Chapter 4

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Chapter 4. The road begins.

When Harry awoke he couldn't help the groan of pleasure that escaped him. Lying in a bed with good warm blankets over him just felt sooooo good, and he was finally free, until the memory of a certain letter and package came back to him and burst his bubble.

Grumbling at the unfairness Harry climbed out of the bed, and ordered some fried kwama eggs for breakfast. As he was eating a big Nord sat down beside him and started speaking with a heavily accented voice.

"Listen lad, are yeh int'ressted tae make some money"?, at Harry's nod he smiled. "Excellent lad excellent", he laughed. "Her's what yeh hafta do. There be tis elf named Fargoth, who has been neglecting tae give me, I mean tae give the guards their weekly protection money, so I want yeh tae follow 'im at night after ten, tae find out where the squirt is keeping 'is money, do this and I'll give yeh a third of the money, and yeh can keep anything else yeh might find".

Harry inwardly snorted, this stupid oaf had just given him a load of free money, as if Harry would honestly help the obviously corrupt guard reclaim the lost 'protection money', instead Harry gave the Nord a big smile and a nod as he left, smacking his forehead in resignation, he just hoped that not all Nords would be as dense as Hagrid could be at times.

Seeing as there was still quite some time left before nightfall Harry started to wander outside the little town, striking left on the road after it came to a fork he left. The island of Vvardenfell really was a piece of crap in Harry's opinion. The trees were large and twisted, and there were mushrooms that stood almost up to Harry's waist, not to mention all the steamy ponds of swamp and mud, add all these factors and you get a very humid area, and the stink of swamp made the air heavy and thick to breathe in, not to mention all the insects and the unbearable heat.

Smacking himself at his stupidity Harry wandlessly cast a small cooling charm he had come across in his fourth year. Deciding that this place was as good as any for a break he sat down to have a few bites out of his bread. He had just filled his mouth with wine before he suddenly spat it out again in an impressive fountain of wine and spit. The reason he had done so was currently lying on the ground ten feet away.

A Wood Elf had dropped down from the sky, just like that, and Harry was pretty sure that his scream could have been heard miles away. Coughing and harking slightly Harry made his way over to the very dead elf.

Every single bone appeared to have been crushed or broken, but then again that meant that he did not need his equipment, so it was with great care that Harry removed first the leather scabbard with a sword that shone slightly, proving it to be enchanted. Next of was the way to big expensive robe, and last was a book and three scrolls that came out of his bag.

The book Harry discovered was the journal of an apparently brain dead Wood Elf mage by the name Tarhiel. The elf was far from incompetent, just brain dead. Apparently he knew just about zit when it came to magic, or logic 'just like every other witch and wizard apparently' Harry mused. But the dead mage knew a shitload of stuff about Alteration magic, especially when it came to improving ones ability to leap long jumps.

So what he had done was that he had created some scrolls that could make him leap miles at the time, however here comes the brain dead factor. The stupid elf had forgotten one of the major power bitches in the universe: Gravity. Every thing that goes up will come down some time no matter how much you turn and twist the issue, so of course a leap that probably took him so far up that he could see the Imperial Palace, was bound to be bad news when he was reacquainted with the ground, and Harry guessed the three scrolls he had named 'Icarian Flight' was quite dangerous, but Harry decided to keep them just in case he ever needed a quick get away, he would just have to learn how to stop the major problem of gravity first.

Strapping the sword to his belt Harry donned his now new blue robe with strange yellow insignias, and headed further along the road. Down by the sea to his left Harry found something exiting, a tomb, the name had vanished over the years but the door was still as functional as ever.

Tombs Harry knew was rarely uninhabited so he drew his sword, holding it firmly in his right hand as he opened the door. The walls and floor was made of some sandy stone, that while it did not look like it was extremely resilient. Torches lined the walls now and then, casting the entire tomb in an eerie shadow.

He walked across the room and opened the door that led further into the tomb. The next room was smaller but it had large altars lining the walls with small urns on top of each. Turning them upside down Harry discovered nothing but loads of bonemeal and a faded copper ring, shrugging he continued into the last room where he was faced with an angry spirit.

