CRITTERS 5: "They're back."

After destroying a farm in Kansas; after terrorizing a small town; after attacking an apartment building in Los Angeles; after blowing up a whole space station; a single egg floated in the vacuum of space.

"I think we found something, sir!" a voice crackled over an intercom in space.

"What is it?" a different voice said. "Tell me now!"

"Gee, I wonder what it could be!" an astronaut excitedly exclaimed.

"I think it's an egg, dummy," someone responded sarcastically.

A spaceship sent from NASA to retrieve information about their space-center hovered near the wreckage of an old satellite no longer needed. It was on a simple mission: find out what happened to the space-center that had mysteriously blown up. Inside the ship, six astronauts sat at a dinner table in a small room, while three others mended the controls. General Hawkins, the leader, sat at a control station watching the retrieval of the egg they had found floating in the distance of space.

While inside the ship, the egg remained frozen in an incubation chamber. It was being specially cared for by the doctor on the ship.

"We're approaching the Saturn Quadrant, sir." Captain Mitchell stared out the window toward a large asteroid in the distance. It was unusual to see such a large asteroid near Saturn. "Should we engage?"

"No! We're going back to Earth now. I think our little find is enough to get at least three weeks off. Now, let's get this rust-bucket back home!" General Hawkins exclaimed. He peered through the window at the egg that was just sitting there, motionless.

"Heading back to Earth!" the captain said, pressing a yellow button. He whispered, "I wonder what's in that egg. If it's something good, I could give it to my friend; he'll pay big bucks for it. I'll be rich before I'm forty!"

The spaceship turned around and headed towards Earth.

Back on Earth, General Hawkins shouted, "What!? We found this thing in space and you don't even care? I can't believe this! Man!"

"General, please calm down. The reason is I know what's inside of it. And before you ask, you don't want to know." The chief in command sat at his desk tapping a pencil and sipping coffee.

"What is inside, sir?" the general asked. His voice sounded shaky.

"You ever hear of a place called Grover's Bend?" the chief asked.

"Yeah, the town that got attacked by aliens. So what?"

The chief pointed to the egg and pulled up his glasses.

"Oh," the general said with a loud gulp. "So what do we do with it?"

The chief was silent for a moment, thinking. Then he said with a smile on his face, "What do we do, you ask? Well, we destroy it tomorrow. We can't let it live!"

In the hall next to the chief's room, Captain Mitchell leaned against the door, hoping to hear what the general and the chief were discussing. He couldn't hear anything. The chief was a kind of man who liked his privacy; with sound proof doors and walls, barred windows, and a loaded 12-gauge shotgun in his closet for anyone who decided to mess with him when he's in a bad mood or try to rob him.

It was 10:00 p.m., time for the chief to head home for the night; the perfect time for Captain Mitchell to sneak in and steal the egg from outer space. The chief left his office and walked down the hallway towards the parking lot. Captain Mitchell took a paper clip and picked the seven locks on the chief's door. When he got in, he looked for the egg and a few extra bucks. He looked all over the office but couldn't find the egg. He finally found a safe and knocked open the locks on the door; opening it and taking the egg. The egg was warm and slimy with bumps on it. It was in the shape of an oval and was brownish-green. He knew it was a big risk if he got caught, but if he got it to his friend, he'd be rich. He closed the safe door and rushed out of the office, forgetting to lock the door.