I don't own YGO.

Yes, this story is a collection of twenty six short, silly stories. No, they're not meant to make sense. They're just silly little blurbs of nonsense. So don't bug out over the seeming pointlessness.

A is for Atem.

A if also for apple and for afternoon.

A means that Atem ate an apple that afternoon.

Atem ate an apple that afternoon and wouldn't share with Yuugi.

So Yuugi baked an apple pie and used all of the apples and gave Atem none.

But he choked on his apple pie and Atem called an ambulance.

On the way, Yuugi was bit by an anaconda, and I don't know how.

But the ambulance was drove by an accident, and they had to stop.

The ambulance was hit by an American automobile while they were stopped.

They had to walk Yuugi to the hospital, and on the way, an alligator attacked Yuugi.

Then Anzu appeared and began to talk about friendship.

Another ambulance came and Yuugi was saved.

Yuugi went home, and he had apple pie.

Atem had an apple, and wouldn't share with Yuugi.

All in all, I tell you this story and bid you to remember the moral:

Never give Atem an apple in the afternoon.

Chapter A was written with help from Mana.