I can't wait until I hit K. Seriously. That one is going to be kickass. It's already finished and everything. I just need to get it off my laptop and email it to myself and I'll have it handy for when I actually reach that chapter.

Also, I apologize for the wait. Life came along and said "Hey Kelp. You should do things!" And then other fanfictions and oneshots got in the way, and then I just said "Know what? I'll do it later!"

And now it's later. X3

I is for illiterate.

Joey Wheeler is illiterate, which Yuugi finds ironic because Joey can write.

I is also for igloo, something Joey can build. He can build them out of IPods. Yuugi's not sure if that's a good thing, but Joey doesn't care.

Icthyosaurus is icky, and Joey thinks it's a type of dogfood. Yuugi points out that it's a dinosaur fish type thing but Joey stopped listening when he started building his IPods igloo.

And Yuugi gives up and goes to Duel, leaving Joey alone with his IPods and igloo.

Joey doesn't notice, because by now he's begun to use his illegally acquired insects.

Thanks to Mr. Filament for inspiring the igloo and the IPods, to Ed for her dino fish, and to Psi for... uh... For inviting me to the chatroom, yeah, that's it.