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Ami Haruno stood in front of the mirror, and examined herself. She had long, very light pink hair, and very light green eyes. She had nice facial features, her lips were on the thinner side, and she had a small, thin nose, she was all in all...pretty.

She sighed and put on a smile, preparing herself for another day of school. Another day of hearing how great she was, another day of walking around with her nose up in the air, looking down on everyone. And another day of trying to win Uchiha Sasuke's heart.

When she arrived at school, the day went by without any big events happening. After school Ami and her two best friends, Yumi and Tia headed to Ami's house, as soon as they stepped inside they could hear Ami's parents yelling about something.

"Whats going in?" Yumi asked while placing her bag on the kitchen table.

"I have no idea." Ami said, she was looking at the stair case when her mother came down the stairs.

"Guess what honey!" Her mother calaimed when she saw Ami. "Your sister is coming home!"

Ami's eyes widened. Her mother not noticing skipped out of the room, humming. Yumi and Tia looked over at Ami, both very confused.

"You have a...sister?" Tia asked in a unsure voice.

There was a pause before Ami replied. "Yeah...a twin sister...her name is Sakura."

Yumi and Tia gasped.

"You have had a twin sister all this time and you didn't tell us! Why!" Yumi exclaimed.

"I'm not supposed to talk about her...well, acually...I just don't like to...thats why my parents were fighting...because my dad doesn't think Sakura should live with us." Ami explained.

"Why?" Tia asked

"Because she's a rebel...as my dad puts it. She used to live with us, but she didn't follow the rules, and so my parents sent her to a super strict, all girls school."

"Oh." Both girls said when Ami finished talking. There was a long, silent moment, then Tia spoke up.

"What is she like...your sister?"

"I guess you'll find out soon."



Ami was sitting in class, and she nervous. Tia and Yumi came to sit by her and Ami nearly fell out of her seat.

"Why are you so jumpy?" Tia asked once Ami had composed herself.

"Because she's coming today...she'll be in this class." Ami said.

"Who?" Yumi asked, confused.

"My sister."

They all went silent after that, but little did they know that Sasuke, Naruto, and Neji were sitting behind them, and they had heard everything.

"Dude, did she just say sister?" Naurto whispered to his friends.

"Yeah, that's what I heard." Replied Neji.

"Do you think her sister will be a bitch like her?" Naruto asked. The other two boys smirked.

"We will see." Sasuke said and he looked up at the classroom door to see Sakura Haruno walk in.

Everybody was silent as Sakura stepped up to the front of the room, the students took in the sight of Sakura. She had short pink hair, and big dark green eyes, she had full lips, and a tall, slim, perfect figure to match. She was dressed in black cargo pants, a red tube top, and a black half-jaket. To say the least she was beautiful.

"Everyone, this is Sakura Haruno, she will be joining us for the rest of the year." Kakashi said, he then turned to Sakura and said, "Please take a seat next to Miss Hyuuga." He pointed to a girl with blue hair.

Sakura made her way to her spot, she stopped in front of Ami's desk, the two girls locked eyes. Ami glared and Sakura smirked, eyes amused.

"Long time no see, Ami." Sakura said in a sweet, mocking voice. Ami didn't reply, her glare intensified.

"What, aren't you happy to see me?" Sakura faked a hurt look, but her eyes were still amused and mocking. "Because I'm thrilled to see you, and I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone here."

Ami stood up, so that the girls were at eye level. "This is my school, and you will not be here for long if I have anything to say about it."

Sakura smiled. "It really is great to see you again." With that Sakura made her way to her seat. Sakura put her bag by her chair and sat down, when she looked up she was surprised to see deep, dark onyx eyes staring at her.

Sakura took in the sight of the boy, he had dark hair, spiked up in the back, he was wearing blue jens and a black T-shirt. 'Cute.' Sakura thought as she turned away from him.

Sakura turned towards the girl sitting next to her.

"Hi, I'm Sakura."

"I-I'm Hinata." The girl said in a timid voice. Sakura gave Hinata a soft smile, then focused on what the teacher was saying.

"We will be doing a history project, in groups that I assign." Kakashi said. He then got out a list and began reading off names.

"...group number 6 will be...Naruto, Sasuke, Neji...and Ami." All the girls gasped and exclaimed how lucky Ami was to be working with the three hottest guys in school. The said three males just groaned.

"...And the last group will be...Hinata, Sakura, Ten Ten, and...Sai."

Just then the bell rang, ending class. Ten Ten and Sai walked over to Hinata and Sakura, while Ami turned around to face her partners, who all were very conviently searching for something or other in their back packs.

"I'm Ten Ten." A burnette haired girl said to Sakura. Sakura stuck out her hand and Ten Ten took it.

"Sakura." She replied. Sakura then looked at the only male in thier group, she smiled at him and shook his hand as well.

"I'm Sai, incase you didn't already guess." He said in a soft voice. Sakura and Sai held hands a moment longer than necessary. Sakura smiled again, and gently pulled her hand away, she scaned the room, and was met with a glaring Ami. When Ami relized Sakura was looking at her she grabbed her bag and left the room.

'I wonder if Ami likes...' Sakura thought as she looked over at Sai, who was talking with Hinata and Ten Ten. Sakura shook her head and stepped next to Hinata.

"So when do you guys want to start our project?" Sakura asked.

