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The Most Important Thing You Left Behind



Chapter 1 My Best Friends' Child

I am Uchiha Sasuke, former ninja of Konoha and Oto. I am twenty five years old and I have completed my revenge some years ago. But now I have taken to traveling around the ninja countries. I feel that I have destroyed the last of my home, even though Naruto and Sakura along with the Rookie 9, Gai's Team, and Kakashi along with other ninja would have welcomed me with open arms. I'm sure they would do the same now. But rest of the village will never accept me again, not that I would be bothered by it but Naruto would not be happy with that. I did hear that Naruto became the Rokudaime Hokage. I can say that at least I'm happy for him. He even took me off the Nuke-nin list of Konoha. That dobe, no Hokage now, knows me too well. I heard that he also restarted the Uchiha Military Police Force again. I don't know how I'll ever repay him.

But that is why I'm on the very familiar road back to Konoha. I think Naruto deserves a visit. I know that he will not force me to stay, anymore at least. I have actually received some letters via Jiraiya, who is traveling as well but still is in contact with Konoha from Naruto. I did find it weird that he just gave me updates on everyone but him and Sakura. But I'll see how they are doing themselves. I'm sure Sakura will be happy to see me too.

"Well, well if it isn't Sasuke-kun," said a too familiar voice to me and she did not sound too happy either. I knew it was Yamanaka Ino.

"Ino," I greeted her. To my surprise she was pregnant. I realized that I did not want to know. But why was she on front gate guard duty? I didn't realize that I was staring.

"It is not nice to stare Uchiha," growled Ino. "Yes I'm pregnant and fat. What are you doing here?"

"I can't visit," I asked bored.

"No," said Ino, actually glaring at me. "I just expected you here a few months ago that's all, we all did."

"What are you talking about woman," I asked. She was grating my nerves. I have learned patience but not that much patience.

"You don't know do you," asked Ino, sadly shaking her head. I gave her a look. "Hmm maybe you should go to the Hokage Tower and find out. I don't think I can handle telling you myself in my condition. I can't upset myself or it could hurt my baby."

"I see," I said. "I'll do that." I began walking away when something was bugging me. "Ino, who's your child's father?"

"My husband you dimwit," said Ino. I am tempted to roll my eyes at her.

"Who is your husband I meant?"

"Sai," said Ino. "Now I suggest you go before…"

"Ino," said another voice. It was familiar too; it was Sai, my replacement on Team 7's voice. "Go home I'll meet you there."

"Sai," started Ino.

"Now Ino," said Sai. Ino walked off, so she was not on front gate guard duty but waiting for her husband to come back from a mission. "I suggest Uchiha you come with me to the Hokage Tower."

"That's where I was headed," I told him. I never really liked the idea of him since I first met him. I suppose I was jealous but it could not be helped. It was a very tension filled silence, but I did spot Naruto's face next to the Godaime's face on the Hokage Monument. Konoha was as I remembered it; peaceful and quiet.

"We're here," said Sai. I opened the door to the Hokage's office expecting to find myself face to face to my best friend, my brother, but instead it was the Godaime Hokage Tsunade. The first thing out of my mouth was...

"Where's Naruto?"

"Sasuke," asked the Godaime, as if she can not believe that I'm standing here in front of her.

"Where's Naruto?" I hate repeating myself. Tsunade dismissed Sai, who left reluctantly, and stood up. She walked over to me. And she hit me in the head. "Ow!" I need not be reminded that she is still as strong as ever, Orochimaru has been also on the receiving ends of her punches. Then to my surprise she hugged me. This is weird.

"Sasuke there are something you need to know," said Tsunade, gravely.

"What," I asked annoyed by now.

"Naruto's dead." My heart stopped and my stomach dropped. No, not that dobe, not him. He is not…he can't be.

"What," I asked.

"I think you better sit down for this," said Tsunade. I sat in the chair across from her. "Sakura's dead too." I must be losing my hearing or something. Sakura is not dead; Naruto would die to make sure that she is safe and out of harm's way. I can't believe, my two best friends…

"You are lying," I said, seething with anger. She has to be.

"I'm not," said Tsunade, sadly.

"What happened?"

"As you know Naruto had Kyuubi sealed inside of him as a newborn," started Tsunade. I knew this of course, I hated Kyuubi for he was the cause of all Naruto's pain and I have a strange feeling that the demon was somehow the cause of his death. "Over the years Kyuubi began giving Naruto his energy, the amazing healing powers. Then the first time Naruto used Kyuubi's chakra was in Nami during your first C-ranked mission after he thought you were dead. The next time was in the Forest of Death, another time he talked to Kyuubi to give him rent in form of chakra, then again in his matches against Neji and Gaara. And then when he went after you. Then during the three years he was away with Jiraiya he found that he could not control Kyuubi's power past the fourth chakra tail. The seal was also becoming unstable. I had put Yamato in charge of keeping that power in check, so it would not kill Naruto. Then after the destruction of Akatsuki and you left to wander, Sakura and Naruto got married."

"Married," I asked. I did not know that. I should not be wondering why the hell I was not invited to the wedding right now…

"Yes happily," said Tsunade. "Then Naruto became the Rokudaime Hokage. He was so happy, really and truly happy. Except he missed you terribly they both did you know." I said nothing to that. I knew that Naruto and Sakura missed me, I missed them sometimes too. "And then the best thing that every happened to Naruto and Sakura. They were going to have a baby." A baby, Naruto and Sakura? That would be a sight to see. "Then Naruto one night had a talk with Kyuubi, few days after he found out about having a baby." I did not realize that scowled because she said, "I know I didn't like that either. But Naruto seemed to grow fond of Kyuubi. And Kyuubi informed him that something was going wrong with the seal and within the next nine months…"

"What was wrong with the seal?"

"…It would break, since over time Naruto used Kyuubi's chakra a bit too much. That would mean Naruto dead and Kyuubi released. I still don't know why Kyuubi told him this. Naruto then talked with Sakura. And they made a decision."

"Is this what I'm thinking," I asked her. No, please tell me they didn't seal Kyuubi inside their child at the cost of their own lives.

"It is. Their son was born into this world and the two of them knew what they had to do. Kyuubi is now housed in their son, Uzumaki Uchiha Seishi." I wanted to cry for the first time in years. This can not be happening. But I did not blink or move and Tsunade probably thought I fainted with my eyes open and sitting.

"Where's Seishi," I asked suddenly. I don't know why but I need to see him. I need to see the child that is both Sakura and Naruto.

"At the Hyuuga manor with his godmother Hyuuga Hinata, head of the Hyuuga," said Tsunade. "They made you godfather you know." I nodded and thanked her. Thus I made my way to the Hyuuga manor. I remembered Hinata, she had a major crush on Naruto but he did not know it. I also remembered how her clan thought her weak. I guess she proved them wrong. If I was not mistaken, Neji should also be there. What a reunion.