A Fanfic Sequel To "All I Need Is You."

Also Inspired By The Song "Stolen" By "Dashboard Confessional"

Chapter 1

Disclaimer : I definitely do no own any of the characters in this fanfic. I do, however, own the plot and the scenery, because I know for a fact, that I made all of that up myself.

Summary : An Inukag Fanfic. Three years have passed since the time Inuyasha and Kagome had first met. But things aren't the way they are supposed to be, can they fix what was broken? Can broken hearts really be repaired?

Now on with the story...

Kagome sighed and leant back into the cold depths of her chair. Looking around, she acknowledged her surroundings; there weren't many people around anymore and from what she could see, it was getting pretty dark. The dim setting of the library and the towering booksehelves, did not, however, frighten her, but comforted her instead. She was pretty much used to being alone these days, and she so intended to keep it that way.

She got up slowly, yawning and stretching her arms, then she placed her book gently into her bag. Pulling on her jacket, with her free hand, Kagome decided it was about time she left for home. Nearby, the librarian glanced up from her mount of paperwork and gave her a slight nod, which Kagome returned with a weak smile. She then headed for the exit, throwing her bag over her shoulder as she went, her footsteps slow and eerily quiet.

It was all too silent actually. She took another look around before shoving the stiff old door with her shoulder and walking out.

Once the door opened there was a rush of noise, shocking Kagome to some extent. There were cars passing by with full bright headlights and heavy rain. Kagome hated the rain these days; not like the way she used to. She pulled her jacket closer around her, and opened an umbrella she brought along with her, stepping out from under the shelter of the library and into the rainy street.

She felt cold, though the air was quite warm and humid. Things had changed.

She was broken. Confused.

"Three years. Gone."

She almost cried at the thought, but she tried to choke the tears back, as they began to well up and gather in her eyes. Kagome stopped abruptly in the middle of the street, her tears blurring her vision. She staggered for a moment but steadied herself immediately. Suddenly someone bumped into her, catching her slightly off balance and knocking the umbrella out of her hand.

"Rain had brought them together. And rain had taken them away."

Kagome blindly went to pick up her umbrella, bending down and reaching out a damp hand. But someone got to it first, whoever it was, they lifted up the umbrella and held it over her head.

She was puzzled by the act and consciously wiped her face, so no one would know she was crying. She thanked the rain for her disguise.

When Kagome's vision returned, she caught a glimpse of her environment. It was growing dark, the whole world was tinted blue and the rain hammered down noisily over the top of the umbrella, the streets were empty.

She sighed, relieved to be underneath a shelter again. Then, remembering there was someone with her, Kagome looked up to take a clearer view.

Immediately, her eyes met with two familiar golden orbs and her eyes grew wider in suprise.

"They were the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen." She recalled from a distant memory.

Kagome gasped, trying to step away but Inuyasha held her arm and pulled her back towards him, a guilty expression in his eyes.

"Don't-" He began, a pleading look appearing on his face.

She still remained stunned but she tried to pull away nonetheless, unsure why she was doing so.

"Stop." She breathed out, with one last tug on her arm.

Inuyasha maintained his grip, waiting for her stop struggling.

"Please." He added.

Kagome hesitated for a second, something in his voice made her want to cry. She decided to face him; after all it was now or never. She couldn't just pretend that nothing had ever happened between them- for some time now, she believed that if she had just forgotten about it, it would eventually disappear.

She loosened up, giving her arm one last jerk as she took a step back. Kagome flexed her arm to try and soften the pain, he had really grabbed her arm a little too tight, "Why are you here?"

Inuyasha didn't know what to say, he opened and closed his mouth a few times before he actually spoke.

"I was in town." He avoided her gaze, letting her slip out of his reach.

"Can we talk?" He added after a long silence.

"I don't think-"

Inuyasha's eyes shot back up, cutting her off from what she was about to say. She was absolutely clueless.

"Please. I promise it won't be long."

Kagome was unsure, after all this time, she was still trying to move on. She opened her mouth to answer, yet the words didn't come out.

"Fine, give me until the rain stops at least." He insisted, sensing her doubt.

She became aware of the rain; it was so easy to forget. She wished, she could say the same thing for Inuyasha.

Kagome let out a deep exhale before telling him, "Okay."

Without another word, she took hold of the umbrella from Inuyasha and led the way to her apartment, well, she didn't feel extremely comfortable being outside anymore. He was here, with her. What could she do now?

"Inuyasha. Why do you have to do this to me?" She thought inwardly.

Three years. All that was so long ago.

She took a quick glance at Inuyasha. He was different yet the same, he had lost his boyishness from the last time she had seen him and he looked somewhat older, so much cuter than the last time they had met. He caught her staring and she quickly turned away shyly, just like she had done many time before, when they were still together.

"Kagome?" He asked, breaking the silence.

"Hm?" She replied, walking on and still trying to avoid the fact that he was now staring at her.

The roaring of the rain grew louder and Kagome listened hard to hear what Inuyasha was going to say, her blank stare averted to the floor.

"Kagome, how did it all go wrong?"

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