Chapter 1 ohhhhhhhh it is very short… Written from different points of view.

Here we are in each other's arms. And when I'm with you everything just seems so right…

Roxas's POV

Geography is the most boring class in the world. Sure I like history and all that, it's interesting, but when your teachers a total ditz… it kind of ruins it.

Miss. Gainsburough is just way too nice. I mean she's always late to class, always stopping in the hallway to help someone carry their books, or stopping a squabble and making someone spill their hearts, souls, and guts out to her. Gag me.

This day was particularly bad. Class was supposed to start ten minutes ago and she wasn't here yet. The class was in chaos. Example, ok um… this is how bad it is.

Sora and Riku, making out in the corner. (Get a room, or at least a broom cupboard, PLEASE!!!)

Tidus and Wakka, throwing a blitzball into a lamp AND breaking it in the process. (There's more to life than sports you know. Try video games sometimes.)

Kairi, Selphie and Namine, talking about fashion. (The latter not really talking just listening lifelessly, nodding every now and then.)

Aaaand me, getting my ear talked off by Demyx, also not really listening to him. (Sorry dude.)

Yeah, makes for a reeeeal-exciting day does it not. Demyx was going on about something totally random, probably the strings on his sitar, something about the G String snapping or something, (hehehe) not that I really care or anything, but WHOTHEFUCKISTHAT…?!

The most gorgeous boy just walked into my boring regular old history class. God he is so hot… Tall, lanky, skinny, emerald eyes, cocky smile, but that hair… fire red and spiked back into perfect pokey perfection. That's really what caught my eye I think. Wait a sec is he walking over here?! Close your mouth Roxas, close your mouth!!! Crap he's talking to me!!!

"Hey there blondes… This AP Geography/History?"

"Yup! That it is. Hi I'm Demyx!" Says Demyx loudly holding his hand out for a shake. Axel took it, shaking it heartily. And saying, "Nice to meet you too…" Oh crap he's looking at me now...!

"Heya cutie. What's your name?"


Oh shit did I just forget my own name???!!!


Hehehe! Just a little something I came up with this morning in my own history class. Next part will be out soon… so… Reviews please?