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Chapter 3


The three very terrified genin could only stare at the predicament before them. There was a very awkward silence in which the rain pelted down and Hinata whimpered and shivered under the boy's stare. Suddenly, Neji, with a fierce howl of realization, tackled Sasuke to the ground.

"THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?" Sasuke roared, trying to push the surprisingly heavy Neji off of him.

"COVER YOURSELF HINATA SAMA!" Neji shrieked, plastering his hands to Sasuke's face, successfully covering his nose and sticking a finger in his red eye.

Hinata squealed and tried to rummage around the pitiful tent, trying to find her clothes. Neji sat on top of Sasuke, while the Uchiha tried to squirm out of his grasp, due to the fact Neji was cutting off his oxygen supply.

"What have we here?"

A calm, cocky voice intruded on the devastating scene and the three looked up.

Hatake Kakashi was standing on a broken tree limb, looking all cool and aloof, with his silver hair blowing in the harsh wind and yadda yadda ya. He grinned at his former pupil and the two Hyugas with a mischievous look on his pale face.

"Forgive the intrusion, but I heard screams?" he questioned, looking at the blushing Hinata.

The girl cowered and turned away in embarrassment. By the half assed way the tent was and the expressions on the boys' faces, Kakashi could put two and two together.

"...I see..."




"What, may I ask, were you doing with your clothesoff?"

A very, very, peeved Itachi glared rather freakishly at Hinata, who squirmed under his stare. Sasuke could sense her discomfort and scoffed outwardly, but felt bad for her on the inside.

'You feel bad for her? What about yourself?' his inner chibi voice squealed.

Sasuke shrugged it off and continued to glare at the wall. Hinata began to stutter as her tiny voice caught in her throat and Neji threw her a skeptical stare.


It was then, thankfully, that Kakashi stepped in and saved the poor girl from herself. With a blunt smile, he threw Itachi a careless look and said,

"She spilled soy sauce on her shirt when the thunder sounded. It was only natural for her to want to change her shirt."

Itachi blinked. Sasuke and Neji looked at each other with distain while Hinata was showing strange, shaking convulsions as she withered under the displeased gaze of Itachi.

"So far, this is getting us nowhere. You failed the last mission-" Itachi began in a monotone voice but was cut off by Sasuke's furious outburst.

"This isn't a mission! This is SUICIDE! I refuse to work with these Hyugas anymore! I'd rather have the Sakura annoy me and spend the rest of my life with that stupid Naruto then-"

"N-NARUTO ISN'T STUPID!" Hinata interjected, quite forcefully, causing everyone to turn to her.

Sasuke turned, and glared at her while Neji, cocking an eyebrow, glanced at his younger cousin with an expression of amusement and surprise.

"...You know, maybe it's not them." Kakashi said, breaking the awkward silence.

Itachi turned his mutinous glare towards his fellow teacher.

"Are you suggesting it's me?"

"Well, you haven't exactly eased them into being friends. You've just given them mission with the assumption that they already know how to be friends or at least make them. These kids don't understand the meaning of 'friendship' or 'teamwork'. And neither do you for that matter." Kakashi said, sighing and leaning against Itachi's bedroom wall nonchalantly.

"And what do you suggest you have me do?" Itachi seethed.

"It just so happens I stopped by the Hokage's office right after I met with you about your new team. He's assigned you a real mission."

Kakashi handed Itachi a yellowing scroll, and as Itachi unfurled it, the three genin watched with apprehension. Itachi scanned the scroll, then silently rolled it up and handed it back to Kakashi, who was grinning under his mask.

There was an awkward silence.

"And you couldn't have given this to me earlier when I asked for your opinion on teamwork?" Itachi muttered, rolling his eyes.

"It was way too much fun to see you finally struggle at something." Kakashi laughed.

"What's the fucking mission?" Neji cut in sharply.

Kakashi smiled, and patted the Hyuga genius on the head, laughing. Hinata looked uneasily at Sasuke, who avoided her eyes and snarled at his former teacher,

"Spit it out already!"

Itachi pressed two fingers to the bridge of his nose, looked down, a little cross-eyed, and said sullenly,

"We're going to run a bakery."


"Can I help the next person please?" Hinata cried, trying to call attention to the customers in the massive line who were oggling at the three boys behind her, who were looking worn out and intimidated.

Fan girls found out about the Hyuga-Uchiha run bakery.

It was not a pretty sight.

The girls swarmed the counters, trying to climb over the glass display case that separated the pastries and boys from their grabby hands. Neji and Sasuke had spent most of their first morning cowering behind the counter, fearing for their lives. Itachi had reluctantly taken up the part of the baker and had spent most of his previous evening memorizing baking techniques and recipes.

Hinata was surprisingly good at being a waitress and cashier. She was fast, friendly and could think on her feet. Her love of decorating and arranging flowers had transferred over to pastries and she put most of her energy into making sure everything looked lovely.

The bakery they were running was left to them by Kurenai's great-great cousin's aunt twice removed. Or something. She and her husband were taking a vacation to visit relatives, and made a deal with Sarutobi which said that he could have all the free sweets he wanted when they returned, in exchange for him finding someone to watch the shop. And EVERYONE knows the Sandaime Hokage LOVES dango and pecan braids.