"Um...I can't tomorrow, so how about this Friday?" Ten Ten offered. Everyone agreed they would meet at Sakur'a house, then went on their way home.



Ami was standing in front of her mirror, adjusting her pony tail, when she heard her parents yelling. She slowly stepped out of her room and walked down the long, empty hall to a door that led to her parents room. She stood outside the door and listened.

"They were never meant to be."

Ami spun around to see Sakura standing a few feet away from her, she was leaning agaisnt the wall, twirling a shiny, green apple in her hands. Ami glared.

"They were getting along just fine, before you came back." Ami spat out the word 'you'.

Sakura smiled a knowing smile. "You are a horrible liar Ami."

Ami blushed lightly and looked at the floor. "...They...they faught all the time...they've just never been this loud before." Ami said in a small voice. Both girls were silent for awhile, listening to thier parents' marriage disinigrate. Then suddenly Sakura pushed away from the wall, and made her way to her room. Ami watched Sakura step into the room and shut the door, she waited to hear the 'click' of the door locking, then she sighed and went to her own room.

'God dammit!' Sakura thought as she plopped down on her king size bed. She rolled over and looked around her large room. everything was black, red and white. Red walls, white furniture, black bedding, curtains, and pillows. Just the way Sakura liked it. In fact, her room was the only thing she liked about being back home.

Sakura sighed and pulled off her jeans, and her jacket, then she crawled under her covers, into her cold silk sheets and fell asleep.



Sakura was sitting eating lunch with Hinata and Ten Ten, when suddenly someone ploped a tray of food next to Sakura. Sakura looked up to see Naruto and Neji taking seats next to Hinata and Ten Ten, then Sakura looked to her side were the tray was, and she locked eyes with the Dark haired boy from the day before.

"Hello." The male said in a deep, velvet voice. Sakura cocked her head to the side.

"Hi." She stated.

The guy smirked and held out his hand, "Uchiha, Sasuke Uchiha."

"Hmmmm" Sakura replied. She turned away from Sasuke to her other friends. Naruto was attempting to impress Hinata, who looked like her face was burning up. Ten Ten and Neji were both stealing glances at one another, both silent. 'Interesting.' Sakura thought.

The bell rang, indicating lunch was over, Ten Ten and Hinata got up with Neji and Naruto, they said 'good-bye' to Sakura then left. Sakura had her next class off, so she stayed seated. She was about to take a a grape off her tray when her tray was pulled away from her.

"What the Hell!" Sakura claimed as Sasuke stood up with her tray and dumped it in the trash. He didn't look back as he walked out the doors of the school. Sakura ran after him.

"What is your problem? Hey, wait a fricken minute!" Sakura grabbed Sasuke's wrist, she was about to pull on his arm, when he spun around and Sakura crashed into Sasuke's lean chest. Sasuke wrapped an arm around Sakura's waist to keep her from falling. Once she had caught her balance she attempted to pull away, but Sasuke wouldn't let go of her.

"Let me go." Sakura glared at him.


"What is your problem?" Sakura asked again. Sasuke juts held her tighter, and glared at her, they stayed in that position for a few minutes then suddenly Sasuke let her go and walked to his shiny, black car. Sakura stared at him as he drove away.

"Jerk." Sakura mummbled under her breath, then walked back into the school.



Sakura was stopped at the large iron gates that led to her house...parents mansion. She had just ran 3 miles. She was hot, tierd, and she felt great. she loved running, it always made her fell great. Nothing could ruin her mood. Until she walked into the kitchen and saw Sasuke Uchiha sitting at the counter.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" Sakura asked, he smirked and looked Sakura up and down. Sakura glanced down at her atire, she was wearing black spandex shorts, black sports bra, and running shoes. Ah, crap.

Sakura was about to make a remark about him being a perv, but Neji, Naruto, and Ami walked into the room.

"Hi Sakura!" Naruto shouted as he took a seat next to Sasuke. Neji sat on Naruto's other side, while Ami slowly sat next to Sasuke, she was glaring at Sakura.

"Hello Naruto, Neji." Naruto smiled, and Neji nodded in aknowledgement. Sakura then turned her attention to Ami. Sakura held Ami's glare for a moment, then left the room.

A few hours later Sakura left her room in search of food. She made her way into the kitchen only to find Naruto snoring on the floor, Neji reading a book, Sasuke was staring at a wall, and Ami was scribbling something down on paper. Nobody noticed Sakura, and that was fine with her, she grabbed an apple and was about to leave when she fealt a hand on her shoulder.

"Don't touch me." Sakura said coldly. She didn't need to see who it was, she knew.

"Why so cold?" Sasuke purred into her ear. Sakura tturned to look into deep, dark eyes. She sighed, annoyed.

"Why do you have this need to bother me?" She asked.

There was a long pause, then he spoke in a soft whisper. Sakura had to strain a little to hear him.

"I...I don't know...you...you just...I can't help it."

He turned sudddenly and walked back to his cammrads. "Lets go." Sasuke stated and Neji stood up, Sasuke lightly kicked Naruto and the blonde jumped up with a shout. The three left without another look behind them.

Ami silently went to her room, as did Sakura a moment later.

'What was that all about?' Sakura wondered. She sighed again, and crawled into bed. 'Tomorrow should be interesting.' Sakura thought as she closed her eyes, and fell asleep.

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