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Prologue: What Just Happened?

The battle was almost over.

Kohona had exhausted every idea to try and stop the attack; ninja valiantly died evacuating civilians at the last moment. The remaining fought for as long as they could, but Kabuto wasn't stupid. The diversion tactic failed… and the civilians paid the price.

So much blood.

Glowing hands shook as they hovered over the not-quite-lost ninja, but it was no use. They had failed. He would be back, the civilians would be dead, and the last remaining ninja would be crushed under the sheer numbers of the oto-nin.

The pink-haired girl was currently trying to heal a green-spandex-clad jounin, tears running down her face and dripping onto the body as she watched yet another in a long line of friends die.

"Lee." She whispered, as she felt him dieing, the breaths coming in short, erratic gasps as he tried to keep fighting the uphill battle, just like he'd been doing his whole life. Only now he was losing.

I…have to save chakra for the ninja who will survive… longer.

She thought morbidly as a last sigh escaped Lee. She fought back the bile that rose to her throat as she looked up from her patient. There were bodies everywhere, and the medic-nin who Tsunade had forcibly held back for this moment…but it was not like this would help anyways. To be brought back from the brink of death to die again?

The medic-nin were reviving a small few, not even enough to be an annoyance to the approaching forces.

No use.

But she got up anyways, moving on to the next ninja, automatically declaring him dead. She moved on, but her mind was strangely detached, and she moved like a zombie through a grave…

I shouldn't even be alive right now.

… But that's what it was, wasn't it? The last grave of Kohona… sometime in the near future the other hidden villages would move into the land once protected by the Hidden Leaf and Sand. All of the other villages that might have supported them had been crushed before the sound even dared to approach the grand prize.


She was the only ninja of the rookie nine left. And that was only because of orders from a Hokage who was drunk half the time.

Shouting. Oto-nin. Not even bothering to hide their…sound. Yes, the few Kohona ninja left were merely an annoyance, a strike in the dark, a failed attempt. They had tried for the last ten years since Sasuke left, but it was no use. After Sasuke left, and Naruto failed to retrieve him in multiple missions, he…

Don't think about that.

She shook the fuzz partway from her mind, trying to get her thoughts away from her friends. Right now she had to work, no matter how futile. She knelt before a ninja who probably would've preferred to die and tried to revive him enough to fight. No use. The oto-nin were there… nearby, finishing the job. Soon they would get to her. She heard a cry as another medic fell. She stood, resolving herself. She wasn't going to sit there and let herself be killed without a fight. They had taken her friends. She had to give them a favor back.

I'm going to take him with me.

And she ran. Not away from the slaughter, but towards it. There. The face was the only thing her vision, and she ran towards it, dodging under blows and throwing enemy ninja to the side. She fueled this last run with all the obsessive behavior she used to have over Sasuke, all the annoyance over Naruto, all the faith the others had put into her over ten years.

If she could take anyone else in this army with her, it was going to be the leader of the invasion, Kabuto. Sasuke was dead, Orochimaru was dead, but he wasn't. And he fatally injured Lee in that very same day. She activated her chakra scalpels, and shoved her hand right at his heart as he went to block it. To slow. But he countered right before his heart failed, and Sakura had time for only one thought.

If only I could've saved them.


I was going to end the prologue here, but meh… oh well.


Is this death?

Sakura asked herself as she woke… to none other than the beep beep beep of an extremely annoying alarm chock.

No, I think that alarm clocks would've been outlawed in heaven or hell, way to troublesome. Great, now I sound like…

She cut that thought off; she would not allow herself to be drawn back to the past.

Sitting up, she immediately felt nauseous and closed her eyes to prevent from throwing up on the bed. Bed?

After the…slaughter? No, because I'd be dead. Then…

She opened her eyes slowly, taking in the room's interior. The beeping in the background was loud, but she barely noticed it. It couldn't be…


It was! Down to the vanity dresser and closet. Even the colors were the same before the house was burnt down. She ran her hand through her hair, a thinking trait she had picked up, only to realize her bubble-gum pink hair was longer than it had been since the forest of death Cunnin Exams.


She slowly got out of bed, noticing right away the changes in her height and clothes, and cautiously approached the vanity mirror. What she saw made her gasp. Long, pink hair. Emerald eyes not dulled by the contacts that she wore after Naruto's… jutsu test. A smooth, unscarred face, not hardened by years of being a ninja… not hardened by years at all.

The door opened, and Sakura got into her defensive position automatically, already half through checking to see if this was a genjutsu or not. She forgot all about it, a shocked expression crossing her face as her mom stepped into the room.

"Honey, are you…oh, you are. Well, can you turn off the alarm clock and hurry up, you're already late for your first day of being a ninja."

She mumbled a reply, trying to keep the shocked awe out of her voice. Sakura wanted to run towards her mom, hug her and cry until the tears that had been held back at the funeral were gone… but she didn't. For all she knew, this was some trick of some sort. Her mom gave her a weird look before backing out of the small room.

Okay Sakura, think. It's not a genjutsu, or it might be an extremely complicated one, but I doubt that. A dream? Hallucinations? I can't break those. But who would know this much about me? I guess…it could be…

She paused in her thoughts, that was just a little too out there.

But I thought…'If only I could've saved them'…

Sakura quickly banished that thought from her head. She would play along for now, entertaining that hope of maybe, just maybe, she went back. If that thought was proven, and she'd know when, that would be a second chance to save her friends… a second chance…

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