At the lab, the Critters were put in a high-security cage just like Marlin said, and Dick and the others were being taken care of.

"How's your neck doing?" the doctor asked, washing off her thermometer.

"Fine," Max responded.

Katie stood up and walked over to Dick. "How are you feeling?"

"I don't know," Dick said.

"That was brave what you did," she said, sitting next to him.

"What?" he asked.

"Taking on two Critters at once to protect your friends," Katie responded. She kissed him on the cheek and walked away.

"Yeah." he replied, blushing.

Marlin sat at his desk, sipping cappuccino and watching the Critters hit the window one-by-one, trying to break it. He knew they couldn't get out. If a speeding bullet couldn't break those windows, a Critter certainly couldn't. But even with all that security, he still didn't feel the safety he wanted to feel. "Guards, keep full look-out on those things! Don't let them out of your sight!"

The men nodded and went back to watching the Critters. The fences and the automated surveillance cameras were online.

"Hey, why did the poop cross the road?" Bruce asked, cutting his steak in the cafeteria. Everyone was sitting down to eat for the capture of the Critters.

"I don't know. Why?" Max questioned, slurping his spaghetti.

"Because something scared the crap out of it!"

Everybody laughed loudly as Bruce told more jokes. The chief came in the lunch room and started talking to the kids. Even Marlin came in and had a bean burrito. Almost everyone was eating in the small lunch room except the guards and the scientists.

"So when do I get paid?" the chief asked Marlin. "And how much?"

Marlin wiped off his mouth and responded, "You'll get paid in an hour or two. And you'll get $20,000 bucks if we get those things to the park. Don't worry."

"I'm taking a break!" yelled a security guard below the balcony of the lab.

"Whatever!" someone answered.

"Oh, man, I'm gonna go to bed. Where are the beds in this place, anyway?" Bruce requested.

Marlin said, "Upstairs to your right, and past the loading dock."

The Critters snarled in their cage as two scientists entered. They took out a tranquillizer gun and shot one of the Critters. As the scientists were leaving with the sleeping Critter, the other Critters tried to get out, but they were shocked by the electrical fencing.

Upstairs in the lab, the scientists put the Critter on a table and began to taking blood samples and pictures. While one of the scientists was taking pictures, the flash from the camera woke up the Critter. It growled and started to attack the scientists. One of the scientists was already dead when the other one was being eaten by the Critter.

The Critter chewed until the man was dead with guts spilled everywhere. Then it laughed and rolled away into the vents.

Downstairs, the other Critters were causing chaos trying to break free.

"Dang it! Those things weren't supposed to be this aggressive!" Marlin exclaimed furiously as the Critters started cracking through the window. The Critters broke out of the cage and began chewing on the fence.

"Shoot those things!! Just save one of 'em!" yelled Marlin.

The wires on the fence began to bend and bust open. The guards frantically shot at the Critters, but there were too many at one time. Two of the guards were dead while the other guards were being attacked. Marlin grabbed a shotgun and a big pistol and raced down the steps to kill the monstrous Critters. He managed to kill one, but the other ones were smart. They tricked Marlin into wasting his ammunition. One jumped on Marlin's back from behind and another one shot at his right leg. He fell to the ground, realizing his end. The other Critters started biting on his stomach, as he could feel his intestines and blood spilling from his body. Blood smeared all over the wall, guts on the floor, and Marlin's lifeless body just sitting there, propped up on the wall.

"Come on guys! Let's go see those things!" Dick said anxiously. He walked over and tugged on the sheets where Bruce was sleeping.

Max got up and started tugging with Dick. Bruce finally rose from his bed and yawned at them. Katie stood by the door waiting for them to come. She could feel something downstairs wasn't right. They all walked down the hall, down the stairs, and to the lab. When they got there, they didn't like what they saw. Lights flashed on and off, electrical wires sparked, and dead bodies laid on the floor with blood and guts ripped out of them.

"I knew they couldn't contain those things for long," the chief said, entering the room with his 12-gauge shotgun.

"What do you mean? The Critters did this!?" Bruce asked with astonishment. His face looked astounded at what the Critters had done to the containment lab. "H-how can this be? I mean, they had full security, electrical fencing, guards, and a special cage, everything you'd need for a Critter!"

The chief and the others were silent. They were looking at Marlin's torn up body.

"You didn't deserve this, buddy. May you rest in peace," the chief said. He took out a medal symbol and put it in Marlin's bloody hand. "I'll see you some other time."

As they moved ahead, they saw numerous eggshells.

"This just keeps getting better and better!" Max said.

And that's as far as I got those years ago. Hope you enjoyed it at least somewhat.