Hey, guys. I figured I might as well put the whole story here at once since you guys seem pretty keen to read it. Hehe. I had written it a few weeks ago. My best friend loved it. I just couldn't think of a name for the story and my best friend suggested this name. Anyway, this is the last chapter. I hope you guys liked my story. Any way check out my other stories: 'First Kiss', 'Friends throughout the years' and 'HSM:Pen pals or brothers, best friend or girlfriend?'

Troy walked into his house carrying his six-year-old son, Max. He glanced towards the kitchen table and saw that Gabriella was helping eleven-year-old Ava with her homework.

Troy smiled. Life was good. He and Gabriella had gotten married and had gotten Max. Troy had officially adopted Ava and now, the family was expecting a new member for the family in two months. Gabriella was pregnant, again.

His friends were good, too. Zeke and Sharpay had gotten married, so had Chad and Taylor. James and Kelsi had also gotten married while Ryan had married Martha Cox. They had all had children of their own. And were living on the same street as Troy.

"Hey, Ava," Troy smiled, walking over to the table. "Hey, Gabi."

"Hi, daddy," Ava said, not taking her eyes off her work. She quickly did a sum and closed her book. "Done."

"And, I was just about to help," Troy said, sitting down next to Gabriella. He set Max on the floor and Max ran to watch some reruns of the Tom and Jerry.

"Yeah, right," Ava rolled her eyes. "Dad, the only thing you can help with anyone is basketball and you know it."

"Well, how about I help you with that?" Troy asked.

"Maybe later," Ava said, as she quickly gathered her books.

"Okay," Troy shrugged as Ava went to her room.

Troy glanced at Max to see if he was watching them. Nah, he was too absorbed in the cartoon. Troy quickly leaned in and kissed Gabriella. Gabriella was taken by surprise, but, she kissed him back. It had seemed like forever since they had had some privacy.

"So, how're you feeling?' Troy asked Gabriella softly.

"Tired," Gabriella sighed. "But, a lot better now that you're here."

"Remember the day you said yes to me?" Troy asked.

"Yeah," Gabriella answered.

"That was one of the greatest nights of my life," Troy declared


Troy waited impatiently for Gabriella outside the new Italian restaurant. He had made reservations for them and had asked Gabriella to meet him there. He glanced at the time. They might lose their reservation if Gabriella did not step on it.

"Hey, Troy," Gabriella called.

Troy spun around and saw Gabriella walking towards him. His face broke into a smile the way it always did when he saw Gabriella.

"Hey, Gabi," Troy said and kissed her. "What took you so long?"

"I had to drop Ava off at Taylor's," Gabriella reminded him.

"Right," Troy nodded. "Well, shall we go inside then?"

"Yeah," Gabriella smiled, as she took Troy's hand. "Troy, you really shouldn't have come here. I am not worth this place."

"You're right," Troy said. "You're worth more than this place. And, did I mention that you're looking extremely hot in that dress and that I'll be having an awfully bad time not staring at you tonight?"

Gabriella laughed blushing as she did so. They walked into the restaurant and the waiter seated them at a table for two. Gabriella sat across Troy. They ordered their food. Gabriella realized that there were a couple of magazines lying on the table.

"Magazines!" she said, surprised. "That's funny. What are they doing here?"

"I've no idea," Troy shrugged, not really catching Gabriella's eye. He grabbed a magazine. "Hey, look, this magazine is named after me."

"Are you really that famous?" Gabriella joked, as she grabbed the magazine from Troy.

Troy smiled to himself. Gabriella flipped through the magazine. Troy was hidden from her view, because of the way she was holding the magazine. Gabriella flipped the page and gasped at the picture she saw.

Troy was kneeling down on one knee, holding up a ring. Above the picture, some words were written. 'Will you marry me Gabriella Maria Montez?'

"Will you marry me Gabriella Maria Montez?" a voice asked, before she could do anything.

Gabriella dropped the magazine and saw Troy kneeling down on one knee. He held a beautiful diamond ring in her hand.

"Gee, I don't know, Troy," Gabriella said, slowly. She was going to make this hard for him. She smiled when she saw Troy's face fall. "You haven't been really a good boyfriend to me, or a good father to Ava, either."

