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"So, what do you think I should do know?" Wonder Woman asked her best friend.

"I don't know exactly. Why did you do it in the first place?" Superman said.

"Because I thought it would be funny. And...I don't know...I wanted to get some kind of reaction out of him," she tells him.

"Well it sounds like you succeeded. You actually got a positive reaction out of Batman, so what more do you want?" Superman asked.

"At most a nice loving romance. At least a steamy night to remember," she admitted.

"Diana! That's really not like you," he told her.

"What can I say, I'm a woman. A woman that has not got any action sense she left her home town," she said.

"I thought there was no men on Themiscyra?" he asked.

"There weren't," she answered.

"O...k. Why are you interested in Bruce then?" Superman asked.

"I'm attracted to men too," she said.

"Ok, why Bruce then?" he added.

"I don't know. My mother was infatuated with Hades, maybe an attraction to dark broody bastards runs in the family," she explained.

Superman chuckled at that, "Well that's one explanation."

"Your not helping," Wonder Woman accused

He shrugged, "Batman thinks he knows you completely. Hell he thinks he knows all of us inside and out. You did something that he (or anyone else) wouldn't expect you to do. You surprised him. Do it again."

Wonder Woman stood In front of the Wayne Mansions giant doors. She used her armor's convenient power to remove change out of it and reveal what she put on before donning the armor. It was a useful power that she recently unlocked, and it allowed her to wear normal cloths and be able to instantly jump into ass kicking status. She had no Idea what she would have done with out it right now, because there is no way she would be flying around dressed as she is now.

"This will really surprise him," she said to herself as she knocked on the door. "There's something I'm forgetting," she thought to herself. It finally clicked in her head, but by then it was too late, "Oh my."

Alfred was busying himself in the mansion when he heard a knock at the door. He dutifully rushed to it and swung it open. "How may I help...," with that his voice was stolen away by the sight before him.

There standing in the door way was Wonder Woman, dressed only in white lacy Lingerie, "Um...Hello Alfred, could you please tell Batman I'm here," she asked.

With that Alfred turned sharply on his heels and strode down to the cave. There he found the Batman, dressed as Bruce Wayne, sitting in front of his large computer. He walked to Batman's side, placed a hand on his shoulder, and said, "Master Bruce, you want to go to the front door. Right now."

This caused Batman's eyebrow to arch, but he stood and began up the stairs into the manor. After a few steps he turned back, "Alfred, aren't you coming?" he asked.

Alfred took a seat in the big chair, "No sir."

Now a little bit more concerned, still he continued up the stairs. When he reached the front door his eyes nearly popped out of his head. He stood speechless, just looking Wonder Woman up and down. Then he let loose a stream of uncontrolled laughter. For her part Wonder Woman smiled, turned around, and pointed to her left butt cheek. Or to put it more specifically, to the temporary tattoo of an American flag on it. Wonder Woman accomplished what supervillains, mobsters, and madman had sought to do ever since the dark knight emerged. She brought him to his knees (as he doubled over in laughter). It was so nice, refreshing, and funny to hear him laugh that she followed suit.

"Now that's a reaction," she thought to herself.

After a few minutes, still laughing, he was able to pull himself to his feet. Then he surprised her by pulling her into his arms and giving her what would have been the deepest and most passionate kiss in there whole lives...had they not both had to stop a couple times to let stray giggles out.

Then he hoisted her up in his arms and bolted up the steps. "Where are you taking me?!" she light-heartedly screeched.

"To my bedroom," he calmly answered, even as he began bounding up the steps.

"Doesn't Batman have something more important to do tonight?" she asked mischievously.

Batman kicked open the door to the master bedroom and told her, "No. I don't have to stop to play the Devil in chess, torture Hitler, or 'kick more ass' until tomorrow," as he tossed her hysterically laughing form onto the bed.

"Thank the gods! This is about time!" she thought.

Several hours later the two lay spent on top of the covers. Batman lazily looked about the room at the remains of their clothes, then into the palm of his right hand where Wonder Woman's tattoo had rubbed off. The beauty laying next to him said, "I was right, you are hung like a horse."

"I thought horses were hung like me," he corrected her as he pulls her closer to him. "I was right too, you are as limber as an Olympian gymnast."

She smiled slightly, opened her eyes, and asked, " you know when I masturbate?" He opened his eyes again and a knowing smile formed on his face. Her mouth falls open, "Batman!"

He laughed, "You just look so happy and light on your feet afterwards. You skin looks so nice and rosy for hours...," he stops as she goes to smack him, "No hitting! Hahaah...your file said you have super strength!"

So she bit him instead. He yelled out "OW!" through his laughter before the two of them rolled back under the sheets.

That's the END. However if anyone else wants to do a Leaguer's file, I'd love to read it.