I don't own Naruto. This is an alternate more depressing ending that I wanted to do originally but decided that this story deserves a happy ending, but I still think this ending is worth while for you to read. It'll start off when Sasuke is 56.

The Most Important Thing You Left Behind

Alternate Ending

It is know twenty years later and I'm fifty six. Seishi is thirty-two years old and Tsunade (she's really old now) is about to pass on the torch on to him. Seishi is also going to marry Akari soon too, I am really happy for him. I know Naruto and Sakura are watching him too and happy. I'm sitting with Hinata and Washi outside, during the time that the cherry blossoms bloom.

"So have you seen Tai lately," asked Hinata.

"I got a letter from him saying that he was in Suna," I told her. I knew of course that Tai was in love with the oldest daughter of Gaara. Believe me, I knew every since Gaara figured it out. Gaara sent a long letter, saying, in short, that I better keep my brother's child away from his daughter. Gaara is also concerned with Tai and Ai's age difference and the fact that Tai is a half demon. I thank Kami-sama that Miki is stopping Gaara from going after Tai. I got the same letter about Akari and Seishi, even thought that Gaara loves Seishi; this is his baby girl we are talking about. This is one of the reasons why psychopaths should not have children.

"Well he'll be coming to the revealing of Seishi as the Shichidaime Hokage," said Washi, smiling. "As will all the other Kage and their families."

"Oh, does that mean your family is coming too," asked Hinata. Washi is the son of the Mizukage, by the way.

"Yes, somewhat unfortunately," said Washi. I just roll my eyes, and then suddenly Kagayakuu appeared.

"Seishi is gone no one can find him," he said, anxiously.

"WHAT," I heard myself roar in anger. What the hell does he mean that no one can find him? "Tell Tsunade-sama to get Keichii's ANBU team after him!" Then I felt a familiar chakra signature. I ran toward it. Kyuubi's charka was being violently released. The seal can not be braking can it? I know Kyuubi knows that Naruto specifically asked him not to let Seishi use his power. I told Kagayakuu not to let him either. This is not good and I know that Akari, and the rest from Suna should be hear any hour now. Suddenly nearly three-fourths of the ninja in the village of Konoha were following me and Kagayakuu.

"What the hell is going on," asked Keichii to me.

"I don't know," I said. "I don't know." I have this feeling in the pit of my stomach and it is not a good one.

By the time we found Seishi we were all too late. A man with gravity defying blood red hair and eyes, who I assume is Kyuubi was cradling Seishi in his arms, muttering to himself that he had let Naruto down again.

"Seishi," I ran over and Kyuubi handed him to me. I wanted him to wake up and just held him and briefly heard Kyuubi's explanation of what happened. It was something about Sakura's seal not being strong enough or something, but Naruto's life was also forfeit. OH Kami-sama I can not believe this was happening to me again. I'm getting way too old for this. Hinata was crying, I knew I was crying too. I then heard a screech.

"Seishi!" It was Akari; she ran over to us and cried into Seishi's chest. "You promised that we could be together forever, why did you leave me?"

Today is the saddest day for the world lost the last Uzumaki, but hope is on the horizon.

Kakashi was made the Shichidaime, for Tsunade was too grief-stricken and died of a broken heart. She lost her little grandson.

And Akari was pregnant, something no one but her and Seishi (and probably Kyuubi, who went back to the demon plane to make sure no demons get into our world again).

I'll be joining my clan, my two friends, and godson soon. Tai, Ai, and Akari will be able to carry on the Uzumaki/Haruno and Uchiha legacy.