"What?" Troy gasped, getting onto his feet. "Look, Gabi, I'm really sorry if I wasn't good enough for you or Ava, but, I can promise you that I shall be better. But, please –"

"Troy, I was just kidding," Gabriella laughed. "You're an amazing boyfriend and an amazing father. You couldn't possibly change anything to make you more amazing. I would love to marry you."

"I love you, Gabi," Troy said, as he slipped the ring on to her finger.

"I love you, too, Troy," Gabriella whispered before their lips met in a romantic kiss.


Troy smiled and he was about to kiss Gabriella again when he was interrupted by the doorbell.

"I'll get it," Max yelled and ran to get the door. It was something he loved doing.

A few minutes later, Max walked over to them followed by a man. It was James Scott.

"What are you doing here, James?" Gabriella asked, softly.

"I want to see my daughter," James answered.

Gabriella quickly turned to face Troy. Troy sat quietly for a minute, not looking at Gabriella.

"I guess she's got that right to know the truth," Troy whispered. "Max, go get your sister."

"Okay," Max shrugged and ran to Ava's room.

"Well, um…you could sit down if you want to," Troy said, pointing to the couch.

"Uh…thanks," James said as he sat down.

Troy helped Gabriella up and over to the couch. Gabriella sat down, so did Troy, but, Troy got up a minute after that.

"Troy, are you okay?" Gabriella asked.

"Uh-huh," Troy nodded, rubbing his hands together.

"So, Troy, how many kids do you have?" James asked trying to make a conversation.

"Two, including the one you abandoned," Troy snapped.

"Oh," James said, taken aback by Troy's rudeness, but, he should not have been surprised because of the way he had treated Troy the last time they had met.

"Hey, daddy," Ava said, walking over to him, with Max close behind her. "Max said you wanted to see me."

"Yeah," Troy nodded. Um…Ava, I don't know how to tell you this, but, I'm not your real father."

"What?" Ava gasped in surprise. "Then, who is?"

"I am," James said, getting up and stepping towards Ava.

"No," Ava shrieked. "You're not my father."

She started to back away from James, but, stumbled on the coffee table. Troy

"Yes, I am," James said, impatiently.

"If you are my father, where have you been the past eleven years of my life?" Ava asked.

"Your mother did not want me to see you," James said.

"Don't lie to her James," Gabriella said, as she stepped towards him slowly. "You did not want to see her out of your own choice."

"Look, everyone, calm down," Troy said, sensing that an argument was about to start. "Gabi, honey, remember that you're pregnant. Don't do anything to hurt yourself."

Gabriella did not answer. Troy turned to James. "If you do anything to hurt her, or Ava, remember that I shall hurt you."

Just then the doorbell rang. Max ran to get the door. The entire gang walked into the room. They all stared at Gabriella and James in surprise. Then, they glanced at Troy and then at Ava and realized what was going on.

"Gabriella, you told me that I shall never be your daughter's father," James yelled.

"That was after you said that you did not want to be a father," Gabriella screamed. "Especially, my daughter's father."

"Look, everyone, CALM DOWN," Troy yelled.

It was a useless thing to say. Gabriella and James were standing an inch away from each other.

"Get away from me, freak," James snarled. "You have bad breath."

Then, he pushed Gabriella away. Everyone except James gasped as Gabriella fell back onto the carpet. Troy had tried to catch her, but, he was a bit too late.

"GABI!" Troy yelled. He knelt down next to her and grabbed her hand. She did not open her eyes. Frantically, Troy turned to Jason who was a qualified doctor. "Jason, what's wrong with her?"

Jason rushed over to Troy and Gabriella. He checked for Gabriella's pulse. Jason nodded and Troy sighed in relief. Gabriella was still alive, but, he still had some untaken business to take care of. By now, everyone in the gang had gathered around the Gabriella.

"Daddy," Ava screamed.

Troy spun around and saw that James had lifted Ava up and was running towards the door. Troy's face darkened.

"Stop him!" he yelled.

Before anyone could make a move, James had yelled in pain. Max had bitten his ankle.

"SCOTT!" Troy snarled. "Put my daughter down, this instant."

"Make me," James grinned, cruelly. He pulled out a gun and pointed it to Ava's head. "One wrong move, Bolton and the bullet goes into her head."

Troy froze. He stared at the gun in horror. Chad made a move towards James.

"Chad!" Troy said, quickly. "Don't do anything, please. Max, go to your room."

"But, daddy," Max began.

