The Legacy of the Slytherin


The wind whistled over the valleys in which Hogwarts lay as the storm raged on, lighting the night sky with its terrible power. Albus Dumbledore sat in his study, massaging his cramped hand after writing the newest Hogwarts letters to be sent to thousands of Magical familes. He only looked up Briefly to watch a beautiful strike of Lightening stuck far off.

"Pappa?" He looked up to see his daughter Ariana at his doorway, her teddy bear clutched in her six year old hands. Her big blue eyes trembled with tears. Albus smiled, knowing his little girl was sarced.

"Come here Lemon Drop." He said, scooping the little girl into his arms. She sat in his lap, trembling as he rubbed her back, whispering "Its alright." He ran his fingers though her red hair until her trembling stopped. He smiled slightly, allowing his left hand to venture to his desk to write. "Do you want to hear a little story Ariana?" He asked, knowing the answer before she could snap her head up to look at him, nodding fierecly. Albus laughed. "Fine then, little one. I can tell your in the mood for a tale. But you've got to do one thing." Ariana nodded, at attention. It was not often she would get to see her father, let alone hear a story from him as she had to live with uncle Abeforth while her father was headmaster at Hogwarts.

"Okay then. You have to be good and go to bed when I'm done. And you have to listen because when you grow up, little one, I want you to tell this to everyone, and remember every word." Ariana nodded, eager to get on with the story. "And no more tears." He tapped the long nose she inherited from him, making the little girl giggle. She nodded,settling down on his lap to listen.

"Okay then, this story happened Once upon a time, in a time of war and violence, four people came together. And they didn't come together for anything. They came together to build a great school, a school where everyone was welcome to learn magic. This is a story of adventure, romance-" "Eww, no kissy stuff Pappa." Ariana stuck her tounge out. Albus laughed. "Well, I guess you won't want to hear. Ah, I understand. A little girl like you can't stand-"

"No, No, No, Pappa, I wanna hear." Ariana protested, her little fist gripping his shirt. Albus smiled. "Okay then, Like I said, A long time ago, near by there lived-"