The spirit wasted no time and shot a small fireball towards Harry who ducked under it. Harry swung the sword straight through the ethereal specter. The sword itself did no damage, as he would have to have a silver weapon or something rarer than that, but the spark enchantment in the sword bit into it, causing the ghost to shriek in pain. Swinging again Harry noted with pleasure as the small lightning bolts caused the ghost to vaporize and all that was left was a small puddle of ectoplasm.

With a nod of satisfaction Harry walked over the altar at the end of the room. Beside the altar was an old worn wood chest, which Harry decided to try first. Whipping out his lockpick he cursed when it broke at the first try, 'so much for becoming a thief', he mused. With a muttered alohomora later Harry grinned as he opened the chest only to visibly sag in disappointment. The chest held a rotten pair of pants and worn shoes, and three septims, honestly who could understand these people.

With a disappointed sigh Harry tipped the urn on the altar, only to yelp in pain as a small fire spell bit into him. Fortunately Dark Elves have a natural resistance to fire, so the damage was just a hot searing pain for a few seconds, however the trapped urn was definitely interesting. Opening it Harry turned it upside down only to grin as a ring fell out.

The ring was made out of white gold, with a ruby in the centre, flanked by to smaller diamonds, and it was emitting a clean tune of magic, a clear sign that it was enchanted with some sort of constant effect, and Harry knew that the number of rings with this description were few. Slipping it on he gasped as he felt his magical powers increase by a small amount, he would figure out later exactly which ring he had found.

With haste he sprinted back out of the tomb and towards Seyda Neen. He made it just in time as he could see Fargoth slip out of his house with a torch held in his hands. After a quick decision Harry marched straight past the stupid elf and headed over to the lighthouse, and a small levitation spell later he was sitting at the top of it and staring down at the evening amusement show.

Really Fargoth could really use some lessons in how to be inconspicuous. He was doing some weird tip-toeing while crouching over the square, standing ramrod straight whenever someone passed him, and from what Harry could see this was normal behavior for him as people were watching him inconspicuously while trying to calm their snickers. Eventually Fargoth reached a pond where he tip-toed into before bending down by some sort of tree stump before practically apparating from the scene, satisfied that his hiding spot had now been discovered Harry took a step back only to swear loudly as he fell back off the lighthouse into a pool of mud.

Harking, coughing, groaning and just about bitching about everything unfair Harry gently extracted himself from the steamy mud. Safely out of the mud Harry retched up his breakfast and any mud he might have swallowed, cleaning his mouth he walked over to where Fargoth had hidden his stuff.

The large tree stump that stood in the middle of the pond had been cleverly hollowed out and when he digged inside it Harry could feel several coins and other trinkets. Carefully counting up the coins Harry smiled as he dropped the three hundred septims into his considerable heavy pouch, in addition to the coins Harry scooped up six diamonds and a pair of lockpicks, grinning at the thought of how the Nord would react after he realized he had been double crossed Harry started to walk outside of Seyda Neen just to pass the time until morning since he was less excited about going back to the inn now than earlier.

Just a few minutes walk outside the small town in a little dip was a wooden door leading into some sort of cave, shrugging Harry drew his sword and carefully opened the door. He stepped carefully inside and closed the door silently before sneaking along the wall.

The corridor turned down to the left into a bigger room with a fire placed in the centre. Breathing a sigh in relief as no one was visible Harry walked down to where the fire was, intent on checking out the crates that stood beside a broken boat, however he had barely stepped into the larger room before a rickety door made of uneven planks opened and a female Dunmer clad in leather armor stood there blinking at him.

"You N'wah", she screamed as she lunged at him with a chitin dagger. Fortunately Harry was prepared and he swept his sword down, watching in fascination as the ash skinned woman dropped to the ground convulsing in spasms as the electric discharge she had received died down. Looking at her Harry saw the sword had cloven her hand and lower arm in two along the length of it rather than cut it off.

Just as he raised the sword to deliver a mercy stroke he was introduce to a searing hot fireball thrown by an Imperial mage in dark red robes with a pissed off look. Coughing slightly as he looked down at what had once been a perfectly fine robe Harry saw red. "You shouldn't have done that", he said as he stood up again, ignoring the baffled look on the mage, apparently he had failed to remember the magical protection all Dark Elves had against fire.

