Colby's POV in Trust Metric. 4x1 Spoiler Warning.

Letting my fist curl in, I felt the rope tighten against my arm. The preparation of the medicine never once eased the knot in my stomach, or had told me there had always been something wrong with this picture that was now being painted. Basic instinct shadowed over as the needle pierced into my arm, and the betrayal of Dwayne weighed heavily on me, compared to how I had betrayed my own team.

As the medicine seeped through my vein, that's all I wanted was to be back there on the team. To hear Don's leading commands as we deciphered another case. To converse with David over tactics that would catch another offender, and still heed the psychological views of Megan. The man hovering over me took me way past my comfort line, to which I had no respect for. That one call that I had made on the subway however, was in my opinion respect, a certain part that I had never felt before and to one who I could trust, because I had not physically betrayed him.

David had been the best partner, but as he had held the gun with full rage, I saw through the lights of the helicopters, the betrayal in his eyes. He had trusted me, but I could not submit to that rage after being handcuffed and placed in a car next to the man I now despised, Dwayne Carter. In turn for that, bad had now turned into worse, and more than ever as I felt my breathing slowing as I looked back on the secrets that had made this mess.

Now I was bloodied, feeling filthier than I had ever been before and understanding that I was a fool for having to do with anything pertaining to this trade. Betrayal. Discomfort that was settling inside of me that had nothing to do with a lethal injection in the hands of a man who would stop at nothing whether he knew or not, the secrets that had now made him, Colby Granger, who he was today.

If Megan had been here, she would be asking him just what the heck he was thinking. Which made him think more of the situation he was in-who was going to save him now? He had betrayed her as well and she had trusted him as a coworker, a friend mostly, one she could lean on heavily and he couldn't have been more proud to say he knew her. That was if he made it through this.

I could no longer trust Dwayne, the lethal injection was about to be placed in my arm, and I felt my throat constrict just about the time a helicopter was heard outside of the boat. I let out a breath that I never knew that I had been holding and realized I had been granted more hope than I had deserved.

But that hope had been crushed instantly as everything ran in a blur. Nobody knew this was going to happen as the burn of the needle stuck into my chest, and I began to black out. I heard Dwayne's voice that if I had only known would be the last time. A gunshot rang out--and before I knew it, there was blackness.

So now here I lay, trying to understand the undefined pieces in this remarkable event. Whether it be good or bad, somewhere in the back of my mind I know I was granted a second chance. And now I had the sole ability to make things right and to never take anything from now on for granted before I had seen the whole picture.