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Sasuke: I hate you.

Itachi: That's the spirit!

Title: Teenager Feud

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Naruto characters. If I did, this would've totally happened.

Notes:/ Ok. Itachi has not run off with the Akatsuki. This is slightly AU-ish. I am in love with Itachi. I'm supposing with all the Hyuuga-Uchiha hype, there IS a feud. Bear with me.

They're gonna clean up your looks

With all the lies in the books

To make a citizen out of you

Because they sleep with a gun

And keep an eye on you, son

So they can watch all the things you do

Because the drugs never work

They're gonna give you a smirk

'Cause they got methods to keep you clean

They're gonna rip up your heads

Your aspirations to shreds

Another cog in the murder machine

They said all teenagers scare

The living shit out of me

They could care less

As long as someone'll bleed

So darken your clothes

or strike a violent pose

Maybe they'll leave you alone, but not me

Chapter 1

The village of Konoha was a tight knit network of intertwined families, close friends, and distant relations. Gossip traveled like wildfire and by nightfall, everyone knew everything about anyone who was worth knowing about. Of course, being tight knit didn't mean there weren't feuds and arguments every once and a while, as soon to be demonstrated.


It was a well known fact that the Uchihas and the Hyuugas had some bad blood and rocky relationships. I mean, wouldn't you be pissed off if Uchiha Fugaku threw a tea cup full of steaming liquid in your face? Yeah, Hiashi never forgave the Uchiha head for that...

So it was only after the tea incident that the joint Clan meetings were put to an end and the men became bitter and explosive.

Yet, if there were any two more famous rivals besides Fugaku and Hiashi, it was Sasuke Uchiha and Neji Hyuuga.

Ah, the two were infamous, constantly picking fights in the middle of the street, using insults instead of fists and weapons.

"Uchiha COW!"

"Hyuuga DOG!"

You get the picture, ne?

By now, the villagers either sided with the Hyuuga's or the Uchiha's, discretely of course. No one wanted to be Jukkened into the moon, or tormented to insanity by the Sharingan. They honestly didn't care, but both Clans were too stubborn for their own good.

However, the feud seemed to affect everyone except the two most important people to the Clans: their heirs.

Itachi spent most of his time eluding fan girls or training until he got too disgusted with his other teammates drooling over him. His passive temper made him a notorious target for single girls who had no other mantra then his name. It didn't help he was drop dead gorgeous either. He thought about leaving his Clan for good, but he couldn't take Sasuke along! Lord knows he would miss tormenting him...yeah, forehead pokes were fun.

Hinata was usually seen in the garden, planting something green and leafy, or training until she dropped from exhaustion. As a quiet girl, she usually stayed away from conflict and knew better then to ask questions when Neji came home fuming from his latest encounter with a certain 'Uchiha biznatch'. Ah, the insults were getting more creative everyday.

Yes, the two, whether oblivious or ignorant, cared not for their Clans long standing feud.

And so, it came as a surprise when some teams got rearranged and ended up placing Neji, Sasuke and Hinata all on one team.

...and of course, Itachi became Itachi-sensei.

"You have GOT to be kidding me!" Sasuke snarled at dinner, when Itachi threw down the rearrangement papers, his own black eyes narrowed in disgust.

"Keep in mind I'm not too happy with this either." Itachi said back, his monotone voice tinged with danger, daring his brother to complain on.

He had a spork and he was not afraid to use it. Mind you, it wasn't very sharp, but just sharp enough to do some damage if used the correct way.

...Yeah, sporks are lethal in Itachi's book.

While he had no serious annoyances other then the Hyuugas happened to be snobby and well...tacky, Itachi didn't mind the Hyuuga subordinates. It was his younger brother he was worried about.

Motoko Uchiha, with a creased brow, gave a sigh as she watched her two sons steam in silent anger from their predicament. She set down their dinner and wiped her hands on her apron. Her husband stormed in a second later, his face clouded with rage.

"How DARE Hokage-sama put my sons with them!" he roared, shutting the door so violently it ricocheted right back.

Motoko gave a meek look at her husband and walked over to shut the door. Her look turned to one of dismay as the rice was overturned as Sasuke ran furiously to his room. Itachi gave his father a very cold look before heading out in a more dignified manner, slamming the poor paper door behind him.

Fugaku bit his lip as his temple pulsed with unshed fury.

"I'm not hungry. I'm going back to complain to Hokage-sama about this-this...INSULT!"

He charged out the door, leaving his wife alone in the silent kitchen, her dinner cold and untouched, save the broken bowl of rice. She sighed.

'I guess I'm eating alone.'

No sooner then she had thought this, Fugaku came back and shot an evil glare at the Hyuuga household that was right across the street from them.

"Hiashi will probably do the same thing. He thinks he's better then us." he muttered, shoving food into his mouth, his paranoia getting the better of him as he glanced around, thinking Hiashi was everywhere, spying on him.

He proceeded to choke on the food while glaring at the teaspoon. Evil thoughts brought on disaster for poor Fugaku.

