Unrequited Love

Author's Notes: It is about my unrequited love. I'm heavily crushing on this guy from school and thus this fluffy story is written. I'm sorry to say but there is no progress in Your Shadow. I'm trying my best, I really am. My lovely readers should really be patient. Thanks for all the support, guys!

Summary: Sakura suddenly likes who everyone likes, Syaoran Li. She thinks that they can never be together but that's because she always misses his eyes on her.

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Sakura's Point of View

"How are your classes this year, Sakura?" Tomoyo asked me as I munched on my cookie. I took a moment to swallow and drink my iced tea before turning to her to reply.

"Good. I have a silly teacher for Math, though," I replied and I was not being rude to my math teacher – I think he is quite aware himself that he is indeed silly. He just is! "And I need to change my schedule a little bit. I'm dropping Teacher's Assistant – too hectic for me."

Tomoyo only nodded and I noticed that her eyes were far away. I looked behind me and saw what – rather, who – she was looking at.

Ah, her big-time crush since freshman year, Hirigazawa Eriol.

You know, I never really got the deal between them. As far as I know, they like each other and yet, they are not officially going out. They talk a lot every night (even during summer holidays) and yet, they could not even spend at least five minutes with each other in school. They always, always smile at each other and get jealous when one sees the other with someone else, and yet, they never confronted each other.

Well, they were what I want to call: people who are making their lives harder by not being together.

There were times that I really wanted to smack their heads together, hoping I could knock some sense into them. But, I never had the chance.

I waved my hand in front of Tomoyo to bring her back to earth but she was still in a daze as she watched Eriol settle on his seat across the canteen with his friends.

"Tomoyo, you're growing another head," I said lamely but hey, I got her attention back.

"Sorry, what was that, Sakura?" she asked me but I only sighed in defeat.

People in love – I never knew what to do with them.


I entered my Theory of Knowledge class quietly and was glad that I had some people I know. It was after lunch and I suspected that not everyone was there yet. I greeted my fellow students and sat on an empty seat. Leaving my bag on my seat, I walked up to the teacher's desk.

"Hello, sensei," I greeted.

The teacher looked up from the paper she was reading and eyed me. She forced a smile and gave me a questioning look.

"I switched to this class…" I trailed off, hoping she would get the point so I would not have to explain the whole story.

"Yes, I know," she replied, a genuine smile on her face. Wow, that was a first. This teacher was known to be one of the strictest teachers in the school. I am in her Psychology class for two years now and man, every class would be intense.

"I called you from the attendance list last class," she continued. "But you weren't here."

"Yeah, the office told me to go to the class I dropped that day because I've already had ToK that morning," I explained. I think I was talking too fast because she had that look in her face.

"Okay, then," she said dismissively. "Take a seat. We'll get started in a moment."

I went to my seat and sat down. I was glad Chiharu was in the class. Yamazaki, too. This would be a fun class, indeed (although our teacher was a terror teacher). We waited for the bell to ring and the class commenced.

Sensei started talking about the oral presentations that we all have to do next month. It was pretty sad that we would only have a week to prepare for it. Anyway… as she babbled on, someone burst inside the room, huffing and panting.

Ah, Li Syaoran. Man, this is like my what, third class with him this year?

He looked around and stopped when he felt all eyes on him. He slowly walked to his seat, avoiding sensei's eyes.

"Mr. Li Syaoran, don't you know me for someone who doesn't like tardy people?" sensei's eyes were on fire and annoyance was clear in her voice. She's someone who does not like being interrupted.

"I'm sorry," was all Li muttered, his head down low.

"I'm sorry that you didn't know or I'm sorry that you were late?"

"Both," he replied, now looking at sensei, a playful smirk on his lips. "I guess."

Sensei rolled her eyes. "Stay behind after class – I need to talk to you," she said authoritatively.

"Okay," he said nonchalantly. "How come I didn't get the memo?" he whispered to the guy next to him but loud enough for the class to hear.

"Sucks to be you," I muttered to myself, not liking the guy at all.


Okay, so maybe that was an understatement because right now, I could not take my eyes off of him. Yes, him – Li Syaoran, him.

Well, having three classes with him and seeing him everyday and in one of those classes, having to debate with him occasionally, who would not get fond of him?

"Like, if you look at his eyes, they're normal brown, right," I was telling Tomoyo who was excited enough to hear that I was crushing on one of the 'hunks' in school. "But when you look at them again really closely, shades of goldish brown start to appear."

"Now, how close have you been from him that you get to know how his eyes change colors?" Tomoyo asked, her eyebrow arched.

"Not quite close but it does change color!" I told her. "He's got the best shoulders too. And the best hair – I don't even care if it has that messy look, it's sexy that way! And man, have you seen him play soccer?"

