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"What is it?" Nick asked.

"No idea." Veronica proceeded to open the envelope, revealing a piece of paper with newspaper letters glued to it. Apparently, the sender liked things the old fashioned way. As soon as Veronica processed what was spelled out, she dropped the paper, and tears started to form in her eyes. Nick noticed the change and came up to her side to see what the paper said.

"Oh my god."

Veronica couldn't believe what she had seen spelled out on the paper, but it was engraved in her mind. She tried to get rid of the image by closing her eyes but she still saw it. But it couldn't be true. Veronica refused to think that "Veronica's dad wasn't her biological father" is true. Because if it were, that would mean that all the abuse she suffered through was done by some stranger. Some man that she had no connection with. And that her mother allowed it.

NO! Veronica's heart screamed. There's no way mom could have known! But as she thought it through, she found that her mother's infidelity could have been reason for the abuse. But then, everything would have been her mom's fault. Veronica was drawing in shallow breaths and her eyes were squeezed shut as she tried to level the world that was tipping around her.

Nick watched for awhile as Veronica tried to process what she had read, and as he tried to process it as well. There's no way. NO way. He assured himself before kneeling down and bringing the crying girl into his arms. Rocking her back and forth, he whispered soothing nonsense into her ear until the crying subsided. Then he picked her up and carried her to her room. "Good night, Ronnie." He whispered before tucking her in.


"No… No… NO… STOP IT!... Help me, please… NO!" The screaming from the bedroom woke Nick and he groggily tried to place the noise. A loud "STOP" directed his attention to Veronica's bedroom and he quickly went to the room to find his cousin – (or is she?) he thought – thrashing about with the covers at the foot of the bed.

"Ronnie!" He pulled her into his arms to try and stop the nightmare. "Veronica!" He said louder. All of a sudden her eyes shot open and she stopped thrashing about. Her breathing was heavy and her face flushed. After looking around and spotting Nick she relaxed and took a few calming breaths.

"I'm okay. I – I'm fine." Veronica said before settling down into her pillows and covering her face with her hands. "It was just a nightmare. I'm okay. You should go back to sleep." Nick wasn't sure if she was trying to convince him or herself that she was okay, but he let it go.

"All right, Ronnie, I'll see you in the morning, okay?"

"Yeah, see you in the morning." Nick brushed the hair from her forehead and kissed it before walking out of her room and settling down on the couch, but he never got back to sleep.


"Hi Karl, it's Amber." Veronica says in a bouncy tone while talking on her cell phone, "Um, I got an email from you, I guess by mistake but I think I can help you. Give me a call. 555-0196." After she closes the phone the school bell rings, "And I'm late for bio, again." Then to Georgia, the girl she just agreed to help get her money back, "Ten percent of whatever I recover."

Georgia nods and Veronica starts to walk out of the restroom, which she has now claimed as her 'office' but first she uses her cell again. "Hi!" She begins bouncy and dumb to her message greeting, "You've reached Amber. Leave me a message."

Veronica's new friend Wallace grins and mouths 'Thank you'.

Wallace looks back at his new crush and points to his departed friend, "Did I tell you?"


Veronica is sitting in the journalism classroom looking at a computer while the television broadcast is underway. …last day to buy homecoming tickets. No homecoming tickets for the dance will be sold after that time.

Veronica has never gone to the homecoming dance. Of course Pete wouldn't allow her to do such a thing. She was always confused as to why he seemed to be so over-protective, yet he was the one she needed protecting from.

Veronica's thoughts are interrupted from the other side of the room where she hears Logan roar at Lilly, "Fine, find your own date to Homecoming!" He then storms out of the room and when Veronica looks over to find Lilly trying to flirt with Dick, she's incredibly glad she's not friends with that group of people.


Veronica is standing at her open locker, a look of contemplation on her face as she thinks about homecoming, Lilly and Logan, and the letter she received last night. Eventually she snaps out of it and closes her locker as Wallace comes up behind her.

In a very chirpy mood Wallace speaks, "Ladies and gentlemen, Veronica Mars. I've talked to that girl more today than I have in the past four months combined."

Now Veronica is smiling broadly since Wallace has blown her bad mood away, "Her pain is your pleasure?"

"Hey, hey, I'm the cavalry. I get to save the day. We are going to save the day? Right?"