Someone had bad karma.

Hiashi was, to put it bluntly, pissed off. His volcanic like manner only intensified as he barged into his house, with an explosion of colorful curse words followed by a flurry of angry hand motions.

"HINATA! NEJI!" he roared, standing erect and furious in the middle of the dusty courtyard.

The two obedient Hyuuga children came to him, Hinata shuffling along and Neji walking stiffly as if there was a plank attached to his back.

"Did you hear the news?" he shouted, waving the pink rearrangement papers in the air.

Not giving them time to answer, he went off in a tirade about how unfair the world was and how the Hokage had to have been out of his mind.

"-after all, the Third is getting pretty senile. I wonder why no Hyuugas haven't applied for the position of Hokage?"

He thought for a moment, envisioned the Hokage hat on his manly brow and then remembered...

"We're too good for that position."

Neji rolled his eyes and scoffed while glancing at Hinata who began to mumble,

"Ano, Otou-san, why couldn't we stay with our original teams? I-It doesn't make any sense for Neji-nii san to switch to a lower team anyway."

Neji raised an eyebrow, surprised that Hinata was raising the fact. However, at Hinata's humble point, Hiashi only exploded further.

"Is the Hokage going to make a mockery out of me?"

"I'm sure he's not...you're doing that for yourself already." Neji added the last part under his breath, hoping Hiashi didn't hear him.

Hiashi looked at the children in front of him, threw up his arms in disgust and walked haughtily into his office where he promptly slammed the door in their faces.

Neji gave a blank stare to Hinata who returned it. He promptly turned on his heel and walked the other way while Hinata sweatdropped.

Her family was just so weird.

After having thought about things long and hard over a bowl of mango ice cream, Hinata decided she really needed to find out why she was being placed with the cold hearted Uchihas and her unstable cousin. I mean, c'mon!

Neji was arrogant.

Sasuke was a premadonna.

Itachi was...

Hinata thought for a moment, chewing on her spoon before putting it in the sink. She couldn't really think of a word to describe Itachi considering she didn't know him that well.

The young girl was a little disappointed at getting switched. Was it because she wasn't up to par with Kiba and Shino? They had been so nice to her too! And there was the topic of learning a new fighting style...she had only just gotten used to her teammates', as she had just been placed not even two months ago.

"Maybe I am just a hindrance after all..." she whispered sadly, looking at her upside down reflection in the dishes in the sink.

But then, what did that make Neji? He was top genin in his year, a wonderful fighter (even if he was a little cold to her) and the genius of the Hyuuga Clan. So why would he be moved down to her level?

Or was it...that she was moving up?

How confusing!

So, after showering and putting on her best sundress, she decided to walk to the Hokage's palace and interrogate the old man to the best of her abilities.

...which meant stuttering all the way.

As Hinata walked along, she shielded her eyes from the bright sun, which was quickly covered by clouds a few seconds later. It was a little cool, and the tiny girl wished she had brought a sweater.

Suddenly, she spotted a rather large, fast moving dust cloud. It was headed right towards her. Hinata 'eep-ed' as she nearly got run over by Speedy Gonzales, first Mate Piss on the Carpet and his partner Capitan Believe It.

AKA: Kiba, Akamaru, and the blonde boy of her heart, Naruto Uzumaki. Catching her eye, the blonde fox boy skid to a halt in front of her and shouted happily,

"Hey! Hinata-chan!"

"O-ohayou, N-Naruto-kun." she whispered, looking at her feet.

Naruto tilted his head as Kiba approached, ear plugs ready in case Naruto went all loud and annoying.

"Ano, Hinata-chan, why do you always look down when you talk to me? It's not like I'm a celebrity yet!"

"Yet, he says." Kiba smirked, slapping the blonde upside the head. "Say, Hinata, why did you switch teams? If you were so unhappy with us, you could've just said so."

Hinata looked up, startled, and said passionately,

"I was never unhappy with you!"

Kiba's heart burst with pride, his face flushing a little with happiness and Naruto exclaimed in a loud voice,


"Hai...I'm on a team with Sasuke-san, Neji-nii and Itachi-san."

There was a silence. Kiba's mouth dropped about six inches and Naruto gave her the same blank look that Neji had given her earlier.

"S-Sasuke-teme's not on my team anymore? I can have Sakura all to myself?" he comprehended.

Hinata looked down, a little put out at this unknowingly hurtful comment. Apparently, Naruto had not known that Sasuke was moving either.

"T-that's terrible!" Kiba cried, shaking the poor girl until she turned just a little green.

"What losers." Naruto snickered, clutching his sides with laughter.

Hinata watched, dismayed, as Kiba patted her on the head saying how he'd come to her funeral and give an nice long eulogy and serve great food, while Naruto laugh into the next century.


A shadow loomed overhead and Naruto choked on his own saliva as he turned around to face the new arrival. Pale in face, tall in contrast to the short boy, and very, very, very...black.

