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Characters: Mainly Kakashi, Iruka, Naruto, Sakura and Shikamaru, with cameo of previous oneshot OC and debut of new OCs.


Kakashi is content with his relationship with the bookstore beauty, Aya Fukuda, until Team Seven is lured into accepting a mysterious mission. Can his stable relationship survive or will Kakashi fall into temptation?

By the way, it's gonna be a long story, so perhaps you'd like to be updated :)


Kakashi Hatake waved idly at Iruka as he passed by the academy. There was a class waiting behind Iruka, all young and expectant, chattering and giggling.

"Field trip, Iruka?" called Kakashi when he noticed all of them carrying backpacks and had a dark green band around their left arm.

Iruka glared the class into subdued silence. "Yeah, new movie. It's a reward for their good results this term. You know, the Seven Priestesses?"

Kakashi paused mid-stride. "The Seven Priestesses?" He racked his brain for a moment, currently cluttered up with junk information about the Icha-Icha series and his bite-happy girlfriend. "Oh, them... Ah well, see you around, Iruka."

"The Seven Priestesses!" Naruto was excited. He bounced onto the bench where Sakura was perched. "Wonder what the story is about?"

Sakura stretched and yawned a little. She was getting used to the training sessions, but the strain on her physical stamina remained. Thankfully Sasuke had bowed out of their post-mission meal. She said irritably, "What are you expecting, Naruto?"

"Weeeelll... I mean, the whole village is excited about it. Maybe there's like, really huge monsters, or, or maybe they have superpowers, or maybe they have wings or somethi- OUCH!!"

"Don't be stupid! It's a historical epic, not some robot-futuristic thriller!"

"You guys wanna go?" Kakashi said from behind them. Both Sakura and Naruto jumped. He had two pieces of paper in his hand. "I got a couple of free passes."

Well, they were meant for Aya and myself, but she's not interested.

Naruto brightened. "Really? Kakashi-sensei are you giving Sakura and me a chance to, y'know..."

"You two can go by yourselves. The movie's starting in an hour." Kakashi thrust the tickets to Sakura. "Since everyone is going, you two might as well broaden your horizons."

"Kakashi-sensei, how come you're not-" Sakura began but stopped when Kakashi disappeared in a puff of smoke. "I HATE when he does that!"

"I'm not," said Naruto, snatching the two slips of paper away. "Let's go!!"