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Chapter One

In a warehouse on the other side of Domino sitting in a dark corner sat a young man with dirty blonde hair and he was holding his younger sister who had red hair and a young boy with black hair close to his battered and bloody body.

"Shh, the young man said, it's going to be alright. As soon as the sun goes down we'll try to get out of here and someplace that is safer and maybe I can get some medical help, my side hurts really bad like he broke a rib or two this time."

The young girl looked up into her brother's bloody face and whispered "Why didn't you just leave and get away, he wouldn't have hurt me would he?"

Joey tried to smile at his sister but it caused him such pain that he just touched the top of her head with his one hand that wasn't broken. "Hey, this time he's completely out of his damn mind and I wasn't going to take that chance so that's why I went back to get you and poor Mokuba was at the wrong place at the wrong time and well here we are."

Mokuba pulled a clean handkerchief from his pocket and reached up to Joey's right eye and wiped away some of the blood that was coming down from the cut on his forehead. "Seto will be home soon and when he finds out that I'm not there he will send people out looking for me and hopefully he gets here before" he couldn't go on, he kept seeing their father try to kill Joey by beating him with that baseball bat and screaming "Die you no good bastard die!"

Joey pulled Mokuba closer to him to try to keep him from sobbing to loudly and he said "Hey, we'll get out of here I promise" even though he didn't know how just yet, but he would find a way to keep them safe even if he had to die doing it he would. (Little does he know he just might have to die to keep them safe...)

The limo got home from picking Seto up at the Airport and when they were heading home, Seto asked Roland "Where is Mokuba? I thought he'd be with you?"

Roland looked in the rearview mirror at Seto and told him "Mokuba went to Robby's house to do a report they have for school and he should be home by now."

Seto called the Manor and talked to Greta the head housekeeper and asked her "Is Mokuba home yet?"

Greta replied "No sir, he's not here yet, I will call Robby's house and see if he's left yet."

Seto had a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach and just as the limo was pulling into the driveway of the Estate, the phone rang and it was Greta "Sir, Robby's mom said that Mokuba left there three hours ago, she said the Mokuba said something about going to the Park."

Seto slammed the phone down and yelled to Roland "Go to the Park now! Mokuba isn't home yet, maybe he's at the Park."

Roland kept driving till he was headed out of the drive and he drove to the Park, but there was no sight of Mokuba there at all, they only found his cell phone and it had been broken as if someone had stepped on it to keep him from using it.

Dread filled Seto's heart as he thought that maybe his brother had been kidnapped and they were holding him for ransom, not knowing that his brother was in that warehouse with Joey and Serenity hiding out from their demented father who wanted to kill Joey.

Roland drove back to the Estate and as he stopped the limo, Seto jumped out and ran into the Manor and straight to his den to check to see if there were any messages but he didn't find any. What the hell is going on? He asked himself, and where was his brother?

It was getting dark and Seto was beside himself with worry and as he paced back and forth in front of the desk waiting for the phone to ring, back at the warehouse Joey was waiting for the sun to set so that he could try to get them out of there and somewhere safe where his father couldn't get to them, but where?

It was around ten o'clock and Seto was almost a basket case when Roland finally got him to try to eat something telling him "You won't do Mokuba any good if you wind up in the hospital, so eat something."

Seto sat down and looked at the food on that plate and completely lost it and he started crying and Roland went to him and put his arm around his shoulders and whispered "We'll find him don't worry."

Seto looked up into the face of the man who had raised them since the death of their father Gozoboro five years ago. He died in an accident that the Police couldn't prove who did it or even if he did it to himself.

As Seto sat there trying to eat some of the food, a tear ran down his face as he remembered the night that Roland came and told them that their father had died and how he held them as they cried and it was his love that got them through all of that, now Seto needed him again to help him get through this.

Back at the warehouse Joey stood up cautiously trying to determine if his legs would support him if he needed to run, and his left leg hurt but nothing he couldn't handle, so he said to the young ones "Listen, we have to be very quiet and we are going to try to get out through the back door, then once we're out we have to go as fast as we can to find another place to hide so that he doesn't find us, then I will try to get to a phone and call your brother and tell him where we are and hopefully he will get here before that sick bastard does."

Serenity held tightly to her brother's hand and then she said "You're not going anywhere without us so don't think of making us stay someplace and sneaking away when we're asleep or something."

Mokuba said "I agree with Serenity, we have to stick together and try to find someway to get to a phone and I'll call Seto's private number and he'll come and get us."

Joey knew when he was beaten so he started walking towards the back door and it was locked, but he pulled out his switchblade and using the blade he forced the lock open and they went out into the night and went as fast as they could and when they finally saw a payphone in the distance, they heard the sound of a engine and they had to hide and hope that it wasn't his dad, because if it was well they were all dead.

It was just a biker riding through probably on his way to find some bar to get a drink. They then started walking to the payphone, when Joey's leg went out from under him and he fell and when he hit the ground the impact forced one of his ribs through his left lung and he screamed and passed out.

Mokuba ran to the payphone and dialed Seto's private number and when he heard his brother's voice he started crying and then he said "Seto, Joey's hurt. We're at the warehouse" then the line went dead and there behind Mokuba was the reason why, Joey's father was standing there with a gun pointed at Serenity's head and he pushed down on the plunger and cut the call off.

Then he smiled that hideous smile and he said "Well look here what I found."

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