Veronica's phone starts to ring, "Hello?" After hearing the response she puts a hand on Wallace's arm in a motion of saying 'this is it'. Then with Amber's simper, "Oh yeah, this is Amber." Wallace crosses his fingers and gets increasingly excited as he listens to Veronica speak. "Oh my god, hi! … Of course I can meet you today, what time?" Veronica and Wallace walk forward with identical grins on their faces.


Veronica is walking down the halls of Neptune High with Wallace the next day, reviewing the findings of yesterday. So 'Karl' is really a stupid actor named Jimmy Spain who thought he was on 'Duped'. Great. Wallace nudges her to get her attention. She sighs before continuing on with their conversation.

"A pay phone that doesn't accept incoming calls. Shocker. From a place called Gameland. I guess it's a cybercafé but I'll check it out."

"Naw, it's not a cybercafé, it's a gaming club. It's like a bunch of computer nerds trying to blow each other up. Only girls they see in there are japanimated. So, you're not going to really blend."

"So I won't blend." She says while thinking of exactly how she won't be blending.


Veronica walks into the gaming club wearing a short black page boy wig, and an outfit like that of Sailor Moon, the schoolgirl killer from Kill Bill, which happens to be a movie she recently watched. Every guy turns to stare at her as she makes her way through the club. After swapping her ID for an ear piece she says a 'thanks' and then moves further into the depths of the club; all eyes still on her. Veronica spies two guys sitting on a couch playing a game and plonks herself down between them. The one on her left is irritated by her company but the one on the right is a tad more interested, however they continue with their game.

"I have one word. Ownage." The guy on the left says.

"I care." The other responds.

"Aaaand, I just fried you again."

Veronica watches as they shoot each other on the screen.

"Ooohh." The guy on the left says. Veronica smiles and turns to him.

"Can you watch my stuff?"


She pulls a piece of paper from her bag and leaves it on the couch as she gets up. Walking behind the couch she reaches where the names of the people playing are listed. Looking at the copy of Georgia's email for the scammer, Veronica compares it with the screen. Grrrantula, a gamer. Email from grrrantastic-tech. A coincidence, I think not. She types 'Gamegirl' into the new player login. "Gamegirl," Veronica says to herself with a smile.

A while later Veronica rummages through the ID box, finding her's and Grant's and takes both of them. "It was hiding under the Q's." She says to the guy behind the counter and makes her way out looking at the ID, not seeing the other person coming. They hit and Veronica almost falls down but the guy grabs her arms to steady her. When she looks up and sees the face, she wants to curl up inside herself and die. Oh boy will she never hear the end of this.

A smirk crosses Logan's face as he views the disguised Veronica Mars before him, who's looking everywhere but at him nervously. They pause for a moment before they both blurt out, "What are you doing here?"

Logan, always the drama queen, answers first without objection, "Well, I come here to kick some nerds' asses at videogames when I get bored with beating DK or Dick. But I don't think I've seen you here before. Trying to broaden your horizons? Find that special someone?"

Veronica's eyes narrow as he talks in a jackass tone. "Not like it's any of your information, but I'm here on a case. I didn't think I'd blend in wearing my usual clothes, and I didn't want anyone to recognize me." Then she muttered to herself quietly, "Didn't really work."

"Well baby, in that little outfit, you can be on my case anytime!"

"And now I'm leaving." However Veronica is thinking that there definitely is not a God as Logan Echolls follows her out of Gameland and into the parking lot. "Uggh… why can't you just leave me alone." She says, frustrated, as she pulls off the wig and shakes out her short blonde tresses.

Logan is transfixed by the gorgeous blonde in front of him, and can't help his eyes from wandering to her chest, where something besides her hair is bouncing ever so slightly. Quickly he shakes his head to keep his mind clear and plants his trademark smirk back on his face. "Now, Miss Mars, what would be the fun in that? Do you honestly think I'm going to just let this opportunity pass me by? I mean, here you are, fulfilling one of a guy's top ten fantasies. I must savor the moment."

Veronica squeezes her eyes shut and tries to suppress her bubbling anger. She counts backwards from ten in her mind, takes a deep breath, and opens her eyes. Shit, it didn't work. He's still here. She narrows her eyes at him.

Almost as if reading her mind, "Sorry there Mars, but you can't wish me away."

"But I could run you over with my car. That might make you go away." Veronica then turns and quickly walks the rest of the way to her car. Logan lingers where he was and admires the rear view of the newly unleashed hotness of Veronica Mars. "When I turn around, if you're looking at my ass I am so tasering you!"

