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He firmly stood at his father's side waiting for the ceremony to take place. He really did not have much choice in this matter because no one dared to go against King Aberforth's orders. The damned king absolutely was going crazy. As he got lost in his thought, a piercing scream was heard outside.

The Malfoy's, who were on the left seeing as it was the groom's side, rolled their eyes and grunted in disgust towards the Weasley Clan while the Weasley's, on the right, eyed them warily upon hearing the scream.


"Open the door sweetie…"


Molly Weasley sighed and took out the key from her pockets. She fiddled with the door and opened it. A four year old girl with curly red hair sobbed quietly in one corner of the room. The girl looked like an angel clad in her long white dress.

"Sweet Pea.. Come to Mummy." Molly opened her arms and beckoned for her daughter to come to her. The little girl looked up to her mother with her big chocolate brown eyes and hesitantly stood up. "Come on…"

The girl left her safe haven and walked towards her pleading mother. Once Molly had her daughter in her arms, she sprinted towards the door and dragged her down the staircase. A scream yet again echoed through the hallway as the little girl wriggled her way out of her mother's arms, crying.

"Please do not be difficult Virginia. I beg you." Her mother sighed for the umpteenth time that day as she pried her fingers away from the railings. 'Damn it!' it was harder than she thought. Just then the door below opened and out came a fourteen year old boy.

He looked up and saw the mother-daughter predicament. He slowly began walking towards them and he noticed the mother's grip tightened around the girl's hand. The little girl instantly stopped her screaming and looked at the boy with curiosity. He held out his hand to her wand waited. Then without a moments hesitation he had the girl cuddled in his arms, sobbing quietly, and clutching at his neck as if some monster was out to get her. He proceeded to carry her bride style leaving the mother in pure shock. He then made his way towards the Grand Hall where they were awaited.

She tightened his hold on his neck as he neared the door and so softly he whispered "I wont hurt you.. I promise.". He kissed her forehead and the girl relaxed in his arms. As he entered the Hall, he received bewildered, shocked and disgusted looks from both Clans. He shrugged and made his way towards the Bishop.

"I'm Ginny…" the little girl whispered in his ear. He drew her closer to him and replied "I'm Draco". With that Ginny went limp in his arms as she fell into a deep slumber, eyes worn out from crying.

The ceremony took place and Draco surprisingly found himself writing his name on the marriage contract. He still held Ginny in his arms as he passed the paper on to the man who was standing beside him. He looked at Draco with disgust as he signed his name with his daughters name under Draco's.

Just like that a peace treaty between the Weasleys and the Malfoys was created.