Innocent Blood

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Virginia and Wolf watched their two 5-year-old daughters, Luna and Katie, play on the floor. They were playing one of the many games they've made up. Luna and Katie were born in Manhattan but when they were 3 their parents found it best to move back to the 9 kingdoms. (Especially after someone saw Luna's eyes flash in that special way.) Luna is half wolf, like her father, but is able to control it better. She has mind over matter. Luna has learned to do many things, for instance, like any wolf she must change during the full moon but she can control what she dose during that time. She can also change whenever she wishes, all she has to do is jump in the air and she'll come down a wolf. Luna can also grow her claws at any time. Katie, who is younger by 4 minutes, is mostly human. She dose not have a tail and dose not change during a full moon. Katie really wants to be different from her sister so instead of having the chocolate colored brown hair like her sister, Virginia let her dye her hair any color she wanted. She chose light pink.

Then there was a knock on the door.

"I'll get it." Virginia walked to the door. When she opened it there was a tall man with a dark cloak surrounding his face. " Hello dear, I need to speak with your husband, is he home?" As he spoke Virginia felt chills go down her spine. What could this man want with Wolf? She thought. " Wolf," she said in almost a whisper, "Someone is at the door for you." Wolf got up, kissed Luna and Katie, and went to the door. " Who is it Virginia?" "I," answered the man, "am the new warden of Snow White Memorial Prison and you Mr. Wolf were not to have been out in the first place, so I'm afraid you'll have to come with me." Virginia went pale and grabbed Wolf's arm. " You can't take him, it's been years and we have children now!" The man let an evil smile cross his face. Even though Virginia couldn't see the smile she could feel it's icy presence. " You are welcome to come along too miss," He said coldly. "Always enough cells." Wolf who was close to tears himself quickly said, "No Virginia, you must take care of our daughters." "But you can't go, I need you, our daughters need you!" Virginia protested. " Sadly dear he has no choice," the man hissed "Okay," Wolf agreed, "just please not in front of my kids."

7 years later

Luna woke up with a start. She looked at the clock. 1:00 am. Slowly she got out of bed and tiptoed out of the room, so not to wake her sister. Luna looked next door into her mother's room. She was asleep. Good, Luna thought, Mom needs some rest. Luna's mom had been crying again over her dad. Luna couldn't remember her father to well but she knew he didn't leave on purpose, or was that just what her mother said? Luna got a drink from the kitchen, made her way back to her room, and got into bed. Luna's mother, Virginia, had told her and Katie that her father had been taken to prison when they were small. Since their mother didn't like to talk about it Luna and Katie didn't ask very many questions. But Luna couldn't take not knowing anymore. "Sis are you up?" she shook Katie. "Come on, wake up." Katie yawned and stretched her arms " Looks like I have too." She complained "Look Katie I'm serious." Luna said. "I don't know about you, but I want to find out if Dad is in that prison, and if he is, I want to get him out." "Yeah," Katie said. "We've lived to long without him and so has Mom." Luna smiled at her sister. "Katie, this is going to take a lot of brains, strength, and most importantly, planning." "Gotcha." Katie said.

"Oh and Katie,"


"Not a word to Mom agreed."



"Hey Luna,"

Luna looked up from her knapsack to Katie


"Do you think Mom will be mad at us for sneaking out?"

"Not if we bring Dad back."

"Good point."

Luna and Katie slowly snuck past their mom's room. Virginia was snoring lightly so they knew she was in a deep sleep. They went out the door and quietly relocked it. The two sisters had planned this out very carefully; they would have to go threw the forest first. Not a big deal for Luna and Katie was to excited to be scared, but nothing could prepare them for what was watching and waiting patiently in the brush.

Something with the thirst for blood….

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