Logan just smirks and shifts his gaze to her head, "See you later, anime chick!"

Veronica huffs, stupid obligatory psychotic jackass!


Veronica and Wallace enter school and Wallace is talking about the previous night's activities. "My first college party. Drinking Piña Coladas with a dude and talking about math."

"They've gotta be hiding something big in that dorm room to have that much security," Veronica thinks out loud, "I mean, an-an alarm that sends a message to your cell phone? What's wrong with a deadbolt?" As Veronica finishes she realizes that Wallace has fallen back and she follows his loving gaze to Georgia, who is at her locker. "Wow! You've got it bad."

"Nothing bad about this my friend." Wallace then makes his way over to Georgia, as Veronica watches fondly for a moment. However the moment is ruined when someone bumps into Veronica, spilling their books onto the floor.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Veronica says, kneeling down to help pick up the books. She then looks up to see the person's face, and to her surprise it's Lilly Kane.

"Don't worry about it." She says back. Veronica is quite surprised that Lilly hasn't taken the opportunity to humiliate her or bitch her out. As Veronica hands a striped binder to Lilly, they meet each others' eyes, and Veronica feels as if Lilly is searching her face for something. But the moment passes as quickly as it began, and the binder is out of her hands and Lilly has started walking in the direction she had been previously going.

Veronica looks after Lilly for a few seconds, pondering the girl's strange behavior. Then she gets up and continues on her way to class. While walking she sees a homecoming poster, the theme being "Made for Each Other". At least it's a song I like, but I'm really surprised they have a Jack's Mannequin song. Weird. Then she sees something else that makes her halt. Apparently, the dance will be featuring a live band, The Faders. No way. They're awesome. I swear someone is doing this just to get me to come to this stupid dance.


At the end of the school day Veronica is standing at her locker, gathering all of her homework, when Wallace leans up against the locker beside her and shoves a rectangular piece of paper in her face.

"What's this?" She inquires.

"Just read it."

Veronica reads, and she turns to Wallace with a look of horror etched on her face. "No. NO. There is NO WAY I'm going to this dance. Uh-uh. NOT happening."

"Come on, Veronica. Please! Georgia really wants another girl with her, and she even offered to lend you one of her old dresses. You know you want to go."

"I so do not. These dances are all just excuses to get all close to someone and then screw them at the end of the night. And plus, I'm dateless."

"Aww… come on now. The great Veronica Mars doesn't need men. And you don't have to stay for long, just for a few songs and then you can have the limo driver bring you home."

"I don't know…" Veronica started to give in a bit.

"Please! Pretty please!!!"

"Fine," Veronica sighed, "But only because you begged." However Veronica smiled when she saw Wallace's face light up brightly. "But you so owe me."


Veronica is sitting in the quad, listening to the bug her uncle planted while in Grant and Liam's room 'searching for drugs'.

Eventually she hears what she's looking for and is able to duplicate the alarm, 0227. Satisfied with her findings, she packs up her stuff and heads home. However the whole time, she never noticed the fidgeting person who had been trying to make up their mind about whether or not they'd go talk to Veronica.


At the Kane household, Lilly is dragging her brother upstairs and into her room, away from all the maids and their parents.

"Geez, Lilly, what was that for?" Asked Duncan, quite annoyed with his older sister.

"Chill, Donut. I have some really interesting information that concerns us." She pauses in order to increase the anticipation.

Finally unable to take it, "What is it? Just tell me!"

"Well… I overheard a little conversation between our parents the other day." Lilly says slyly, dragging out the sentence.


"It seems as though daddy dearest isn't exactly as perfect as he seems and is harboring quite a secret." Lilly's eyes are dancing with mischief and her smirk is fully in place.

"What's his secret?" Duncan has now given his full attention to Lilly and is sitting on the end of her bed.

"Miss Lianne Reynolds."

"Who's that?"

"Dad's high-school sweetheart and ex-lover. And, the mother of none other than Veronica Mars."

Duncan's jaw drops, "Wh - what does that mean?"

"It means that we might have a half-sister."

"You're joking, right?"

"Nope." Lilly answers with complete seriousness.

"So… what do we do now?"

"We find out if she's our sister. But don't worry, the first part of the plan has already begun. Now shoo, I've got stuff to do!"

Duncan rolls his eyes and leaves his sister's room. However, a million thoughts are running through his head.