Itachi Uchiha loomed over the fox-boy, his eyes dangerously narrow. Naruto paled drastically as Kiba backed away, his words mixing into something like,

"! #$#$ !"

He and Naruto took off like jackrabbit high off of Asuma's cigarettes.

Hinata stumbled backwards and cowered under the cold stare of Itachi. They had only met once before a long time ago at a tense Clan meeting and he had come off as the loner sort. It was rare to see the Uchiha out in broad daylight and not being swamped by fans.

He peered at her, and then walked away towards the Hokage's palace, without even saying a word to her. Typical. She watched him for a while, thinking how lonely he looked.

'This is my new sensei?' she questioned.

Itachi began to walk away when he felt the presence of the small Hyuuga girl following him. He turned and said quietly,

"You don't need to follow me."

She looked a little surprised and whispered,

"G-Gomen. I-I was going to the Hokage's palace."

He raised an eyebrow. Without bothering to ask or even give her a look, he turned back and continued his journey. She ran to catch up with him and fell in step.

"Aren't you lonely?" she blurted out.

He looked down at her, never faltering. His eyes lingered on her unmarked forehead and her pearl white Hyuuga eyes.


She fell silent and looked down at the ground, a little bit ashamed with herself. As she walked behind him, she stared at the Uchiha symbol on the back of his shirt and blinked.

"A-are you really going to be my new sensei?"

"Unfortunatly." came his monotone answer.

Hinata was quiet until they both reached the Hokage's palace. He walked in ahead of her, ignoring the curious looks he was getting.

Yeah, it was that surprising to see Hinata and Itachi together.

The two of them walked up the flight of stairs in silence, their shoes making no sound as they hit the wooden stairs. The large, awkward amount of silence made the younger girl shiver.

Suddenly, Hinata promptly tripped over her too big sandals and went sliding down the stairs. She reached out a tiny hand, as if trying to grasp Itachi's. Of course, Itachi never hold hands.

Thud. Thud. Thud. Th-. The last crash never came. She found herself being slung over Itachi's shoulder like a sack of flour, his face quite impassive. He set her down when he reached the last step and said,

"Apparently you can't walk up stairs."

"Apparently you don't have manners." Hinata snapped, dusting herself off, feeling humiliated that he treated her so...rudely.

She gasped, and clamped her hands over her mouth in shock. Never, EVER in her twelve quiet years of being alive, had she talked back to an adult. Let alone an Uchiha!


"G-G-Gomen, Itachi-sa-sa-sa" Hinata was stuttering so badly that she couldn't even say 'sorry' correctly.

She bowed over and over again only to see that Itachi had rolled his black eyes in a very Uchiha manner and began to walk off. Sasuke insulted him all the time, what was so different about her?

Psh. Girls.

The two opened the door to the Third's office and bowed respectfully as Sarutobi nodded for them to sit. His old, wrinkled hands folded as he watched them, a little amused. Itachi was impassive and yet, his eyes seemed to glare at him. Hinata was a trembling mass of nerves and the Third's heart softened.

"Hinata, would you like some dango?" he offered, kindly, pushing a plate filled with the delicious sweet treats.

The tiny girl look up, startled, and quietly accepted it. Itachi twitched as he noted how the Hokage didn't offer him some; Itachi loved dango...Sarutobi could almost feel Itachi's slight disappointment and pushed the plate towards him, not needing words for the offer.

Itachi took two.

"You're probably here about the new team arrangements. Are you aware of the reason I set the team up like I did?" the Third asked, patiently.

"N-No, sir." Hinata stuttered, her heart pounding wildly in her chest.

Itachi blinked. For the first time, the genius didn't have an answer.

"It's because of the Hyuuga-Uchiha feud. It's gotten too big. You are aware of the feud, aren't you?" he added, knowing Hinata was probably too afraid of her family to witness it, and Itachi just didn't damn care.

The two nodded stiffly.

"As you know, Itachi is an Uchiha and part of the ANBU squad, I must move him back down to Jounin for him to be able to teach you. Which means, little or no individual missions for you." the Third added, glancing at Itachi who his response.

At this, Itachi gave a start and Sarutobi's eyes narrowed. There was a tense silence before Itachi finally spoke.

"You're moving me down?" his said, almost tonelessly, but the underlying anger was there.

Startled, Hinata gave a wondering look at her soon-to-be mentor, as she had caught the well disguised fury, while the Third narrowed his eyes. Sarutobi gripped his two hands tighter and his eyes flashed.

"Yes. Do you have a problem with that? It is, after all, only temporary." he asked calmly, while delivering a silent challenge to his judgment.

Stiffly, Itachi shook his head.

"As you, Hinata, are aware, I'm also moving Neji down. I will hope this will not only benefit you, but him." he said, a little more cautiously then he had before.

"Hai..." she replied, though she didn't really know what he meant by that.

The Third looked from one to the other, noting how scared Hinata looked, and even Itachi was a little stiff while he contemplated his new 'mission'.

"Very well. You're dismissed."

The two walked out of the office, very much aware of the tension that was still present between them.

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