Using the techniques he had been taught in his sleep Harry sank deeply into his magic and drew in a healthy amount of it, before propelling it out through his hand in the form of a deadly concentrated lightning. The Imperial mage's eyes barely had time to widen in fear before the eldritch lightning bit into him and slammed him into a wall before incinerating the body into ashes.

Stumbling slightly at the large amount of magicka he had spent on that spell Harry looked sheepishly at his right hand that was still sending out a few sizzling sparks, "Oooops, hehe a bit much there possibly", he chuckled nervously as he tried to regain his senses. His senses came back to him with full force as he heard a pathetic whimper closely and after a brief inspection he saw that it was the female with the mangled arm trying to crawl away from him that had made the noise, shrugging his shoulders Harry drove his blade between her shoulders and watched with only the slightest amount of regret as she gurgled her last words.

Some day he might have cared that he had killed her, but after spending several years in prison for nothing and cut away from his friends Harry had lost whatever innocence his relatives had left him with for some time ago, besides from the look of things the inhabitants of the cave were smugglers or bandits and had tried to kill him and as a Slytherin would no doubt say better them than me, not that Harry would ever tell anyone that the Slytherins had quite many good points, oh no perish the thought, he was a Gryffindor pure and simple and that's that.

Shaking his musings away Harry walked through the door where the mage had arrived from, loading up an orb of magicka that could be turned into another deadly spell Harry moved on. On his right there was room with a load of crates, while on his right a stair led up to some primitive cells no doubt to house prisoners or something similar, while to his front a pair of stairs led down to a wooden walkway. After a brief mental argument with himself Harry continued forward down the stairs and had just reached the walkway which continued both to his left and his right.

To his left another Dunmer female dressed mainly in chitin armor as well as some leather thew a sharp throwing star towards him and only a powerful unexpected sneeze saved him as the deadly shuriken passed a hairsbreadth away from the top of his head. Cursing the woman Harry released the still unformed ball of pure magic in his hand towards her and watched with glee as the ball of energy shaped itself into a spell that fitted his element.

With a shriek of pain the woman started to glaze all over as the deadly ball of what had recently transformed from pure magic and into a highly potent frost ball. In less than five seconds the woman had been turned into a statue of ice as had a large part of her surroundings, so apparently his element was that of frost 'cool'thought Harry as he walked closer, drawing in shaky breaths as he did so, apparently he had all but emptied his magical reserves and that was the reason he felt weak.

When he reached the now very frozen woman Harry looked into the room behind her and sighed in disappointment, apart from a table, some chairs and the various cutlery the only thing in the room was a few crude hammocks to sleep in, with nothing interesting Harry turned to inspect his newly created ice statue.

From what he could see through the ice she was beautiful as any Dark Elf could be, and no doubt she would have no troubles making any male do her biddings, 'not any more however', Harry thought as he curiously poked her in the chest with a finger, and watched in horror as she tipped backwards and hit the ground with a tremendous bang and shattered into tiny pieces, in his horror Harry stepped backwards quickly and tried as best as he could to ignore the crunching sound his boots made whenever he stepped on the small pieces of rapidly melting ice, when he was back on the wooden walkway he all but threw himself to the edge and emptied his stomach for the second time that day.

Looking back her fought the urge to vomit again as blood was now flowing in a large pool on the floor and steam was rising from the small lumps of flesh, wiping his mouth with his sleeve Harry headed back the way he came from, but collapsed before he reached the stairs from sheer exhaustion.


While Harry was lying unconscious in the cave Sirius was sneaking along the walls of the house. Finally after all these years he would be free to do as he wanted, so tonight he had snuck out of the house never to return again. He wasn't insensitive , as he had left a goodbye letter on the table explaining how he wanted to try his luck in the world, never mind the fact that the body he was inhabiting was currently only seven and a half years old, no who cared about that.

Shaking his long copper hair out of his eyes he sprinted across the square in Ebonheart and over to the docks. The captain would normally be a bit suspicious if a child came to him an demanded the first boat over to Vivec in the dead of night, but when he received a generous tip of twenty extra septims he decided that money was money so he kept his mouth shut and sail.

