Prince Wendell ordered a carriage to take Luna, Katie, and their parents back home. Everyone was saying their goodbyes.

"Thank you Wendell," Said Virginia. "We couldn't have done it without you."

"I don't think I'm the one you should be thanking." Said Wendell. "You have two very brave girls on you hands." He smiled down on Luna and Katie.

Virginia went over to hug her father and Wolf was still talking to Wendell. Luna and Katie went over to Ms. Tenor.

"Thank you for all your help." Luna said hugging her.

"No need to thank me, you two are very brave and smart, you could have done it on your own."

"No, you where awsome Mrs.Tenor!" said Katie as she handed Ms. Tenor the spell book.

"Keep it." Ms. Tenor said. "Katie, you could grow up to be a great sorceress on day if you tried, and Luna, being able to do what you can do by being so trained in your wolf power is a great gift. You two could do great things."

"Maybe," Luna said, "But great things will have to wait, right now family is way more important."

Mrs. Tenor laughed and embraced the girls agian. When she let go, the girls walked away to meet their parents by the carriage.

"Goodbye Ms. Tenor!" Yelled Luna.

"Yeah, I'll be seeing you to check out some books!" Yelled Katie.

Ms. Tenor waved with tears in her eyes. How she would miss thoughs girls.

As the carriage took them home, Wolf talked about what they should do to celibrate.

"How about a nice big bacon and sasage breakfast!"

"But Daddy, It's two in the afternoon!" Katie said as she giggled.

"Alright, miss picky, then Daddy will just fix us a bacon and sasage dinner!"

The sisters glared at each other and then burst into laughter. Wolf and Virginia joined in.

"Anything sounds great to me," Virginia said still laughing, "As long as where toghether."

As they rode home, the family talked about the big feast, and the many more to come. As they laughed and smiled, you could never tell that this family was at one time broken.

Snow White Memorial Prison

"Thank you for paying your bale Mr. Warden, since you are no longer warden what is your name"
asked the prison secutary.

"Lawrence." Said the old warden as he set down in his cell once more.

"Since you payed bale, you will only be in here for a year." Said the secutary as he closed the cell doors.

"When I get out," vowed Lawrence, "I will no longer be after the half-wolves, I will be after the two who took everything from me! Luna and Katie, you will pay!!!!!


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