Chapter 4

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'Please help me.. Sam.. please.. somebody.. anybody.. help me!'

Consciousness slowly returned, yet he felt as if he still was in that terrifying place. His entire body felt way too heavy and he just wanted to escape. He longed for a safe place, but didn't know where to find one.

'please.. please.. please..' please what? That he did not know.

His eyelids felt like bricks of cement and it amazed him slightly that he managed to open them without prying them open with a crowbar. But as soon as he opened them he wished that he hadn't. It was pitch black and he had no idea where he was. All he knew was that he was lying down. Fear streamed through his blood vessels, infecting every part of his body.

'Oh God, what now?' he couldn't stop the whimper from escaping his lips.

Suddenly he heard a loud noise and he instinctively put his arms around his head for protection. The loud noise could be heard again but this time it sounded familiar.. it sounded like his name was being called out.


'Sam? Is that you?' He didn't realize he hadn't spoken out loud until Sam's strong arms were being wrapped around him and he was pulled into a sitting position. Now that his eyes had adjusted to the darkness in the room he could see his brother's worried face in front of his own.

'Dean, answer me!' Sam practically yelled in his face and shook him slightly.

'Are you mad at me? What have I done this time. I'm sorry, please don't hurt me anymore' He felt the by now familiar tears in his eyes and finally found his voice

'Sam?' he rasped out. Sam's eyes widened and the relief shone out of them, but Dean could only see imagined anger and hate in them.

'Please..' he whispered but his voice broke and a tear rolled down his cheek. He still didn't see the worry and deep fear evident in the younger mans eyes

'Please what Dean?'

He felt Sam's hand on the side of his face and his tears came harder

'Please don't hurt me' he begged as he began to sob. He totally missed the hurt look in Sam's eyes before he was pulled into a hug and Sam started to mumble comforting words in his ears. It felt safer than he could ever have imagined but the sobs continued harder and harder. He was so confused. Why was Sam hugging him? And where the hell where they?

'Wh- where a- are we?' He managed to get out between sobs. He was surprised Sam had even heard what he had said.

'We're in Gurney Dean. Don't you remember? In Wisconsin'

He clutched harder at the back of Sam's T-shirt as another whimper made its way out of his mouth.

'What the fuck?'

'H- how?' He felt Sam's grip harden too before the younger man spoke

'What do you mean?'

He sniffed and suppressed another sob before answering.

'How'd I get here, Sam?' his voice was shaking so hard even he himself could hardly hear his words.

'Dean.. what do you mean? You've been here the whole time. What the hell happened to you man?'

'What happened to me..?'Short flashes of memories showed itself in his mind.

A needle. Blood. Pain. Someone screaming. Fear.

'No!' He sobbed and whimpered like a small hurt child against Sam's chest wanting, craving the comfort it gave him.

'Easy, easy' Sam tried to help by rubbing his hand in soothing circles on Deans back but it seemed like nothing helped.


'Jeezus Dean, what the hell happened to you. Whoever did this better run and hide because I will find them and I'm going to make them wish they were never born'

Sam bit his teeth together hard against the anger he was feeling as he cradled his older brother. Now was so not the time to be angry.

'Why the hell did Dean think I was going to hurt him?'

A deep frown creased the front of his head. Dean was still crying in his arms but it finally sounded like the sobs were growing quieter. Sam could only remember one time before when he had been the one holding his older brother while he was crying and not the other way around;

Dean had been only ten years old and John had been on a hunt. Both Sam and Dean had known that their father had left cookies in one of the top-cabinets in the kitchen, so of course they were going to try to get them down. It had taken a little while to figure out just how to do this but suddenly Sam had gotten the bright idea that he could stand on Dean's shoulders. Then he would be able to reach the cookie-jar.

The plan had worked smoothly until it was time for Sam to get down. All of the sudden his right foot had slipped and he came crashing down, hitting his head on the floor hard enough to knock him out.

When consciousness had returned the first thing he had heard was someone sobbing, and when he had turned his head in an attempt to locate the source of the sound he had seen Dean sitting against the refrigerator with his knees pulled up and his face in his hands. The shock of seeing his big brother, who never showed any sign of weakness even then, crying had stopped his own tears of pain. He had crept to the side of Dean not understanding why he was crying, but wanting to help.

Sam remembered the startled look Dean had given him when he had poked him on the arm to get his attention. Apparently Dean had found it difficult to understand that his beloved little brother wasn't lying dead on the floor. Sam had done what to him was the most natural thing in the world; he had hugged Dean just wanting him to be happy again.

Later on Dean had told Sam that he hadn't found a pulse when he had checked but it was probably because he was shaking so badly. None of them ever told John about the accident.

When the memory was over Sam noticed that Dean's sobs were reduced to occasional hiccups and sniffles. He gently rubbed the exhausted mans back one final time before pulling him back so he could take a good look at him. Dean understood what he wanted to do and reluctantly lifted his head and gazed up at his troubled features.

The older mans eyes were red and puffy and his cheeks were drenched with tears. The sight made Sam's frown deepen and he felt his own eyes fill with tears of sympathy.

'Hey' he said softly offering a small smile. Dean blinked once then smiled the tiniest smile Sam had ever seen on his lips,

'Hey' came the reply, still raspy with tears.

There wasn't such a great disparity between the two brothers as many people thought

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