Veronica arrives home to find Nick jabbing at the PS2 controller and a look of concentration on his face. "You sure haven't changed."

Nick looks up for a moment then goes back to his game. "Hey now," he defends himself, "at least I'm not still fascinated with unicorns and ponies."

Veronica scoffs, "How would you know that?"

"Dad told me that's what you said you wanted when he had asked you about your birthday present."

"All girls like ponies and unicorns."

"Yeah, when they're five. But all guys like videogames, no matter what their age."

"Fine. You win. Happy?"

"Very much so." Nick then presses the x button multiple times in a row then stands up and pumps his fist in victory. "Yes!"

"Real mature, Nick. You're gonna snag yourself a lady in no time."

"Ha ha."

Veronica walks to her bedroom and deposits her bag before changing her mind and picking it up again. She walks back out to the main area of the apartment. "Will you go shopping with me?"

Nick pauses his game and gives Veronica a strange look. "Are you serious?"

Veronica sighs, "Look, my friend Wallace is making me go to homecoming and I need a dress. Please, will you go with me?"

"All right, but we get to do something of my choosing sometime."

"Fine, now let's go."


Veronica is dragging a very reluctant Nick into the third dress store they've visited in the mall. Nick sighs as Veronica scans the dresses, checking the price tags and grimacing at the expensive prices. She makes her way to the back of the store where she finds the clearance rack. After making her way around half of it she spots a strapless red dress. She pulls it out and smiles when she sees the size and price. "Nick! I found it!"

"Thank god." He says as he walks over. Veronica elbows him playfully in the ribs. "Are you going to try it on?"

"Yeah. Now you need to tell me if I look good. And be honest!"

Veronica hurries inside of a dressing room and slips on the dress. She then opens the door slowly and timidly stands in front of her cousin. Nick's eyebrows raise and his mouth opens a bit in shock. Veronica crosses her arms protectively in front of her chest as she looks around and spots some other customers. "Are you going to say anything?" She asks the speechless Nick.

"Wow. Ronnie you look beautiful." He says sincerely.

Veronica blushes a bit but hides it well. After gathering her confidence she does a little spin for him and strikes a pose, to which Nick laughs. "So shall I buy it?"

"Definitely." Nick then takes on a mock motherly voice, "You're just growin' up so fast. I don't know what I'm gonna do!" Veronica rolls her eyes as she walks back to the dressing room and changes from the dress.


As Liam and Grant head for the garbage can to find the backup discs Veronica hid, Wallace, Georgia, and her head back towards her car.

"This just doesn't seem fair," Georgia begins, "I keep thinking about all the people who were scammed and how they don't have kickass friends." Georgia laughs.

"Did you know there's a whole anti-fraud agency in the FBI? I guess it's a big deal. And I was shocked to see how interested they were in the information I had on Liam and Grant." Veronica smiles as she says this.

"Game over."

Veronica continues to walk as Wallace stops to give Georgia her money. Wallace turns to wave to Veronica when Georgia grabs his face and kisses him. Veronica looks back over her shoulder and smiles at the sight.

"I got one, I got one." Liam says to which Grant replies "You got one?"

Hearing this Veronica's smile grows even more and she gets in her car shaking her head at the day she's had.


Veronica, Georgia, and Wallace step out of the limo laughing as they make their way into the school, which is decorated for the dance. Veronica fakely smiles and tries not to be disappointed as she watches Georgia and Wallace smile happily as they get their picture taken. Then the trio heads to the dance floor and dance together as Corny, the DJ for between the breaks of the band, plays some upbeat music. After a few songs a slow song comes on and Wallace looks to Veronica sympathetically.

"Hey, I'm going to go freshen up, but you guys have fun. I'll be back in a bit."

Instead of going to the bathroom, Veronica decides to roam the halls and she walks around the school. As she almost comes full circle to the gym doors she sees a flash of bright pink out of the corner of her eye and she looks down the hallway to the left and is excited at what she sees. Down the hall, she sees the three members of The Faders talking. After a moment's hesitation she walks down the hallway to talk to them.

"Hey." She says nervously as she approaches.

The girls turn around to look at her curiously.

Veronica keeps her cool as she explains herself, "I was just walking by and I couldn't pass up the chance to meet you guys. I'm kind of a fan."

The three girls look at each other conspiringly and then Toy, the bassist and writer of their songs steps forward. "How big of a fan are you?"

"What do you mean?" Veronica asks, confused.