Three hours later Sirius stood outside the huge city of Vivec in the morning sun, with a great sigh of relief he started to walk around the area just looking at the different stuff that was around, until he caught sight of the great… flea that stood beside a wooden platform, curious about what in the world a huge flea with legs three times as long as Hagrid was doing here he sprinted up to the platform where a tired Dark Elf stood for himself.

"Excuse me sir, what is this thing", Sirius said with an adorable child voice as he pointed a little slender finger at the huge insect. The elf melted instantly at the cute expression on Sirius' face so he immediately started explaining. "This my dear is a silt strider, we are stationed all over Vvardenfell and we offer fast cheap travel to a number of stations", he said with a smile.

"Can I take a trip?" Sirius asked adoringly as well as adding a cute smile that showed two missing teeth. The elf laughed heartily as he accepted a few coins from Sirius, "How can I say no to a cute smile like that", he laughed ignoring Sirius' sputters of outrage. "I can take you as far as Balmora, so hop in and we'll get you there".

Sirius smiled widely and jumped into the makeshift seat that had been made in the hollowed out back portion of the great insect, and laughed loudly when the driver made the great beast run forward on it's long spindly legs.


Now when Sirius was having the time of his life (at least since he had been allowed to join in on a lethal duel with Death Eaters) Harry was feeling like crap. He had woken up on a pair of stairs and his head felt like he had a giant demolition team working inside, and only after five minutes of moaning around did he remember why he was feeling like shit.

He was suffering from magic withdrawal, which was over expenditure of magic in too short a time, and the pain was simply his mind trying to make his magic replenish again, and if he was right he would be fine in an hour or so. Ignoring the pain for the moment Harry set about to loot the cave system he was in.

Apparently the only reason the town guards had not dealt with the smuggler operation in the cave system had to be either that they were corrupt and incompetent (very likely) or that the smugglers themselves were woefully bad smugglers, which was evident with the amount of loot Harry discovered.

In the entire cave system Harry found three bottles of some local brandy, a few plants and other ingredients along with a stale bread and a small handful of coins, nothing else. No potions, no magical stuff and absolutely no weapons or armor to sell at all, disappointed Harry headed up the stairs that led to the cages he had seen.

When he reached the door he smacked his forehead in resignation, the door was locked more securely than the Weasley boys protected poor Ginny's virtue behind her back (they had no other choice seeing that she would hex them to Oblivion had she discovered them). But despite the door being bolted and locked like the holy grail would be behind it the smugglers had ignored that a simple hard knock would throw the door off it's hinges, and Harry stifled a snort as the door fell to the ground and broke into several pieces of rotting wood.

Inside stood three poorly fed Argonians in the buff with slave shackles on their wrists begging him to free them. After a few tries he managed to make his rather depleted magic to respond enough to perform three Alohomora's that made the bracers fall to the ground.

"Thank you frrriend, we's ssssshall not forrrget thisss", one of them hissed to him before he followed the two other slaves who ran as fast as they could out off the cave. Shrugging his shoulders Harry likewise walked out of the cave and over to the silt striders he had heard about. "How much to Balmora?" he asked the smiling Dunmer who was piloting the large insect.

"Oh greetings muthsera, a trip to Balmora will be fifteen septims", she smiled at Harry as she made doe eyes at him. "Err right!" Harry said disturbed as he handed over the coins. The woman had to be over a century older than him at least, fortunately her advances did not go further than making eyes at him.

Four hours later he was finally in Balmora and he proceeded to run away from the love struck hag who was piloting the abnormally large flea like the devil himself was on his heels, in his haste to get away he failed to notice the little girl with copper hair until he crashed into her and made a spectacular pirouette in midair that developed into a double split before he ended sprawled on the ground.

"Sorry girl I'm in a hurry" he told her as he picked himself up. If he had to say so the girl was quite adorable, that was until she opened her mouth and spewed forth such vulgarities that would have made even Vernon embarrassed.

Deciding to leave before the girl could come true on some of her threats he ran towards the south corner of the city he was in. After he had crossed the bridge that led over the river that divided the city he took his time to watch where he was. The city was made of the same sandy rough stone that the tomb he had visited was made of. Most of the houses were square shaped with flat roofs and some had stairs leading up to the roofs or second stories, though as he looked closer the south part of the city was in a much larger scale of disrepair and poverty than the north part seemed to be, and judging from the large buildings he could see up at the highest part of the city he deduced that the area he was in was thankfully free of stuck up bastards.

