About two weeks later, Gabriella woke up early in the morning with a nauseous feeling in her stomach. She rushed into the bathroom and threw up. Gabriella washed her mouth and sat on her bed. One worrying thought ran through her mind over and over again. 'Am I pregnant?' she thought. The last time she had thrown up was when she was pregnant with Ava. Then, suddenly, she realized that she was late. She shook her head slowly, wondering how Troy would react to the news. He was already a great father to Ava, but, would he want another child so soon? Gabriella shook her head. Maybe, she was not pregnant. Maybe it was just a false alarm. A memory came back to her. She remembered the time she told James that she was pregnant.


Gabriella sat on her bed crying. She had found out that she was pregnant. Her father had beaten her up and according to her mother, had been arrested. Her mother had told Gabriella that she should tell James as soon as possible, because, he was going to be a father. Gabriella was not sure about how he would react to the news. They had never talked about anything like that, before.

"Hey, Gabi," James said, as he rushed into the room. He gave her a quick kiss. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," Gabriella said, quietly.

"Why are you crying, Gabi?" James asked. "Why did your father beat you up?"

"Because, he found out that I was pregnant," Gabriella whispered.

"WHAT?" James yelled. His expression changed from caring to angry. "What did you just say?"

"I'm pregnant, James," Gabriella whispered.

"Well, I'm not ready to be a father," James yelled.

"And, what am I supposed to do about that?" Gabriella screamed.

"You can get rid of it," James yelled.

"I can't do that," Gabriella yelled. "It's already a part of me."

"Listen, Gabriella," James said. "If you don't get rid of the baby, I can assure you that you will never see me again."

"You think you're worth so much?" Gabriella asked. "James, my baby is ten times more important to me than you'll ever be."

"Fine," James yelled. "I'll see you around, Montez."

"Don't bet on it, Scott," Gabriella shouted.

"I won't, because I'm not planning to come near you after this," James yelled, as he ran down the stairs.

"Well, good riddance to bad rubbish," Gabriella yelled after him.


Tears streamed down Gabriella's face as she remembered the incident. There was a knock on the door and Troy walked into the room.

"Hey, how're my two favourite ladies?" he asked. Then, he noticed that Gabriella was crying. "Gabi, what's wrong?"

Gabriella shook her head. She was crying too hard to talk. Troy sat down next to her and put his arm around her. Gabriella leaned against his chest and sobbed into it. Troy rubbed her back soothingly until she was ready to talk.

"Troy, I think I'm pregnant," Gabriella whispered, softly.

"What?" Troy widened his eyes. "Are you sure?"

"No," Gabriella shook her head. "I…well, I'm late, Troy. And I just threw up."

"Well, does that mean you're pregnant?" Troy asked.

"I don't know, Troy," Gabriella sighed. "The last time I threw up was when I was pregnant with Ava."

"Maybe, you better take a test," Troy suggested.

Gabriella nodded and she went to the bathroom. She returned a few minutes later, she seemed a lot happier than she seemed when she entered the bathroom.

"Well?" Troy asked.

"It's negative," Gabriella smiled.

Troy smiled back weakly at her. "Are you happy, Gabi?" he asked. "Because you aren't pregnant?"

"Yeah," Gabriella said, as she sat down next to Troy on the bed. "Mostly, because I didn't want to go through the pain so soon."

"So, you want to have more kids someday?" Troy asked.

"Yeah," Gabriella answered.

"Well, hopefully, I'll be the father of all your kids," Troy smiled at her.

Gabriella smiled back. Then, she noticed Troy's damp shirt. "I got your shirt dirty," she said.

"It doesn't matter," Troy said. "After all, you're the one that did it to the shirt. You know, I would have let you blow your nose into it, Gabi. That's how much I care. Besides, I hate this shirt."

"Hey, I gave it to you," Gabriella frowned.

Troy studied the shirt carefully. "Oh, well, I still hate it," Troy grinned.

Laughing, Gabriella punched Troy playfully on his shoulder.

"Hey," Troy said. "You're going to get it now Montez."

With that, Troy started tickling Gabriella/