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Chapter Twenty-Five

Today Serenity and Mokuba are graduating from College and the everyone is so happy for them. As Seto and Joey are getting their little ones to go to the graduation ceremony, they think back on how they got to this day, it has been a long and sometimes very scary journey for both Serenity and Mokuba but with the love of their families and their faith in God they have finally made it.

As Serenity and Mokuba sit on the stage waiting to receive their diploma's they think back on how they got here and tears fill their eyes as they sit there proudly and they both know that there isn't a thing that they can't do and the future is theirs.

Seto, Joey and their little ones along with Roland and Greta sit in the audience waiting to see their sister and brother walk across that stage and know that they have achieved the greatest honor anyone ever could, they fought back and took charge of their lives and now in just a few minutes they will get their diplomas and go out into that world and show everyone exactly what they can do and do it proudly.

Roland made his way to the front of the room to get a good view of the stage and as they called out their names and they walked across the stage and received their diplomas Roland filmed this glorious event and their family stood up and cheered as they finally came to the end of one journey knowing that they had many others to face and that they would face them together.

Later on back at the Manor as they all sat round the living room and they all thought back on what brought them all together tears ran down their faces as they remembered and now they all were here and happy and that's all that matters.

Greta made a cake to celebrate this event and as she was cutting it, Serenity stood up and ran to the bathroom and threw up, Mokuba went to see if she was alright and as she was wiping her face he said "Are you going to be alright?"

She smiled at him and said "Yes, but now we have to tell them about the baby." He took her hand and they walked back to the others who were concerned and as they stood there looking at their loved ones Mokuba proudly said "We're having a baby."

Greta clapped her hands because she was so happy and she went to them and gave them a hug. Roland walked over and shook Mokuba's hand and kissed Serenity on the cheek and he said "Congratulations."

Seto and Joey walked over to them and with their little ones in their arms Seto said "We're happy for you both and welcome to the world of parenthood." They all laughed and he kissed them both.

Joey smiled as he looked at his little sister and knew that she'd make a great mommy and then he said to Mokuba "I'm happy for both of you and Mokuba you're one hell of a good man. You're going to make a great dad and sis you're going to be the best mommy any child could ask for."

Little Christopher laughed and Melissa squealed as if they were both happy too.

Now their hardest challenge was about to begin, becoming parents and they couldn't wait for it to begin. Serenity had a fairly easy pregnancy and when she gave birth she was in labor for over six hours and Mokuba was right there beside her. She gave birth to a son and he weighed eight pounds three ounces and was twenty inches long with an head of coal black hair and blue eyes. He was screaming as he came into the world and his parents were crying because they were so happy.

As they others waited to find out what she had, they all thought back on this day and each of them said their own prayer that everything would be alright. Then Mokuba came and said "I have a son!"

Seto went to his brother and as they held each other tears ran down everyone's face as he said "Serenity is resting and she was great." Tears ran down his face as he said "He's just beautiful and I'm so proud of my wife and God blessed us with a son."

Later on Seto and Joey went to see her and Greta and Roland took care of Christopher and Melissa. As they walked into the room Serenity was hold the baby and as they watched her tears filled their eyes and she smiled and said "Come meet your Nephew."

Both Joey and Seto held the baby and then Mokuba said "We'd love to introduce you to William Eugene Kaiba."

Tears ran down both Seto and Joey's faces as they realized that they named their son after them and they both said "That is a strong name for a strong little man." They kissed her cheek and gave Mokuba hug as they gave him his son and then Joey said "Greta and Roland are going nuts because they want to see their newest grandchild, so we'll go and let them come and see your son, but we'll be back later."

As Greta and Roland held their newest grandchild, Greta said "He will make your lives so much more full filled and the love that you'll get from him will make your hearts sing."

After a few months, Serenity got a job as teacher of the first grade class at Domino Elementary School and Greta was the best baby sitter. She loves her job. Mokuba is now working beside his brother and all is right in the world.

Serenity and Mokuba went on to have two more children, a boy and girl. Seto and Joey adopted another little girl and Roland and Greta are two very proud parents and grandparents.

Up in heaven three very special angels are smiling down on the their children and grandchildren and on two very special people who have shown Seto, Joey, Mokuba and Serenity their love and how God can make a difference in their lives. The stars are glowing a little brighter tonight and all is well…….

THE END…………….

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