Chapter 1.

A visitor

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Summary: Dean is waiting for Sam to return when some unexpected things occur.

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Dean shut off the shower when he thought he heard the front door shut. Sam had left only half an hour ago to do some research in the library. Why would he be back so soon?

'Sam?' when he got no reply he quickly dried himself and put on a pair of sweatpants. He stepped out of the bathroom but the bedroom was as empty as it had been when he left it.

'Well, that was weird' he thought with a frown.

'Must've been the wind or something.' He glanced at one of the walls 'or maybe the neighbours are having a fun time' he added with a smile. Apparently it had been nothing to worry about so he could just as well take a nap while he waited for Sam to return. Dean didn't expect him back for at least three or four more hours.

He had already lain down when he saw a Snickers on the small table beside the bed.

'When did that get there?' the frown was back on his forehead, but he figured it was Sam's. He certainly hadn't bought it, so there were no other explanations, right? His mind was to tired to think of a reason why he shouldn't eat it (other than the ass-kicking he would receive from Sam later for taking his candy) so he unwrapped the chocolate and started eating it.

It was when the world suddenly changed that he realized it probably had been a very, very bad idea to eat a candy bar that had appeared mysteriously on his bed table.


Sam was exhausted as he got out of the impala at the motel. He had done research on a house in the small town they were currently staying in. He and Dean suspected a poltergeist lived in the now empty house. The last person living there had reported flying furniture and flickering lights two months before she took a dive down two flights of stairs. It appeared to be a routine job for the two hunting brothers. The tall Winchester suddenly got a bad feeling when he had almost reached their room. He hurried his steps up and opened the door carefully.

'Dean?' he called out. Hastily he closed the door behind him and flicked on the lights. He heard a soft thumping noise that he didn't recognize.

'Dean, are you here?' the worry was clearly evident in the young mans voice when his big brother was nowhere in sight. He could still hear the even thumping noise every third second. It seemed to come from the bathroom.

Sam picked up a knife from a bureau and cautiously made his way to the bathroom. When he reached it he pushed the door open with his left hand while he held the knife in his right, ready to strike. But what he saw made him drop the knife to the floor and gasp.

His brother, still dressed in nothing but sweatpants, was sitting between the short side of the bathtub and the wall. The thumping noise was created every time his head hit the wall where there now was blood trailing oh so slowly down to the floor. Deans eyes had a dead look in them and he had obviously wet himself.

'Dean!' Sam was crouching in front of him in an instant. He could now see lines of salt left on the older mans pale cheeks where tears had recently trailed and then dried. Dean didn't even seem to notice he wasn't alone anymore, and he continued to bang his head against the wall.

'Stop it. Dean, what's wrong' Sam said with a shaking voice as he firmly gripped Dean's head between his hand, keeping him from hurting himself further. Dean didn't resist the slightest; he only sat there staring out in space. Sam looked at him with fear and then did the only thing he could think of; he embraced his older brother, whispering everything would be alright and rocking them back and forth, even though he had no idea what was wrong and what to do.

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