"You just said sexy…" Tomoyo said, ignoring the question I asked. "Sakura, you just said sexy in a sentence… You are definitely hooked."

I exhaled up to my bangs and finished my iced tea.

I did not need her to tell me that. I knew that already.

I knew it from the moment that I could only stare at his back in English class, instead of reading Othello. I knew it from the moment that I decided to stay late in school just to watch him play soccer (and I don't even get the game sometimes). I knew it from the moment I realized that he had the best voice ever.

His voice ain't manly, manlyIt's moderately deep… sexy and the way he mumbles his words sometimes… ah, music to my ears.

And his lazy antics but smart comebacks and comments.

He amazes me so much …

… And now, I'm turning into a different person.

"Tomoyo, make it stop," I told Tomoyo all of a sudden. My dreamy tone was gone and was replaced with a confused and helpless one.

"You want me to make you stop liking him?"


"Why would I do that?"

"Because you're my best friend!" I said. It was the most obvious answer in the world – didn't she see that coming? "If you don't want me to suffer, make me stop liking him."

Tomoyo looked at me solemnly. She was taking me seriously, which she should be and which I'm thankful for.

"Sakura…" she started softly. "I know you're thinking that you will just get hurt since you two haven't really been close these past four years but let's give it time. You should know yourself better – you get over guys in a week!"


And that was yet another understatement. It had been three months of our senior year already and still… I could not stop looking at him.

I could not stop observing him.

And the saddest thing: all we talk about is homework.

Homework – that was all.

Well, maybe I should be happy that at least we talk – if you could that a conversation.

Last night, I had already admitted that I was hopeless. I was hopelessly in love with him. If this was not love, then I don't really know what that is.

In the canteen, I would always be searching where he was. I knew that he was not a great fan of basketball so it was not possible that he would not be up in the gym during lunch time. Besides, Tomoyo would be looking for Eriol, too, and Eriol was a close friend of Syaoran.

They would be together most of the time and hence, the two of us, Tomoyo and I, would be stuck in our little world, looking afar.

It was a Friday and there would be a soccer game tonight.

I was planning to go but I had other things to do. I have a volleyball game that clashes with his game. I'm such a girl for getting so torn up over it but… I just really wanted to watch him.

Our game was not for another hour so we decided to watch the girls play soccer, instead. And to my luck, he was watching as well.

Li was in his warm-up shirt but they were not warming up yet. He was watching the girls intently (I did not want to think that he was checking them out) and was cheering for them from time to time.

Well, instead of watching the game… do you want to know what I was doing on the bleachers?

Yup, staring at him.

I had the perfect view of his back but that did not matter.


"Guys, I can't recognize the players," one of my teammates said. "Let's go closer…"

And that was when we moved closer to the field and Li was behind me.

I would like to think that he was looking at me, too.


Syaoran's Point of View

I was surprised that many people were actually watching the girls' soccer game. I hope the same crowd would be in our game afterwards.

I was even more surprised that Kinomoto Sakura was watching. She was with her volleyball team, I could tell. How long had she been here?

Had she been here since the game started? Why didn't I see her earlier?

"She might melt if you stare at her any longer," Eriol taunted.

I just gave him a glare and continued watching the game.

On the contrary, it was difficult watching the game when there was a more beautiful creature that I could look at.

Her hair was tied up… but her bangs were not clipped up yet. Their game would be the same time as our game, which was bad because I was really hoping that I could watch her this time. I never had the chance to watch her games since I would always have something else to do.

She was cheering with the rest of the crowd and was talking happily with her friends.

How I wished I could be one of her close friends whom she could talk to…

But it was impossible – our conversations would always just be about homework. Having her in three classes was great but I thought we would be much closer because of that.

I had been crushing over her for… maybe a year now, because I don't really know when my infatuation began.

I see her around school and she would always just be there, laughing along with her friends, actively participating in school activities, a favorite among the teachers. She was the embodiment of perfection.

Guys would always be after her but she would turn them down one by one. I never knew why – she was asked by many eligible guys but I guess not one of them really caught her attention.

I would always be wondering where she is when I don't see her. I would always try to sneak in Tomoyo's name in conversations with Eriol, asking him where she is because I know that Tomoyo and Sakura would never be separated. I would always try to walk slowly behind her when walking to classes just so I could keep on staring at her from afar.

Will I forever be the guy who just looks at her quietly?

I hope not…

It had been three months of our senior year already. Time was running out for me to tell her.

Does she even know me? Does she even think about me?

I would like to think that she does.


Author's Notes:
How's that for a prologue? Don't worry – this will be short. I just needed to write something again. And I need to know if I still have my writing skills – it's been so long. IB is killing me. If you don't know what that is, good for you. Sorry again for making you guys wait for my other updates. I just have a lot on my hands right now. I hope you enjoyed this though.

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