A short walk later and Harry found himself in the South Wall Corner Club, where he started to ask around Caius Cosades.

"Listen I was wondering if you know where I could find!", that was the furthest he had come before whomever he was talking to turned their backs on him, apparently the people here never gave information for free, though he should have seen that one coming, so far three persons had tried to take his money pouch only to be burned as the small burning hex he had put on it came into effect.

Deciding on another way of doing it he walked over to the bartender and slammed a few coins on the table, as well as putting some magic in to represent his current mood, and he noticed with amusement as most people in the room shied away from him slightly. "Give me a glass of the strongest you have", Harry growled at him, the bartender eager to soften Harry's mood all but dove under the counter to grab a bottle of strong Flin that he put in front of Harry, "It's on the house sir", he said quickly.

Smiling in thanks Harry put another twenty coins on the pile before pushing it to the bartender. "If I might be looking for a man named Caius Cosades, and this pile of gold here changed hands to someone else, would that someone give me his whereabouts?" Harry whispered to the bartender who swept the money away in an inconspicuous manner.

"Well, I don't know any Caius Cosades", he said loudly to the room before leaning closer to Harry while appearing to clean some glasses. "But you might find an old man living in a house in the south east corner of the city", he whispered.

Nodding in thanks Harry took a great sip from the flask, and ended up with a coughing fit. True he might be used to 'Liquid Gryffindor Spirit', as the twins called the firewhisky they always blended into the punch at Gryffindor parties, but a healthy dose of pure burning brandy was something he had yet to try, until now that was. It was good he had to admit, but for now he would take much smaller sips, and to his great relief the smaller sips worked excellently and he felt a lot more relaxed as he made his way back out of the club.

Once on the outside he noticed that it was once again dark and so he sped up a bit. Taking the stairs to his right he walked up to the higher level of the southern part of the city, Halfway to the other end of the long street he overheard an interesting conversation between a guard clad in some strange looking armor that looked like a crossbreed between bone and gold the little girl he had run over earlier.

Said guard was holding one of the girls arms and was trying to talk to her, but she wouldn't listen. "Listen you idiot I don't care if you're the fucking Lord Voldemort himself or one of his Death Bitches, I have every right to walk around and I refuse to be dragged into some sort of lowlife jail have I made myself clear", she said as she stomped childishly at the ground.

Harry stood stock still for a whole minute as the situation sank into him, before he collapsed to the street trying his best to keep the laughter from escaping his mouth. While he managed to remain soundless his shoulders were shaking and tears were running freely from his eyes.

Of all the things Sirius Black could inhabit the self proclaimed playboy and universal sex god (in his opinion) had in a fit of irony been turned into a small girl, 'oh god Moony is going to die from laughter, Tonks as well I think… wonder how much I could make from pensieve shows'. Steeling himself Harry decided to save Sirius from the rapidly angry guard.

Running over to them Harry grabbed the guards occupied hand and started to shake it profusely. "Oh thank the gods you found her sir, I have looked for my daughter all over the city, thank you so much. I apologize for any rude behavior she might have shown, I'm an actor of trade you see and she enjoys acting as much as myself especially rudeness, again thank you so very much goodbye", Harry told the guard in a rant that would have made even Hermione proud, before steering the equally confused Sirius away from the baffled guard.

After they had reached the end of the street Harry turned to Sirius who was now looking a little apprehensively at him. "Of all the things in the world I never figured you would turn into a girl Padfoot", Harry told Sirius whose eyes widened comically as he/she stared into Harry's face.

"Harry?" he whispered weakly. At Harry's nod his eyes widened even more before they rolled into his head and he fell limply into Harry's arm in a dead faint, "Well fuck", Harry grumbled. "On top of everything I have to carry my pre adolescent Godfather, just great", he continued muttering similar things as he slung the small form of his Godfather over his shoulder, before knocking at the door to a run down small house that stood in the south east corner of the city.

