Eight years had passed since Danielle Grey left Seattle to go to Stanford for college and then on to medical school

Eight years had passed since Danielle Grey left Seattle to go to Stanford for college and then on to medical school. Eight years had passed since Meredith lost her memory and regained it. Eight years had passed since Cameron William Sloan was born. Eight years had passed since Mark and Meredith had a wedding. Since then it seemed that everything changed.

She walked through the hospital doors nervously looking around. Her stomach was doing flips to the point she felt like she was going to throw up. Seattle Grace hospital seemed unchanged since the last time she had seen it. It was bigger since the new addition had been added a few years back and new people roamed the halls after old staff retired or move on to different opportunities. She looked around for a familiar face but found none. Nobody knew she was there since it was supposed to be a surprise for her sister. But now she wished there was someone there to hold her hand.

The hospital seemed to instill more fear in her than it did last time she roamed the halls the last time she visited. Back then she was simple a medical student watching her sister, brother in-law and their friends work. Now she was them. She was a surgical intern about to start her first day with people's lives in her hands.

She located the intern locker room in the same place it had been two years before the last time she visited. She walked hastily in ignoring anyone's glances and found the locker she had been assigned. She changed into the light blue scrubs she had been given.

"Hard to believe, huh?" Someone said in a preppy voice. She gazed over at the blonde sitting next to her.


"We're doctors."

"Yeah it is pretty hard to believe." She sighed.

"Laura McAlister." She introduced herself.

"Danielle Grey. Everyone calls me Danni."

"I didn't see you at the mixer last night." A shy male intern said coming up beside them.

"Neither did I and I'm sure I would have remembered you." A more frat boy type guy intern said.

She rolled her eyes. "I just got in last night. Danni Grey and you guys are?"

"Chris, Chris Pollard." The frat boy said with a self righteous smile.

"Jake Walker." The shy one answered.

"Alright! Listen up!" A loud mouth resident called. They all looked up and listened for their names.

She would have to find her sister later. Right now, she's a surgical intern and everybody knew there was no time for personal lives.


She found out her resident was someone she never heard of before which made enough sense because her sister was now an attending. When she got a free moment between rectal exams and charts, she was able to make it to the OR board to find her sister was going to be in surgery for at least another hour with Mark. Sighing, she returned to her work.

It wasn't until twelve that she got another free moment to get down to the cafeteria. Meredith was supposed to be out of surgery, so it seemed like a logical place to check. When she walked in, she noticed her fellow interns, Laura, Chris, and Jake waving her over. She waved them off and ventured onto the outside patio. Glancing around she quickly saw them. The elongated table that had been put there just for them and their extended family.

George sat with his wife, Allison, who Danni had met the last time she was there. Allison was a scrub nurse who started working at Seattle Grace four years before. They dated for about a year before getting engaged and married shortly after. Not long after that she got pregnant and had Anna O'Malley, who from what Danni could recollect, was about two.

Christina sat beside her husband, James, a neurosurgeon. Danni had met him when she came to town three years ago or so. He was charming and nice enough. He balanced Christina out well, and from what Meredith had said, he was exactly when Christina needed after the whole Burke thing. They now had two little girls, Taylor, 5, and Jordan, 3.

Alex sat with his wife of seven years, Melissa, an ER nurse. They a six year old son, Alexander who went by his middle name Michael and a four year old daughter Samantha.

Izzie and her husband of five years, Steven, a pediatric surgeon, sat with their son four year old son, Conner, and two year old son, Joseph.

And at the very end of the table sat her sister and brother in-law. They sat with their fingers intertwined chatting with their kids: Cameron, who was now eight, Elizabeth, who was seven, and Austin and Ellie, who were now four year old twins.

Smiling, she walked over. Nobody really looked up until she tapped on Meredith shoulder. Meredith shifted to see who was tapping her shoulder and nearly screamed.

"Danni! Oh my god! What are you doing here?" She yelled hugging her tightly.

"I work here now." She laughed.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I wanted to surprise you."

"Look at you. My baby sister looking all professional in her scrubs."

"Hey Aunt Danni." Austin, Ellie, Elizabeth and Cameron cheered.

"Hey guys." She kissed each of their head and hugged her brother in-law. Then greeted all her sister's friends who she had become pretty close to. Mark pulled up a chair for his sister in-law in between Meredith and Cameron. Danni sat down and kissed her nephew's/godson's cheek. It didn't take long for conversation between the two sisters to begin.

Danni caught a glimpse of her fellow interns looking quite jealous and confused standing in the doorway that led back into the building. She didn't give them much thought as she turned her gaze back to her sister and her family. Coming back to Seattle seems like the perfect decision for her internship. She'll have the support of her sister and her family, who were becoming more and more like her own. She had her nephews and nieces, her sister, her brother in-law, her friends, and her dream job. What more could she ask for?