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She-ot you need to know before ya read. Bella didn't move to Forks, instead
she moved around with Phil and Renee. She gained a lot of self confidence and
Phil never got a job in Florida so Bella got sick of moving around...lets see
what happens(well I already know so You see what happens)

Chapter 1: Carlisle's Eternity Forever Changed

Carlisle's Point of View

I picked up my luggage while checking my watch and headed towards the counter to pick up my rental car. I was early and ready to get to my destination. It was just another routine to me.

I set my bags back down, pretending that it was heavy. The first time I heard her I was holding the receipt to a stolen, in a sense,vehicle.

She was a brunette, heart shaped face, and deep eyes the color of drizzled milk chocolate. Her voice enchanted me even though it was clearly angry.

"Do you mean to say that just because some ass hole happened to have used your services before that you gave them my car?" The brunette shouted at the man behind the counter. He cowered in fear and pretended to go through his computer.

I checked my watch again it was 1:26 in the morning.

"I am sorry Miss but we have no record of you renting a red Audi." Suddenly my conversation from yesterday came to mind. I was on the phone with a store clerk and she kept telling me that they were all out of rental cars, but after some time of mild flirting I 'suggested' that she give me someone else's car. Of course she complied. After a few minutes of typing she told me that I had a red Audi.

"Look I even have the freakin' receipt!" She pulled out a piece of paper from her purse and put it on the counter for the man to see.

"Excuse me sir, but we can take you over here." A woman said from behind the counter about two feet away from the brunette. In her haste she knocked her suit case over and picked it up with a huff.

"I'm here to pick up a red Audi." I whispered so that the brunette wouldn't hear me, but she somehow did.

"What are you the guy that stole MY car?" She was less than three inches away from my face and I was stunned by her scent and her eyes. Her scent was so mouthwatering. It was the first human blood that I had taken notice of in the last two and a half centuries and her eyes were so deep and full of emotion. I couldn't look away, nor did I ever want to.

"I-I'm sorry I-" I couldn't think straight with her eyes looking in my soul scrutinizing every sin I had ever committed. "I'll make it up to you." I blurted out without thinking, my fingers running through my hair thoughtlessly.

Her eyes swept down my body then back to my eyes. "How?" She asked skeptically putting a hand on her hip and scrutinized me again.

"I'll drive you to wherever it is you're going." She seemed to be thinking it over, the lil' gears in her head spinning. "And I'll take you out to dinner." Something told me this would appease her.

"Alright," She said with a sigh, "by the way I'm Bella and you are?" She held out her hand for me to shake.

"Carlisle." Her hand was a soft that vampire skin could never obtain. She let go all too soon for my liking. After I got the car keys from the woman behind the counter I picked up her bag and we made our way to the rental car parking lot.

"So where are we heading?" I asked her trying to sound casual as we entered the car, the suede of the seat couldn't hope to be as soft as Bella's skin.

"Phoenix, I need to pick up my car and to clean out my mom's old house before we sell it. How about you?" She was staring out the window as the scenery passed by, the desert reflecting in her eyes.

"I am here to attend a convention." She looked away from the window and to me. Keeping my eyes on the road was becoming quite the challenge.

"What type of convention?"

"A medical convention. I'm a doctor." I couldn't help but let a bit of smugness seep into my voice.

"Is that true or do you just say that to all the pretty girls?" She raised a perfectly sculpted eyebrow at me. Before I could answer a loud pop emitted from the back of the car and I swerved.

"Damn it, the tire popped." I veered onto the side of the road and we both got out to examine the damage, but before we could reach it Bella tripped sending us both to the ground.

She was on top of me and I couldn't think. My hands traveled without my consent down from her upper back to her hips. Her cheeks were a bright red and her breath was hot against my cold skin. Bella's chest pressed against mine and I could feel her heart beat as it grew faster. She glanced at my lips and I couldn't restrain myself, I kissed her.

Her response was immediate. She leaned in closer and arched her back, grinding into me in all the right places. I looked into her eyes and my mind suddenly started working again . . . Esme, my wife.

"I'm so sorry" I was already standing and helping her up, brushing her off but stopping, finding it rather inappropriate.

"No, it was my fault I was the one who fell." She stated, looking everywhere, but at me. A light blush graced her face.

I bent down to inspect the tire when I heard her chuckle gently from behind me.

"Um, Carlisle, you have milkshake on your back." I stood up looked at my back in the side mirror. "You have to admit that is kind of funny." She said between giggles.

"Yes, month old milkshake from the side of a highway is really funny." My sarcasm was evident as I walked over to the trunk and pulled out the spare tire and a clean shirt from my suit case. I laughed at the instructions left by the rental car place.

Bella's Point of View

"Well I thought it was funny." I mumbled. He was changing his shirt and my eyes wondered up and down him. He was amazingly sculpted. I could feel my face heat up. "So do you need any help?" I pinched myself. That could be taken as having a double meaning. "With the tire I mean." He shook his head.

I watched as Carlisle quickly changed the tire with expert hands. My thoughts blanched, expert hands. A shiver of delight ran through me. We got back in the car silently. The awkward air was killing me. Finally Carlisle spoke.

"So... where do you want to eat?"

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