"What do you want?" the old man asked as he opened the door. "Caius Cosades?" Harry stated as he pushed his way into the house and closed the door behind him. "I was told to give you this", he said as he handed over the letter and package that he had been delivered at his arrival to the shitty island he was on.

The old mans composure changed so quickly that Harry barely caught it. Where he had seemed like a hungover drunk he was now alert and ready his eyes wandering over Harry and Sirius taking in every detail.

"I was not aware that you had any companions", he told Harry sharply. "Well she will be staying with me anyways so there's no need to discuss this", Harry told him back with an equally sharp voice.

"Good you can stand up to superiors I like that", he said with a smile. "Okay you Telendil…Delvanni, seems like a no nonsense kind of person so I'll get straight on it. The Emperor himself has ordered your release for reasons that shall remain largely unknown for now, but I will let you know that he ahs ordered me to induct you into the Order of the Blades as a Novice for now. There is a lot to be done, but I want you to go out and get some experience, perhaps join a Guild or a Great House so that you can establish your persona a bit more, and then when you feel ready or I have need for you, you will come to me for orders or I will send for you to meet me, do you follow so far?".

Harry nodded dumbly. The Blades were a mystic order, mostly considered a worthless rumor to most. But apparently they were as real as night and day, and now just like that Harry was apparently enrolled in the Order that served as the Emperors eyes ears, and protection, and now they wanted HIM specifically to do work for them 'well fuck me sideways this can't be good', he thought grumpily.

"You mentioned Great Houses", Harry said as he tried to peruse his mind of any mention of them, but Sarin apparently had never been a part of them and had not deemed it important enough to teach Harry either.

"Ah yes the Great Houses, there are three of them here on Vvardenfell. House Hlaalu, which is mainly a business house, concerned about making money, and from the rumors they are not above using blackmail, sabotage and extortion to gain more money, it is also a commonly known fact though not proved that they are heavily involved with the Camonna Tong the local crime syndicate, they are stationed here in the West Gash and Ascadian isles for the most part, with their commercial headquarters stationed here in Balmora".

'Hmm greedy guys who are afraid to get their hands dirty no thanks', "and the others?" Harry continued.

"Yes you have the Redorans, a house built on a strict code of honor and conduit, of the houses they are the ones most skilled in arms, and most of the higher ranked ones are skillful warriors as well as politicians, their main areas of control are the Ashlands to the south-south-west or Red Mountain, should you be interested in them I suggest that you travel to Ald Rhuun, which is the Redoran capitol here on Vvardenfell".

'Stiff fighters with politics as a hobby no way', Harry thought angrily, that house sounded even worse than the arse licking greedy politicians in Harry's opinion, as he couldn't shake the image of Percy Weasley with the skill to back up his boasts and less arse licking attitude.

"Then comes the last house. Telvanni is a house for the truly mad. They are a bunch of centuries if not Milennia old mages whose paranoia is the only thing keeping them alive. Put it this way a Telvanni of has something you want. If you manage to steal it and survive then you are clearly worthy of whatever you stole, likewise killing off other members for personal gain is secretly encouraged but if you are caught you may end up expelled, but most Telvanni don't care about such a thing as expulsion and a quick talk with a higher ranked Telvanni should have you back into the house just like that. Only the truly skilled ambitious or successful survive in that house, but it also holds the most promising rewards, the main dream of every Telvanni is to earn a rank high enough to let them be inducted into the secret of how the Telvanni Mage Lords keep themselves alive for millennia without aging. So far all of our agents have mysteriously enough been killed before they ever reached a rank high enough for that", he finished with a smile.

"So let me guess this straight. The Telvanni is a bunch of backstabbing Mages who may end up extremely rich and lets not forget immensely powerful and immortality to boot?", Caius nodded with a grin to Harry. "Excellent, that sounds like my kind of people, where do I find them?" he grinned to Caius.

"You'll find them on the island of Sadrith Mora, so be careful when you're there Novice, it wouldn't do good for the Emperor's plan to be ruined simply because your own quest for power…" Caius sighed as he saw the rapidly retreating form of Telendil Delvanni running quickly down the street, they were always so hasty these days.


In the graveyard of Godrics Hollow a large group of people stood around a freshly dug grave. The people were dressed in strange looking robes and several also held long thin wooden sticks in their hand as they watched carefully for any sign of trouble.

