Here's the story: one day after I read BloodRayne Dark soul I got pissed off, and decided to delve a little into her character. What pissed me off was her line when she was talking to tiger wraith: "Guess we have a lot in common – what with having our lives stolen from under us".
Having our lives stolen from under us? WTF? The BloodRayne we love and worship would never say that! My guess is that Rayne would first kill herself with her own blades then complain about her life. Listen to her lines in the games: she NEVER whines, even when she's talking with Severin and she tells him what happened with her family, her tone is more angry then sad, she even makes a joke (Severin asks her if she would have turned out like Kestrels and she says "Jesus, I hope not" which is another proof of her inner strength. If Rayne isn't tough, I don't know who is. So alright, she's driven by revenge and she kills showing no remorse, and drinks blood. Fuck it. She's still the hottest character around.

The little story up there shows a little about her and her relationship with Brimstone (maybe I'll write more if you liked this one).
Lemme know what you think.
Oh, and sorry about my grammar problems