't possible out run it."

"Listen girlie, we don't play racer we are racers, and that fucking car wouldn't stand a snow balls chance in hell against any of our rides." Caleb spoke pushing off the car.

"Oh so you all have cars then, so why didn't you all drive?" Will smirked.

"Trying to save gas. If we all go to the same place we all ride together." Martin spoke looking the one called Irma over.

As the argument continued they heard the roar of a very familiar car.

"Shit it sounds like Jay came after all." Matt laughed hearing the straight pipe roar of the charger.

"What is that racket." Cornelia asked looking around to see a solid black charger drift onto the parking lot speeding at them.

"That guys crazy!" Irma shouted jumping beside the mustang with others as the car slid to a stop and backed into the spot beside the mustang.

"What made you change your mind." Matt asked his friend as he got out of his car.

"Well first you jack asses woke me up to damn early, then I thought I would just come check it out, but before getting here I met a really hot girl pretty good driver too she should be arriving any second now." Jay laughed as Taranee parked her car with her friends.

"Well I guess that means you get this." Taranee smiled handing Jay a piece of paper.

"Thanks Tara." Jay smiled taking the paper putting it in his back pocket.

"Taranee your flirting with this jerk?" Cornelia huffed.

"Got a problem with it?" Taranee snapped.

"Yeah they said that our cars couldn't beat theirs." Will joined in.

"Well did you stop to think that they might be right, Jay here did nothing but play with me the whole race and I thought I was good."

"Let me guess you must have gotten Caleb worked up." Jay smirked leaning on his charger. "It isn't the car but the driver, of course a great car helps."

"Ok then my Cayman S does have a chance against that car." Cornelia spoke pointing to the mustang.

"Not a chance in hell." Jay laughed. "And it's not you but it is what you drive, that mustang has dusted off Lamborghinis and Ferraris so a Porsche Cayman isn't much of a challenge." Jay explained.

"What no way!?" Hay Lin exclaimed.

"Yep don't get me wrong I like all cars but I prefer Muscle classic muscle at that."

"So can you show me how to tune my car out to run that good?" Taranee asked looking at jay."

"Sure stop by the garage after school." Jay spoke giving her the directions to the place. "If your all serious about racing you can all come."

"Ok I'll be there." Cornelia huffed walking away.

"Same here I wanna know more about how you five race." Will smiled looking at matt before leaving.

"I always thought muscle cars were to heavy to out run really light cars." Hay Lin grinned leavening.

"If there's away to make my Evo better I am in." Irma smiled walking away.

"See you later." Came the flirty smile again as Taranee joined her friends.

"See ya." Jay smiled watching her leave. "Damn she is fine."

"Why did you invite them over?!" Caleb huffed.

"Cause I felt like it, and you need to chill man I know you don't like import or exotic but a lot of people do." Jay spoke walking with his friends.

"Well good going man I don't know about you but I wouldn't making friends with five hot girls on my first day either." Martin laughed.

"I think the red head has a crush on my boy matt here." Eric smiled punching his friend in the shoulder.

"Yeah and you watched the hyper Asian the whole time." Matt pointed out.

"Well we can talk about the girls later right now I just wanna survive this place." Jay Laughed going in.

AN: Got this idea while playing through Most Wanted Black again and thought it would be cool to do in the WITCH universe, there will be no magic of any kind, and forgive on the shitty race scenes and descriptions I ain't good with that. As always R&R peace out.