Cherisse, the drummer, elaborates, "Like, have you just heard some of our songs occasionally, or do you know them all by heart?"

"Umm… I know them by heart." Veronica admits embarrassedly.

The three girls smile at each other and then the lead guitarist and singer, Molly, steps forward and says in a scratchy voice, "Can you sing?"

Veronica is confused by the question and her voice. "First, why? And are you okay?"

"I've got a sore throat, so I can't sing. But what about you?"

Veronica looks at the three hopeful girls and decides to take a leap. "Yeah."


Wallace is looking around the dance floor as The Faders take the stage. "Where is Veronica? I thought she was going to be back by now."

"Maybe she found someone to dance with?" Georgia offered.

"No, something's up. She'd definitely be back, she loves The Faders."

Toy Valentine's voice interrupts their conversation as she introduces the band and then adds a second note, "Because our lead vocalist, Molly, has a slight cold, she is unable to sing tonight. However, we ran into someone who is willing to take her place and sing. Just thought we'd let you know, now on with the show!"

A girl in a miniskirt with ripped fishnets and a red tanktop, one of the extra outfits Toy had brought to decide between, walks onstage, however the dark lighting doesn't allow anyone to see her face. She grabs the offered microphone and turns around, so her back faces the crowd. The lighting lights up her back and the students can see her short curly hair. Wallace sees this, and when he hears her voice sing the first few lines of "No Sleep Tonight", the truth begins to dawn on him. As Veronica sings So I'll just make this, a little more obvious she turns around and smirks at the shocked faces of everyone in the crowd.

"Yeah Veronica!" Wallace shouts which gives Veronica an extra boost of confidence and she starts dancing around the stage and interacting with Molly and Toy.

Lilly and a college guy named Kevin are grinding in one section of the dance floor and she looks at her potential sister and can't help the proud feeling that comes over her. She shares a smile with Duncan as he dances more conservatively with Meg. However the feeling is ruined as she feels a tap on her shoulder and Madison is there. "Oh my god, I can't believe that Veronica Mars is singing. Ugh, she sounds horrible."

"Actually Madison," Logan says as he walks over to them from the opposite side with a perky sophomore hanging off his side, "I think Veronica is an amazing singer." However he addressed this statement to Lilly, not Madison.

"I think I'll leave you two kids to bicker while Kev and I go do something a little more fun." She winks at Logan, who gets an angered look on his face, before grabbing her date's hand and dragging him off somewhere.

Tell me baby, are you coming with me? Veronica pretends to motion someone over and then jumps with the guitar before the chorus starts up again.

Dick and Cassidy walk up beside a fuming Madison. "Hey babe." Dick says before slinging an arm around his date's shoulders.

"Ugh, don't touch me. I'm so not in the mood." Madison shrugs off his arm.

"What's wrong?" Dick tries to be sincere but is wishing he had gone stag instead of bringing Madison.

"What's wrong? What's WRONG!?! That bitch Veronica is what's wrong. God she's corrupted everybody. I can't believe people actually like her!"

"Why shouldn't people like her?" Cassidy spoke up nervously, "I mean, people like you."

Dick couldn't contain his laughter at this and he jokingly slapped his younger brother on the back. "Nice one, Beav."

Madison's mouth dropped open and she looked to her right. "Shelley. We're leaving. Now." The brunette obliged and ran like a puppy to Madison's side. "Bye, losers."

"Ouch, that hurts so much." Dick said sarcastically as she walked away. Then he turned his attention to the stage and watched as Veronica sang more of the song.

Do I have to spell it out in black and white?

"She's really awesome." Cassidy said to his older brother as he watched Veronica as well.

"And totally hot, too." Dick said with a smile on his face. "Hey, Logan."

Logan, who was dancing with his date turned his head. "Yeah, man."

"You should invite Veronica to your party after the dance."

"Um, why?"

"Dude, she's like, my dream girl. She's badass, smokin' hot, and who knows what else she can do with that mouth besides sing." Dick felt almost disgusting after saying this, but he wouldn't admit that to anyone. He found himself wishing he could have said that she's nice, smart, pretty, and real. Basically the opposite of Madison.

"Sure, whatever."

"Sweet. I, uh, think I'm gonna go spike the punch."

"Have fun, Dick." Logan said dismissively before returning his attention to his date whose name he couldn't remember.

Dick then dragged Cassidy towards the refreshment area, hoping that his little brother wouldn't question the previous conversation.


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