Full Summery: Secrecy was the key element in the trip. Nobody could know why Meredith took a trip to Boston, not even her friends or her fiancé. All she told them was she had to deal with 'her mother's past.' An accident led her to Boston General. After laying unconscious in a hospital be for days, she wakes up only to find out she's forgotten. Back in Seattle, her friends and future husband grow worried after not hearing a word from her in days.

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The world was spinning and her head grew light headed as she grabbed the rail of the stairs to keep from falling. Taking deep breaths as she started to stumble back slightly. Her feet falling to the step below causing her to almost loss her balance. Bringing her hand to her head, she felt the blood coming from her brow line. Closing her eyes and opening them slowly, she tried to stop spinning but it didn't seem to help only making it worse. She stumbled backwards until she lost her balance and her butt hit the corner of the stairs sending her down the rest of the stairs until she laid flat on her back at the bottom. Look up at the light that was a good six floors above her, she lifted her hand to her head felling blood now coming out of the back of her head. She wanted to scream for help but her mouth was dry.

It soon became hard for her to stay awake as her eyes continued to fall shut only for her to jolt them open. Reminding herself to keep her awake as long as possible. Her body started to become numb starting at her feet soon stretching to her upper body. Her thoughts started to fade and everything began to blur. The lights seemed to dance as she forced herself to focus her eyes on one thing, but she was starting to see double. Her arm fell limp to the side of her body as the numbness took over her nerves. Her head started to begin to fall to the side but she tried to keep it upright. Telling herself over and over to stay concentrated on the one light. Telling herself that somebody would be coming to help her any minute now. Her brain told her to think that, but her heart knew nobody would come. As hopelessness washed over her, her positive thoughts started to drift off. Her eye sight began to get worse and worse with every minute as she wracked her brain, which was slowly beginning to fail her, for something from her eight years of medical school. But all she could do was lay there. Her eyes fell shut and this time, she didn't have the strength to open them.

Darkness washed over her as her breathing calmed. Her head rolled off to the side and everything began to fall limp.


"Thirty year old, female. Head trauma. We don't know how long she's been out." The paramedic said as they burst through the doors of the ambulance bay into the hospital. Nurses' ran along side the stretcher as it was wheeled down the hall. They got her into the room.

"Alright, let's lift her." A nurse said. They pulled her onto a hospital bed as people started to get her prepped with an IV and heart rate monitors.

"What do we have here?" A doctor asked as he walked in.

"Female, thirty years old, head trauma, unconscious for an unknown amount of time."

"Do we have a name?" The doctor asked.

"No, she was found in a stairwell of a close-by hotel. No ID. No nothing."

"Alright, let's get her to CT and MRI. Page me with the results." He said walking out.