Chapter 3 - Deeds

"It's the end of our evening? But a kiss only takes a scant few seconds …"

"Not this kiss Cameron … it could take all night …" he said lasciviously, "shall I describe it for you?"

"Oh yes … yes, please …" she purred breathlessly.

"First I'd take you in my arms, like this …" House's arms encircled her waist once more, but he drew her close … so close that she could feel his burgeoning manhood pressed against her spine.

She leaned into his body and closed her eyes as he guided her head to rest beneath his shoulder.

"The kiss begins here …" he muttered in a low husky voice, "at your delectable ears." His lips hovered dangerously close; her heart melted from the warmth of his breath on her skin.

Heat pooled between her thighs as his scruff brushed her cheek ever so lightly; her panties moistened with every word he spoke.

She watched his hand slide between her breasts, skimming up over her button tops, to the vee of her blouse.

"Just imagine … a gentle breeze drifts across my bedroom from an open window. We'll undress each other slowly … I'll slip off your blouse and you'll shiver for a moment as the cool night air kisses your creamy skin. My God, you're beautiful … I can't stop myself …"

Cameron trembled in his arms. "Don't stop …" she whispered.

House groaned softly as she ground her scrumptious ass against his hard-on.
Oh fuck Cameron … you're driving me insane …I am soooo in trouble … look what I've started …

"I'll caress your breasts …"
"I'll slip off my bra …"
"I've waited so long to see them …to touch them. You're exquisite Cameron … I should have told you that long ago. They fit perfectly in my hands … "

Cameron's breath grew shallow.
She nestled her face in the crook of his neck, reveling in his scent.
Fresh, clean skin … a hint of sex … a drop of sweat … the aroma of scotch … like House, it was unique and intoxicating.

His hands moved lower, memorizing the curve of her hips and the swell of her tummy.
Her aching mound trembled beneath the weight of his hands.

She pressed into him.
His voice … it's giving me an orgasm …

"I'm licking and devouring your nipples … my tongue …"
"House, please … please stop … I'm so close …"

House panicked.
He began to straighten and removed his hands.

"I'm sorry Cameron, I shouldn't have come. I've ruined everything."
House grabbed his cane and walked to the door.

"You've ruined nothing." she insisted, as she grasped his arm.
He let go of the doorknob. "Are you sure …"

The look in her eyes answered his question.
There was no need to speak of their wanton desire.
She rested her palm on his straining arousal.

"For me …"
"For you."


House locked the door.
Cameron smiled self-consciously as she stood, waiting for him to join her.
He set down his cane and limped to her side.
She rested her forearms on top of her desk.

His hands shook as he reached for the hem of her skirt.
He gathered the fabric in his hands and held his breath as he uncovered the wisp of indigo lace that veiled her alabaster globes.
He longed to caress every flawless inch of her body, but her moans of desire and his hardened length dictated the path that their lovemaking would take.

He eased her panties over her silky legs, then ruffled the damp curls of her triangle as he sought her velvety soft entrance.
He swirled one finger inside her dewy walls and brought it to his lips.
"Mmm … you're delicious …I want to taste you …all of you … before this day is through …"
"Oh Greg … I want you inside me …"

His pants and boxers fell to the floor.
She widened her stance as he pressed his stiff cock against her glorious cheeks.
He stroked the glistening folds of her sex with the tip of his erection and then waited, coated with her nectar, poised at her entrance.

He brushed her face tenderly with his fingers and whispered in her ear, "Are you ready my love?"
She kissed his hand.
"I've been ready since the first day we met …"
He rested his head next to hers and pushed his tip into her welcoming warmth.

She gasped at his girth as he entered.
"I'm not hurting you, am I?"
She shook her head.
"You're so … you're magnificent."

He slid inside, penetrating deeper with each gentle thrust until he filled her completely.
Her fluttering walls enveloped his throbbing organ.
"Do you have any idea how marvellous you feel? You take my breath away Allison …"
He pulled back slowly, then thrust boldly into her core.

She arched her back and angled her hips
He plunged hard and fast, targeting her sweet spot with blistering accuracy.

"Oh God …" Cameron cried, "…fuck, that's perfect …"
"Guhhh … I'm so close angel …"

His throbbing cock ached for release.
He circled her clit as he drove them further and further towards their climax.

"Now Greg, now …"
One last thrust was all it took.
They surrendered themselves to their blinding orgasm, their cries muffled by each other's bodies in a desperate attempt to mask their passionate release from the outside world.

They smiled.
Three years of unrequited love had just come to an end.


House gazed lovingly into Cameron's eyes as he lowered his lips to hers.
She touched them with her finger. "We should wait love …" she said softly.

"Wait? Sweetheart, I think we've already passed the point where we can wait …"
Cameron blushed. "I meant, we should wait to kiss."

He smiled as he realized what she wanted to do.
"Of course … we should wait to kiss, 'til our second "first date".

"I'll pick you up at seven."
"How about six?"

"Six it is." House grinned. "I should go, it's almost eleven."

Cameron began to open the door, and then paused.
"You never did say … what made you come to see me today?"
"You'll think this is strange, but I saw a word in a puzzle that reminded me of you."

"A word?" questioned Cameron.

"You think I'm quixotic?
A dreamer of impossible dreams?"

House thought for a few seconds before he replied.
"I did when I came here this morning."

"And now?"
"I think you're a dreamer of possible dreams …"

"I missed you …" she murmured.

His lips curled into a tender smile as he paused in the doorway.
"I missed you too … more than you'll ever know."


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