The clues are all there, the red hair, the spitfire tomboyish personality, acceptance of Naruto's name...Naruto's mother is Uzumaki Kushina! Poooo! You suck! Get off the stage loser!

∼Entwined Symphony∼
by Tama Saga

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or Ranma. I'm just borrowing the characters from their great stories to create something fun.


Prologue: A slightly different beginning.



- The Present -


A crowd surrounded a small boy with sunshine gold hair. Said boy was currently glaring at them as hard as he could as he tried his hardest to keep the tears at bay.



The energy in the atmosphere rapidly ramped up. Soon the conflict wasn't going to be limited to just words.

And then, someone else was there the instant the first bottle was thrown.

"Get," the redhead growled to the crowd as she tightened her grip and shattered the thick green glass as easily as if she were crushing an aluminum can. "...lost."

She gave a disdainful snort and shifted out of the way of the incoming projectile when one of the civilians chose to spit at her in response. It splashed harmlessly to the ground.

The small group dispersed soon afterwards.

Bending down, the redhead grabbed the small blond boy in a motherly embrace. "Don't run off and scare me like that ever again, k?" she tenderly whispered.

"Kaasan," Naruto started tearing up before he grabbed her and hugged her tightly. "I'm sorry," he blubbered over and over again.

Instead of replying, she picked her son up and held him. Once she was positive that he wasn't going to disappear on her again, she started heading home.

The bags of groceries that they were buying earlier were left sitting in the middle of the road.


Omake, Ichi!

"Kaasan, can't breathe..." Naruto whimpered.