Mating Games 9: Bad Moves

By Kimberly T. email: kimbertow at yahoo dot com

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Author's note: I give everyone fair warning:

Angela fans will probably find this particular episode unpleasant, for a variety of reasons. And some of you readers will no doubt find part of this episode very unpleasant, and I apologize in advance if anyone experiences a 'trigger' while reading. But it's a fact that even good people can make bad decisions, for a variety of reasons. And too often, bad decisions result in worse consequences.

Also, a little while ago it was pointed out to me that my "Passing Glances" story/series had, despite boasting about covering every major character in my Life Goes On series in 100-word drabbles, actually neglected one major character: Bronx! And the fact that he tends to be neglected by most fanfic writers, since he never has any speaking roles, was just not a good excuse. So, I decided to rectify that omission with the first installment of this episode. And to make up for it, I gave him twice as much attention as the others got! KT


9.1: Bronx's Bit

Bronx is happy. This new clan is good.

There are many hatchlings to play with, every night! And a big forest to hunt in too! Like long-before, when the castle was on the ground instead of up-too-high!

Like long-before, but not just like long-before. The forest is full of water and mud, and has predators that swim fast. Hudson called them "gators", and told him to not hunt alone; to wait until Hudson could hunt too.

Bronx likes to hunt with Hudson, but it is much better to hunt in a pack, with other watchbeasts. But his littermates all died long-before.

He met and played with other watchbeasts in other clans, while traveling many-places in the skiff. Especially the watchbeast in Angela's old clan, the female with the yellow hide and mane, and a lovely long tail. Boudicca; that was what Angela had called her. Boudicca had been very happy to meet Bronx, and they'd played together; hunted and fought bad ones together, too.

Now Bronx is sad. He misses his littermates and elder watchbeasts. And he misses Boudicca.

Then a hatchling tickles him, and he is happy again.

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