So here was Team Itachi cowering, muttering or singing their way through the first day at the 'LOVE LOVE BAKERY!'.

..::..Earlier that Morning/Flashback..::..

Neji awoke, painfully, on the couch in the living room of the Hyuga mansion.

Blinking wearily, he vaguely remembered being sent home around 1:00 in the morning after being told he was going to learn how to run a bakery the next day. He had thrown himself on the couch, much to Hinata's distress, and proceeded to snore loudly so as to shoo his cousin away so he could have some peace and quiet.

Rubbing sleep from his eyes, he looked around for the source that disrupted his slumber. The television clock said it was around 5:00 am, much too early and hour for a teenager who slept in until 8 or 9 in the morning.


It was the doorbell. Neji dragged himself to the door and he wondered rather irritably who the FUCK would be ringing at this time in the morning. Hell, even Hiashi wasn't even up yet. Opening the door, Neji said blearily,

"Wha da fuck do yooou wan-"

"Get up. We have work to do. Where's Hinata?"

Neji looked into the cold, lifeless eyes of Itachi and blinked. Sasuke was next to him, in the same sleepy position as Neji. He was holding a thermos full of steaming black coffee while trying to stay upright. Itachi's hair, like Neji's, stuck up in all sorts of different and disturbing directions.

This was an ungodly hour indeed.

"Wha joo say?" Neji asked, his face sagging with tiredness.

"We're going to the damn bakery. Get your cousin up and let's go." Itachi barely stifled a yawn.

Neji, pissed off, slammed the door in the two Uchiha's faces and stormed upstairs to his cousin's room to the best of his exhausted ability. Rapping on her wooden door several furious times, he called out,

"Hinata-sama! We have to go."

There was no reply.

Neji, already ticked, was angered by the girl's lack of a response. He repeated his message several times.


At the lack of sound inside the room, Neji turned the handle and barged in. The room was freaking immaculate. A neatly made bed suggested that Hinata may not have even slept in it. Her clothes, however, lay at the foot of the bed in a neatly folded heap while the window was cracked open.

It was at that moment Neji made the most unsupported, completely irrational decision of his life. His pupils were shot to hell as he turned wildly around, raced back to the hallway, down the stairs, and thrust open the door with [another] unmanly shriek and said,


The Uchihas blinked.

"Nii-san...gomen, I'm right here." came a small voice behind him.

Neji turned slowly on the spot to see his darling little cousin dressed in a cute French maid outfit, complete with the lacy headband, which was the uniform of many a man's most kinky fantasies. On the left side of her chest were the words "LOVE LOVE BAKERY". To add to the vision, she was holding his own mug of black coffee and an omelet.

"Breakfast?" she asked sheepishly, holding the mug out.

Neji was humiliated the whole walk to the bakery.




"Um, number 356?" Hinata called out to the crowd that had massed inside the small bakery.

"KYAHHH! That's me! That's me!" a young woman all but shrieked, holding her number slip high in the air.

Hinata cowered away, ever so slightly. She had been deal with crazy ass girls like this all morning. Honestly, she wasn't sure if she could take any more of the screaming. Girls were constantly on their cell phones, not even paying attention to ordering, and telling their friends to come over and visit. In her humble opinion, Hinata thought most of them needed to see a therapist instead of coming to the bakery. But that was just her.

"Can I help you?" the small girl all but withered under the crazy eyes that her customer was giving her.

"I. Want. That."

Hinata followed the trail of the girl's finger and saw that it pointed to Neji. Said boy quickly realized that he became interesting merchandise and promptly opened the door to the walk-in cooler and shut himself in. He wanted to get better acquainted with the frozen dough I suppose.

"Ahem...Neji-niisan isn't on the menu." Hinata laughed timidly.

The customer looked visibly disappointed.

"Oh...can I have an Uchiha instead?"


Suddenly, Hinata felt an overwhelmingly cold presence behind her. She turned only to be met with the merciless black gaze of her sensei.

"S-s-s-sen...sei...eep!" the Hyuga heiress squeaked as Itachi pushed past her.

"Get out." Itachi snapped, ready to sharingan the fan girls.

Unfortunately, he underestimated to the zeal that some of the girls had for him and his pupils.






Sasuke peered up from behind his counter just in time to see his niisan's eyes spiral into red. He grabbed Hinata's exposed ankle and all but dragged her into the walk in cooler to join Neji among the frozen dough.

The cowered there the rest of the day.

Itachi, feeling more than a little overwhelmed with the whole situation, decided now was the best time to really Mangekyou the crazy girls and have them leave the store before anything got broken.

He had noted that Sasuke, in the spirit of teamwork, had decided to overcome his hatred of the Hyugas and by bonding together with them over the fear of fan girls. In a walk in cooler.

'It's a start.' Itachi noted, wondering what the heck he would put on his mission report write up that night.

And so the bakery mission ended successfully as all the pastries (and Itachi's shirt) were sold that day, making Kurenai's great-great cousin's aunt twice removed (or something) filthy stinkin' rich.




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