For Inu Kaiba, by request.

SetoxSerenity. (You have absolutely no idea how hard this was to actually come up with.)


Today's Quote: "What are you doing?" "We are trying to unravel the chaos that is RIPTA." -Angela and a GED instructor.


It had begun in the fall of Serenity Wheeler's first year at Domino High School.

She'd bumped into Kaiba in the hall and he'd, as rude as ever, snapped at her to watch what she was doing.

It became a daily occurance, this bumping into each other, and had even progressed into a, short as he could possibly keep it, conversation.

And from conversation came a relationship. It was a fragile thing, like a broken glass held only together by a thin layer of glue, but it was there. It soon bloomed, like a late flower, into a real friendship.

And friendship always becomes something more when there is a spark. And there was one.

Sparks always become a roaring fire in the end. And what a fire it had been, their something more. It was love, but it wasn't entirely, there was no way it could really be. Filled with more squabbles than one thought lovers could have, and even more contentment, they had loved and laughed.

Serenity brought out in Seto what he'd thought only Mokuba could see, could feel. Could love.

And he didn't mind it, despite what others may have thought. He loved her, he loved her laugh, the way she smiled.

Hell, he loved the way she argued with him over silly things. And damn, how he loved the way she made up with him.

But fragile things always break in the end, and their love was a fragile thing after all, depsite what he'd thought. He could never remember what started the end, but whatever it was put cracks in their relationship and those cracks only grew longer, deeper.

Seto Kaiba didn't cry when she walked away from him, leaving him alone with the pieces of what had been. He thought maybe he should have, but he didn't. He simply gathered up the remains and moved on, the way a Kaiba always moved on when things went wrong.

He did stop every once awhile in the oncoming years to wonder how Serenity was, if she was happy the way he wanted her to be.

Seto Kaiba never saw Serenity Wheeler again after she left and he never spoke of her to anyone again.

But if someone had asked his walls...