"I made so many mistakes when it came to Harry, always I did what I believed was best for him yet I caused him nothing but pain, and now both Harry and Sirius has paid the highest price of all", said the rejected voice of Albus Dumbledore. Any whom had seen the Headmaster of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry would be shocked at his slumped and defeated attitude.

"At least… at least they both died together, and they are probably in… in a b-better place now", Remus Lupin said as he tried to hold back his tears but with little luck.

Looking down at the headstone of Sirius Black and Harry Potter, Hermione Granger just sobbed harder as she was unable to find her voice to speak.

"He… He always seemed so strong, so indestructible you know", Ronald Weasley said as he held an arm around the sobbing Hermione. "He got hurt so many times, but he always survived, he… he always came back and never gave up", he said as his voice cracked.

"He w-wou-wouldn't w-want u-us to to q-quit Ron, he… he would c-continue to fight re-regardless, he would just fight harder if any of us died", Hermione said timidly.

The other members of the Order of the Phoenix as well as Harry's other friends just nodded as they wiped their tears. The last four day's had been pure hell for all of them. With both Harry and Sirius dead most of them had been paralyzed by grief, and so when the Ministry accepted the truth about Voldemorts return after he had been seen fighting an absolutely furious Dumbledore in the Ministry Atrium, they had received little comfort from the fact, since Harry and Sirius were still dead. Fighting for a society who believed them to be either a dangerous murderer or an attention seeking liar, and so the wizarding world was now in an outrage.

Cries for a savior to defeat Voldemort were growing everyday, Minister Fudge was promptly thrown out of office when it became know that both Harry Potter and Sirius Black had died fighting Death Eaters together in the Department of Mysteries. The Daily Prophet whom had slandered both Harry and Dumbledore the last year, had become bankrupt and bought up by the Quibbler for a measly sum of two thousand Galleons, when a number of Harry's friends as well as Dumbledore and a few other high ranking officials had spoken out against the Prophet in public.

"The girl is right", came the gruff voice of Alastor Moody, while he wouldn't admit it the death of one of his former protégés and a boy who had managed to get a place in his grizzled old heart had hit him good, and he had spent many good hours nursing a few bottles of firewhisky. "They wouldn't want us to stop fighting simply because they got killed, I don't know about you but I definitely don't want to meet up with Potter when I'm dead only to tell him that I stopped fighting because he took an early trip to the next adventure, I say we fight back and hit them bastards as good and hard as we can, make them learn what it means to go after us", he yelled at the others.

"Potter was a good lad, Constant Vigilance to the last, and willing to sacrifice himself in order to save one of us, are you telling me that you wish to tell him that you wouldn't do the same whenever we die, I sure as hell won't, who's with me?" he barked.

The resulting roar made several of the local people living in the village wonder what in the world was going on. Fortunately the muggles in Godrics Hollow were so uysed to strange and unusual things happening in that place that they completely ignored the impressive fireworks Fred and George Weasley sent off in honor of their friend and secret investor, several more Order members sent off several large fireworks with their own wands, soon after the people in the cemetery started to break off in groups to disappear to wherever they could.

One of those were Amelia Bones who was enjoying a good drink with Alastor Moody, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Nymphadora (call me Tonks or I'll curse you) Tonks, Rufus Scrimgeour and Augusta Longbottom, also in the living room with the adults was Susan Bones, Neville Longbottom and Hannah Abbott. It was at this point Lord Voldemort decided to stage an attack to eliminate Amelia Bones, so along with Bellatrix Lestrange, Fenrir Greyback and the Carrows he entered the room where the adults and children sat.

The great Lord Voldemort had barely managed to open his mouth to sound the attack before a rain of curses rained down upon him and his followers by the angry Order, Ministry and DA members.

Fenrir Greyback was killed instantly as three reducto's reduced his torso into a few scraps of flesh. Amycus Carrow died from the hail of stunners that hit him in the chest and caused a severe heart attack. Alecto Carrow only survived due to the fact that the strong banisher that blew her through the wall saved her from the two cutting curses that would have taken her head off. Bellatrix likewise survived as a bone shattering curse dropped her to the ground before the sickly green light sent by Augusta Longbottom hit her, she was severly damaged tough and further lsot her grip of sanity as Neville Longbottom's cruciatus curse was held for several seconds, his sheer hatred for her and desire to cause her every pain imaginable caused his magic to break down the unconscious barriers he had placed on them ever since the incident that tortured his parents into insanity, and then there was Voldemort himself.

