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Chapter 1

If you went through the East High corridors you would see no-one, not because school finished or because the kids have class, no actually its lunch. If you carry on going down the main corridor you'll come to the doors where faint chatting could be heard, where the students of East High currently sit eating, talking and whatever it is kids do these days.

Ever since Gabriella joined they went through the whole breaking free thing, we all know about it. But that didn't stay for long, as soon as the musical finished everyone went back to how things were, how they were meant to be. Except two people.

"Sharpay are we doing anything tonight?" Gabriella Montez asked her girlfriend Sharpay Evans while holding her hand and using the other hand to eat.

"Ugh I can't, sorry. I got some thing I have to do with the family. It's some 'bring the family closer' thing, a total snooze fest." Sharpay told Gabi with a frown and using air quotes when she needed to.

Gabriella leaned over to whisper in her girlfriends ear, "That's a shame..." at the same time Gabriella managed to untangle her hand from Sharpay's to subtly rest it on her knee.

Sharpay could feel her blush spreading across her face. She took a deep breath to steady her racing heart. That was why she loved Gabriella. Just a single touch could make Sharpay disappear up into the clouds.

She turned to look into her girlfriends coffee eyes. "Not now," Sharpay breathed. It was the hardest thing Sharpay had ever had to do but she managed to tightly grasp Gabriella's hand in her own and to pull it away from her knee. She never broke eye contact and Gabriella couldn't have possibly felt higher.

They kept their eyes locked for a minute more before the blonde bombshell turned back to her pasta salad.

When Sharpay turned away, Gabriella immediately started to miss the feel of her eyes on her. One look from Sharpay and she would melt inside. Especially when Sharpay fixed her with one of her sultry stares. One of those stares could turn her into a quivering pile of jelly.

Which was something Troy could never do.

As was said before, after Twinkle Towne everything returned to normal. Well as normal as it could be in a school where everyone burst into song and dance on a whim. Which meant Troy turned back into the basketball playing lug head that he was before Gabriella met him. Gabriella didn't care much anyway. After the summer the magic had gone, she just couldn't feel the way she had about Troy.

So she broke his heart.

She didn't want to, she didn't even mean to. She just didn't see the point in continuing a relationship that her heart wasn't in.

That was when the biggest and most wonderful surprise of her life had happened. She had fallen for someone totally unexpected. And when she said fallen she meant head over heels, uncontrollably fallen like a stone kicked off a cliff.

But it wasn't so great to start with. There had been the whole trying to sort out her sexuality thing and of course she had to have this epiphany while her best friend was away sunning herself in Spain. The only other person she could talk to about a life changing decision such as this she couldn't talk to because she was the cause of the problem! So she went through the last week of summer mopping, staying in her room and only coming out to eat. That was until she had a visit from a certain blonde person on the last Saturday of summer vacation.

What happened that afternoon had been the best kept secret of both of the girl's lives. Even when they were caught on the first day of school making out in a random closet, they had never let slip the details of how they had got together.

It had obviously been a huge blow to Troy's pride and Gabriella had felt sorry for him when people started to tease him about it. But then she found out that he started a rumour that he had had sex with both her and Sharpay at the same time. That had just pissed her off.

The bell rang telling the students to get to their classes.

"I guess I'll see you tomorrow, I'll call you tonight if I can." Sharpay said. She had double drama while Gabriella had chemistry next then maths so they wouldn't see each other till the next day because Sharpay had to leave as soon as school finished for her family thing.

Sharpay made her way to drama after kissing Gabriella goodbye. She stepped into the auditorium and found a seat at the front next to Mrs Darbus normal seat. Just then Mrs Darbus made her way in and onto the stage. She started talking about the theatre etc. etc. etc. Sharpay drowned her out thinking about Gabriella and how cute she always looked. She forced out of her thoughts when Mrs Darbus started talking about the scenes the class where going to play everyone was paired up except Sharpay. She looked around to see who else wasn't paired up with anyone and her eyes landed on Troy Bolton. 'Since when was he in my class?' she thought to herself.

"And lastly Troy and Sharpay, you two will be doing Act Three, Scene Two from Twinkle Towne." Mrs Darbus announced.

Sharpay eyes went widened her mouthed dropped in utterly disbelief 'oh my GOD! That's the scene where they KISS!?' Sharpay thought.

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