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Chapter One

"TENTEN! YOU ARE VERY LATE!" Lee screamed into the sleeping girl's ear.

Tenten jumped up and threw a kunai a Lee's head which he dodged easily. "TENTEN! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ME!" he yelled, wounded.

"SHUT UP!!!" She screamed at him. 'God he's loud...'



"Ok Lee, bye bye!" She shoved him out the door and locked it. Then she tied up her hair, got dressed and flew out the door.

Tenten ran as fast as she could towards the training ground. She felt ridiculously nervous.

"I'm not scared of Neji...he's not scary, he's just really really...I don't know why I've got a crush on him...God I'm so-"


Tenten spun round. Neji was standing right behind her.

"Oh hehe...hi Neji!"

"To make up for lost time, we shall train for ten hours today."


"No. Now get ready." He disappeared.

Tenten looked around. Where the fuck did he go?

"Hakke Hasangeki!"


Nine hours later...

"Hey Neji, pant, can we, pant, stop now?" Tenten gasped, clutching her side.

"No. We have one more hour to go."

What's with him and training!!!

"At least give me a break! I didn't eat breakfast, lunch or dinner!!!"

"Is your stomach all you can think about?"

"Is training all you can think about?" She challenged.



"Get ready. Hakke-"

'AAAAH! He's going to kill me!'

"Souryuu Tensakai!" She yelled in panic, unrolling her scroll.

A rain of weapons fell down where Neji was standing. Tenten squinted through the dust. Where did he go?

Suddenly someone punched her from behind.

"Ow!" She fell to the ground, wincing.

"You let your guard down." Neji's voice came from above her.

"Ow...that hurt you freak!"

Neji knelt down next to her. "Are you okay?"

"No thanks to you..."


From somewhere in the trees

"Gai-sensei look! It's Neji and Tenten!"

Gai peered through the foliage. Neji was kneeling over Tenten.

"Ah! That is beautiful! The Hyuuga genius and our youthful blossom!"

Suddenly they saw Neji get up and walk off, leaving Tenten lying in the grass.

"Hey! Get back here!" She yelled at him.

"Training's over." He called over his shoulder, and disappeared into the trees.

"Fucktard..." Tenten muttered.

Gai immediately put his hands over Lee's ears. "Do not let her words taint your youthfulness, my adorable Lee!"

"I didn't hear anything, Gai-sensei!"

"That's right!" Gai did his nice guy pose. "So now, we need to come up with a plan to get those two together, haha!"

"Hai, Gai-sensei!"

"Tomorrow, we shall..."

Gai whispered his plan into Lee's ear. They both grinned evilly and rubbed their fingertips together.

The next morning...

'Fuck I'm late again...' Tenten ran faster. If she was too late, Neji would make her train till midnight.

She reached the training ground. Nobody was there. 'What the fuck! That bastard stood me up!'

Suddenly a kunai came out of nowhere and pinned her to a tree. More and more came till her frame was outlined with kunais.

"WHAT THE HELL! STOP DOING THAT YOU'RE GOING TO KILL ME!" Tenten roared. She tried to move her arms but they were pinned down too tightly.


"Tenten." Neji landed in front of her.

'God this is embarassing...pinned to a tree and Neji in front of me...'

"Er...hi Neji. Nice weather we're having, huh?"

He gave her a look.

"How did you get pinned to a tree?"

"Oh er...funny story, hehe...I was playing around with my weapons and pinned myself to this tree, hahaha!"

"...and that is why were you yelling at the trees to get you down?"

'Grr...leave me alone...'

"Can you just get me off this tree?"

Neji smirked. "Do it yourself." He sat down a few feet away from her, watching.


"You got yourself there in the first place, right?"

'Damn you Hyuuga Neji...'

"If you get me off this tree...I'll...make you lunch."

"Not interested."

"I'll...do your laundry!"

"Not interested."

"I'll do anything you want!"

Neji looked interested. "Ok."

He got up and walked towards her, when more kunais came flying out of nowhere and pinned Neji to the same tree as Tenten.

Tenten had her back to the tree. Neji was facing the tree. And Tenten. And he was pressed against her very, very hard.

"Oh my God Neji I can't breathe." Tenten gasped. "Get off you're squashing me."

"I can't." Neji growled. Whoever did this was going to pay.

His lips were almost touching Tenten's. His hands were pressed against hers. Her legs were in between his.

"Well...this is awkward." Said Tenten uncomfortably.


Somewhere not very far away...

"The plan has succeeded, Gai-sensei!"

"Hahahaha, very good Lee. Now they have to stay like that until we save them."

"After a while."

"A very long while."

They both cackled evilly and went back to watching the two pinned to a tree.

"Neji, can you just pull really really hard!"

"No, they're too deep..."


'I can't believe I'm this close to Neji! It's almost like a dream come true! Except I can barely breathe...'

'Tenten smells good...' Neji smirked.

"What are you smirking at, Hyuuga."


"...ok so, what are we going to do! We're stuck!"

"I guess we wait till someone finds us like this."

'Oooooh...maybe it'll be hours...' Tenten blushed.

Neji saw this. "Embarassed?" His smirk grew wider.


"No. Just hot."

"Well get used to it."

"Damn you. You know, if you just got me off the tree when you saw me instead of wasting your time talking, we wouldn't be in this position!"


They stayed there in silence for a while. Neji could feel Tenten breathing from underneath him, her hair tickling his face.

Without knowing what he was doing, his hand began to close over Tenten's.

Tenten looked up at him, surprised. He let go.

"Getting my balance." He said smoothly.

"Oh..." She was disappointed.

Neji couldn't see her face very clearly. 'Is that disappointment or relief?'

It started to rain.

"Great. Just great." Tenten growled angrily.


"Now we're gonna have to freeze out here! God I'm gonna die of hypothermia."

"No you're not, it's just drizzling."

"Heavy drizzle..."

"Complaining won't change anything."

"You're damn hair is sticking to my face."

"Lucky you."


He laughed as Tenten tried to stamp on his foot.

"Dammit, the person who did this has really good aim."


The rain dripped on them from the tree, soaking through their clothes. Tenten shivered. It was cold.

Neji felt her shiver and moved closer to her. She didn't complain.

Suddenly they heaerd footsteps. Someone was approaching.

"Neji! Hiashi sama is look- Neji! What are you doing to Tenten!!!" Naruto gasped. "My eyes! They're burning!"



"Naruto, we're not doing anything. Someone stuck us here." Tenten sighed.

"Oh, really?" Naruto removed his hand from his eye. "Phew! Cos I thought you guys were do-"


"Ok, ok, jeez..." Naruto tugged hard at a kunai and frowned. "It's not moving."

"Weakling..." Neji muttered.

"GAH! DON'T CALL ME A WEAKLING!!!" Naruto yelled at him. He pulled out all the kunais with monstrous force. "HA! CALL ME A WEAKLING NOW!"


"I'LL GET YOU NEJI! RASENGAN!" Naruto charged at Neji, a blue ball of chakra in his fist.

Neji simply stepped to one side. A tree behind him fell down.

"Baka." Neji sniffed, and walked off.

Tenten watched Neji go. 'Should I follow him? Nah...' She sprinted back home.