"No buts," Troy said, firmly. "Go to your room, now!" He could not afford to have two of his kids in danger. One was more than Troy could handle.

"Fine," Max yelled and he ran to his room slamming the door shut after him.

"Nice move," James nodded approvingly.

"Please, put Ava down," Troy said, quietly, as Ava screamed again. She started crying.

"What will you give me in return?" James asked.

"Jason, is Gabriella okay?" Troy asked, kneeling down next to Jason. Then, he quickly whispered his plan. "Look, I'm going to go and punch him, alright? I need one of you guys to grab Ava before she falls, got it?"

"Got it, Captain," Chad whispered. Even after everyone had graduated from East High, Chad still kept Troy's nickname.

"She's okay, Troy," Kelsi said. "Ava isn't."

'Right," Troy stood up again. He walked over to James and Ava and gave Ava a quick kiss on the forehead. "So, what did you say last?"

"What will you give me in return if I put Ava down?" James asked, again.

"This," Troy yelled and quickly punched James's nose.

"Ow!" James groaned as he let go off Ava.

Chad quickly caught Ava before she crashed to the floor. A moment later, Zeke, Ryan, Chad and Troy were all punching James. Even Sharpay had joined in, thumping his head with her handbag.

"Hey, CALM DOWN," Troy said, for the second time that day. He had realized that nothing would happen if they just hurt James.

"Ava, come here," Troy said. "Look, James, either we end this conversation or we get on with it quietly. And, put that gun down, now!"

James obeyed Troy, much to everyone's surprise.

"We should probably get on with it," Gabriella said, weakly.

"Gabi, are you okay?" Troy asked, as he knelt down next to her. He gave her a quick kiss.

"Yeah," Gabriella nodded.

"Look, maybe we should go to the hospital," Troy said as he helped Gabriella sit on the couch. "Something might be wrong with the baby."

"I don't think so," Gabriella groaned.

"Huh?" Troy looked confused. "Why?"

"Feel it," Gabriella said, placing Troy's hand against her stomach. The baby was kicking. "It's alright."

"But, you're going later," Troy declared, as he gave her another quick kiss.

"Daddy," Ava said. "Why do I call you 'daddy'?"

"Ava," Gabriella said. She pointed at James. "That is your birth father." Then, Gabriella gestured at Troy. "That is your adopted father."

"I'm adopted?" Ava asked.

"Not exactly," Gabriella said. "I am your real mother. Troy isn't your real father."

"Then, why do I –" Ava began.

"On your first birthday, you said the word 'daddy' for the first time," Gabriella interrupted. "You said it to Troy, not to James. Troy actually cried that day. I think that was the first day any of us had seen him cry. He was so happy. That's the reason he adopted you. You chose him to be your father."

"Oh," Ava said.

"Look, Ava, now you've met your real father," Troy said, bending down so that Ava's face was slightly higher than his. "You can choose between us to decide who you want your father to be. And, I won't be mad if you don't choose me, okay? But, know that I will always love you and that you will always be my daughter."

"I chose you once, dad," Ava said. "And, I'm choosing you again. He's not my daddy. He tried to hurt me. My dad would never do that. You will always be my dad."

"I love you, sweetie," Troy said, as he hugged Ava.

"I love you, too, daddy," Ava said.

"Ava," James said, suddenly. "I'm sorry that I tried to hurt you, okay? The truth is that you're not a Scott. You're a Bolton. You were never my daughter Ava. You were Troy's daughter right from the beginning. He was the one who took you and your mother in when I abandoned the both of you. He's your real father. Why don't you guys forget that I ever came here? No, forget that I ever exist. I'll stay out of your way from now on. Oh, and, Troy, you've got a wonderful family."

"Uh…thanks," Troy said, surprised.

"Well, I'll go now," James said and left before anyone else could say a word. The gang left, too, realizing that the Bolton family might want some time alone.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Ava asked.

"We wanted to protect you," Troy said, as he wiped away Ava's tears.

"Look, why don't you go and wash your face and get ready for dinner?" Gabriella suggested.

"Okay, mommy," Ava said, and she quickly went to her room.

"Hey, can I come out now?" Max yelled as Troy and Gabriella laughed.

Max walked out of his room with an angry look on his face.

"You guys are always putting me down," he grumbled. "One of these days, I'll runaway."

Troy and Gabriella laughed, both wondering the same thing: What's the crazy thing that's going to happen next!