Author's note and disclaimer: Gundam Wing and Sailor Moon don't belong to me

Author's note and disclaimer: Gundam Wing and Sailor Moon don't belong to me. There are gay couplings in here of Duo and Heero, and Haruka and Michiru. There isn't anything very explicit, they might kiss and stuff, but that's it. This will be a multi-parter and it's my first GW and SM fic. If the characters are considerably OOC, please tell me what's wrong and I'll fix it. Well, enjoy the show!

" Duo, why are we doing this again?" Heero asked as the ever-cheerful Duo dragged him towards the restaurant.

"Because Jen-kun wants us to," Duo chirped. "Come on Heero! It'll be fun. And it's not every day that you get a free meal. Plus, we don't get a lot of us time."

"Us time does not include two other people."'

"You need to socialize more anyway. And I'm sure this Michiru and Haruka will be nice girls. Jen said they were soldiers, too. If worst comes to worst, we can swap old war stories."

Heero stopped in his tracks and stared at Duo.

"What?" Duo nervously asked. "If it's the whole 'I'm not going, omae o korosu' thing, it ain't going to work. You should know by now that I'm immune to that stuff. And anyway, we promised Jen that we would go and be good little boys."

"What did she promise you?"


Questioning, Heero just raised an eyebrow.

"What? You think the God of Death would not do something nice for his friend, but would have to be bribed in order to do something as simple as go on a double date?"

The Heero-Yuy-glare answered him.

"She promised she'd give me all her Spiderman comic books and a year's supply of pixie stix."


"And she said she'd paint Deathscythe Hell fluorescent pink if I didn't go."

"Thought so."

"What about you, all high and mighty perfect soldier?"

"She'll get Relena off my back for a month and gave me some earplugs for when you're on a damned sugar rush."

"That's it?"

Heero blushed slightly and continued to walk.

"Oh ho! Now I have to know what else was in the deal! Please, Heero! Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssse!"

"You know that party we had last week?"

"The kegger?"

"Remember the game of truth or dare?"

"No, not really. The whole evening is kinda fuzzy."

"She threatened that if I did not attend this date, she would post some pictures from that evening on the Internet."

"Man, I really wish I remembered what happened now. What are the pictures of?"

"That is classified information."

"Fine! Be that way."

Duo scowled as he stomped off ahead of Heero. Heero caught the boy by his long, swinging braid and pulled him back to his side.

"Ow! Do you even know how much that hurts?"

"Don't worry. I'll make it up to you tonight," Heero cooed, draping his arm over Duo's shoulders.

They reached the restaurant where their date would take place. Standing outside the place was a couple dressed in school uniforms. The blond man's arm was draped over the blue-haired girl's shoulders. Spotting and recognizing them from Jen's description, Duo and Heero walked over to join them. Two feet away from the couple, Duo leaned close to Heero's ear and whispered, "I thought she said they were a lesbian couple."