Hermione was not happy.

It had been another frustrating day at the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, and the two idiots, meaning her husband and brother in law, just let another load of wizards off on performing magic in front of large crowds of non magical users.

"What the Bloody Hell do you two think you were doing?"

Harry was trying not to smirk, "Making a special round to the muggle world in order to ensure that ours is not exposed."

Hermione was tempted to run a hand down her face. "I. Know. That. So. Why. Did. You. Let. Them. Go!"

"Because we weren't exposed?" Ron said around a mouthfull of popcorn, of which he had a large canister of in front of him.

"Without a warning!"

Harry rolled his eyes while Ron just shook his head, "It was a clown car. It's supposed to be bigger on the inside than the outside. You never complain when that Doctor fellow does the same thing, and he's even more well known. Hell, he's on the tebevisual every week, and you don't have us going after him and his super large time turner."

She just had to accept a position as a wizarding lawyer. She had to put up with these two all the time. Why was she friends with the two idiots again?

Oh yeah.

Stupid troll.