She was sat in the library, reading one of her books.

"Hermione!" She looked up, startled as he sat opposite her. He was out of breath, his shirt was untucked, his top button undone and he had no shoes or socks on. Plus they didn't really speak to each other, so no wonder she was surprised.

"Diggory? Cedric Diggory?" He smiled slightly, not his trademark smile, but a softer more kindly smile he rarely used.

"You're beautiful, you know that?" She stared at him, amazed.

"Are you alright?" He nodded, not taking his light grey blue eyes off her as she stared back, slightly embarrassed and a little bit unnerved by his staring.

"I'm fine. But you, you are perfect and beautiful and unique." She stared at him, open mouthed in horror.

"You're mad Diggory, stark raving mad!" She got to her feet, closing her book with a sharp snap.

"No, wait. Hermione" He ran after her, not caring who saw him. He realised now that it was her he loved. Cho could go stuff herself, or date Potter; she ogled him enough when they were in the corridor together. Potter was free to take her.

"I think I love Hermione!"

"Go away Diggory! Something's wrong with you, seriously wrong!"

They were on the Grand staircase and people had stopped to listen to their argument.

"No listen to me Hermione!" He grabbed her arm, pulling her around so she was facing him, pressing her up against so they were almost nose-to-nose, but she moved back from him, obviously scared by this close proximity.

"Fred and George asked me to try out on of their products, a day-dream charm, and you appeared and I realised that I loved you, not Cho, you."

"Let you go me." But that only caused him to tighten his grip on his arms. "Diggory let go of me or I'll hex you into next week!" Slowly, he let go of her wrists, people still watching them. "Get yourself off to the hospital wing, something is wrong with," but he didn't let her finish, he just placed his mouth over hers, not caring who saw them, or that he was bare footed, or that he was untidy.

Hermione just stood there, too shocked to do anything. People were wolf whistling around them, but she found she didn't care. One of the cutest boys in Hogwarts was kissing her in front of everyone.

"Do you understand now Hermione? I love you. I love you!" He practically shouted the last statement at everyone.

George looked at his twin, grinning slightly.

"I think we should congratulate ourselves Fred. They work perfectly." Fred nodded, resting his arm on his brother's shoulder, matching his grin.

"They sure do George."

They couldn't say any more as at that moment Ron turned up and was about to curse Cedric to kingdom come for kissing Hermione.

Actually, he did, but Cedric shot a curse back, causing them to fly in opposite directions.

They were all right, once Madame Pompfry had patched them up and Hermione had calmed them down enough so that they could at least shout civilly to each other instead of pulling their wands on each other, because Cedric would win a duel easily.

Fred and George didn't really care that Cedric Diggory had tried to attack their brother, or that their little brother was mopping about the place because Hermione was going out with Cedric. They now had the perfect slogan for the daydream charms:

'Daydreams really do come true!'