He was completely unprepared to defend himself against the five Aurors (ex-Aurors) and wizengamot member that seemed to spit out curses with the rate of a muggle automatic weapon. With a cry of pain from all the curses impacting on him and the sheer humiliation and anger he felt, he grabbed Bellatrix and Alecto before apparating out, he would have to be more careful from now on, apparently the death of Potter and Black had the opposite effect of what he had hoped for. Instead of completely destroying morale (true it had broken the back and morale of most of the Ministry and rest of the country) but his true enemies, the Order and Potter's friends had become emboldened and enraged at the death of their friends, and now seemed willing to fight back, a schoolboy who had appeared to be little more than a squib had cast a cruciatus at his best follower for Merlins sake, enraged Voldemort put several of his followers under the cruciatus as he pondered his next move.

Meanwhile back at Amelia Bones house a more serious conversation was taking place. "Hmm, it appears that You-know-Who is after me", Amelia said as she looked at her guests. "I shall have to get some sort of guard then, Shacklebolt get someone to remove this garbage from my home", she said as she pointed to the dead Death Eater and gore splattered werewolf, "yes Director", he snapped as he apparated away to the Ministry.

"Now just for the record, did anyone see any unforgivables cast?" she asked as she looked over her guests, Augusta was staring at her without a hint of fear, while Neville who albeit was sweating was glaring at her almost as if daring her to call him on his use of the cruciatus on Bellatrix.

"What unforgivables Director", Scrimgeour growled. She just shrugged as both Moody and Scrimgeour grinned at each other. "That's what I thought", she said as she nodded at Neville and Augusta, "just needed to be sure that's all, oh and nice wandwork children", she said with a grin.

"Harry taught us Director", Neville said with determination, "he is the reason we survived against the Death Eaters in the Ministry, HE taught us everything we know", he growled at her forgetting her position in the government, and he felt very pleased with himself as both Amelia and Scrimgeour flinched slightly in remembrance of their own gutlessness to stand up to Fudge.

"Yes thank you for reminding us for that Mr.Longbottom", she nodded at him before turning back to Moody who was inspecting every inch of the house to make sure that there were no other surprises left. "Alastor you wouldn't possibly mind going back to the Aurors would you, I've got a bunch of greenhorns who are still wet behind the ears, and while Rufus is probably just as good as you in a fight, you are the best person we ever had when it came to train Aurors", she said.

Moody glared at her for a few minutes before he started to laugh. "So what you say is that you want me to shit kick your force of bunnies back into wolves is that it?, I guess I could do it on the terms that all Aurors have to go through my program, yes even you Nymphadora", he added as she groaned. "If I'm gonna do the job I sure as hell am gonna to do it right, and lastly I want a bloody raise", finished with a grin.

"Very well Alastor we'll just have to take it out of Fudge's coffers, since it's his fault the Aurors are nothing more than a bunch of people who know a few nifty spells and have the power to arrest people, so welcome back to the Force Alastor, I'll put you and Rufus as joint Heads of the Auror Division for the moment and then we'll have to see what we do after we get our new Minister", she finished. Raising their glasses the adults in the room drained their drinks, there might be a war out there but for now life looked good.


Okay so now we have Harry and Sirius together (I had this planned out from the beginning). As you can see time moves differently between worlds, and as where Harry and Sirius have been gone for years, they have only been 'dead' for about four or five days on Earth.

One part about book six that I didn't like was how an important person like Amelia Bones was living alone without any sort of protection when she is a possible high priority target, so I had her survive simply because she had a bunch of on the edge Aurors (ex-Auror) and DA members when Voldemort and his followers arrived. Already pissed off the good guys release a hail of curses on Voldemort and the Death Eaters who expected one highly accomplished witch instead of a whole bunch of good and angry witches and wizards. So this time the element of surprise worked against the Death Eaters, but if it will work next time you'll just have to wait and see.

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