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Black Butterfly

Ichigo was dreaming of him again, his phantom lover who stole into his dreams at night; much like a thief, not the head of a noble family. Every night it was a different version of the same dream. His slate eyed lover would bind his hands over his head; an act that Ichigo permitted because he knew this man needed some semblance of control. It was only here, in these dreams; his stoic lover showed emotion; though he never lost the edge of his restraint. The chocolate eyed teen craved this dominating man, his body screaming for his touch.

Ichigo's lithely muscled body arched off his bed, sweat beading his naked chest and enraptured face as those lips which rarely smiled, closed over his peaked nipple. That long silky black hair that he longed to entangle his fingers into; was caressing his skin like the soft wings of a butterfly. The flame haired substitute Shinigami felt the heat rushing through his body, pooling in his stomach. Unable to hold it in any longer, he cried out to his lover.

"Ngh…Byakuya…Please, I need you." Ichigo moaned, desperate to feel that pale, smooth skin against his own; a sensation he had been denied too many times to count.

Byakuya pulled away from the nipple he had been lavishing attention to, nipping it gently before focusing his attention on his young lover. Ichigo trembled, as those eyes trailed down his body, those eyes when they focused solely on him were more tactile than anything he had ever felt before. That gaze was capable of arousing him in the most awkward of situations.

Ichigo still remembers that dark night he first encountered this enigmatic Shinigami. He had been so angry and determined to protect Rukia, focused only on the loud mouthed, tattooed man in front of him that he failed to notice the silently watching beauty beside him. It was when Byakuya spoke for the first time, that Ichigo met those dark eyes which were focused solely on him. Though his words were cruel and his eyes cold, Ichigo's heart had picked up speed, pounding harder; not from adrenaline, but something different…Something more…Was it anticipation? His body felt overheated, and that gaze was like ice trailing over his skin, simultaneously soothing and arousing his body.

Even after the events of that night, although this man was apparently his enemy; Ichigo wanted him. It was not an easy emotion, as it was intertwined with many conflicting emotions. The fiery tempered teen wanted to taste that porcelain skin, to tangle his hands in that hair, to be taken by this man. Yet he also felt a deep animosity towards the man who would not protect his own sister. When Ichigo entered Soul Society for the first time, it was to save Rukia from execution, but it was also with the need to see Byakuya once more. It was an irrational desire he could not ignore.

Once inside Seireitei, after he had met the noble Shinigami once more, another desire had joined that of lust, want and animosity; the need to prove himself to this man. He fought hard, pushing his body to its limit, and reached his bankai. When they finally fought, it had been one of the most strenuous and arousing moments of his life. Watching Byakuya move, feeling his soft skin, silky hair and rough clothing brush against him, he had to concentrate twice as hard on his fighting. It wasn't until the battle was over, that Ichigo realized that the animosity he felt for raven haired man had exorcized during the battle, morphing into something completely different. It was when he witness Abarai Renji with the noble man in the hospital…He had felt an emotion foreign to him…Jealousy.

Ichigo yearned to be able to sit with ease next to Byakuya as Renji was doing. He knew that was impossible, though they were no longer enemies; they were still at odds. The chocolate eyed teen played it off as best he could; by being cheeky. He wanted to at least make an impression on the stoic nobleman; so he had used his given name, enjoying the feel of it as it rolled from his lips, as he fled the hospital. The look of shock that passed over that delicate face cheered Ichigo once more; his upbeat disposition returning.

Content that the noble man would remember him, Ichigo left Seireitei with the friends who had journeyed there with him. It was once he returned home that these dreams began; nightly excursions into a sexual odyssey that left him sweaty and desperate for more when he woke in the morning. Never before had the rowdy teen been eager for bed, and the dreams which followed. The substitute Shinigami knew that the Byakuya in his dreams were not real, but as he could not have the real one, it was enough.

It was in this erotic landscape that the fiery redhead learned things about himself that he never knew. He discovered the areas of his body which made his cock grow rock hard with a single touch, the places that would make him scream, pant and beg. He found that he enjoyed being dominated, as long as it was Byakuya. That was not to say that he did not want his turn. The chocolate eyed teen wanted to taste, touch and tease his dream lover desperately.

The one thing he had not yet learned was the pleasure and pain of having Byakuya's cock deep inside of him. While he masturbates, he often uses his fingers to stimulate the sensation he truly longed for. He would imagine the dark haired man thrusting into him, finally losing that control he held in such wide regard. Ichigo wanted to see his dream lover without the façade in which the slate eyed man hide behind.

Ichigo was snapped back to the situation he found himself in. His body trembling with need, as Byakuya gazed at him with those dark, enigmatic eyes.

"What is it that you need, Ichigo?" Byakuya murmured, his fingers tracing patterns on the red head's abdomen.

"Ngh…Take off your clothes. I want to feel your skin against mine…Please." Ichigo panted, arching into that delicate touch, begging with his supple body.

"First, I will remove these." Byakuya countered, fingering the waistband of the chocolate eyed man's boxer shorts. "If you can hold out from cumming until I am finished, then I will remove my clothes." He continued, slowly stroking Ichigo's quivering cock through the soft material.

Ichigo groaned his consent, eager for release; but dreading it at the same time. Byakuya would leave him once he came, and he needed more time with this man. The nights seemed to be growing shorter and shorter.

Byakuya was enraptured with the panting teen in front of him. Ichigo was passionate in all the things he did; fighting, talking, teasing and most of all living. It was that fire within the red head Shinigami that had drawn Byakuya to him in the first place. For somebody like him, who kept his emotions under a stoic façade, this man who wore his every emotion on his face for everybody to see was a wonder, as well as a baffling problem which needed to be solved. It must be curiosity which had driven him to have nightly dreams about Ichigo.

The dark haired noble gently slipped a finger under the low slung waist band of Ichigo's boxers, pulling them down slightly before leaning down a tasting the skin of the red head's hipbone. Ichigo's body bowed once more into the sensation; his skin felt so sensitive, the smallest, most innocent of touches brought him pleasure. Byakuya smirked lightly against his lover's moist skin; it looked like he was going to win this round once more.

The boxers slipped down a little farther as Byakuya mouthed a path towards Ichigo's engorged cock, bypassing that sensitive area, and kissing and nipping at the thin skin of his thighs. The dark haired Shinigami lightened his touch, not wanting to rush his lover into his release; as he was enjoying the cries from those begging lips too much. Byakuya took advantage of the red head's bowed body, sliding a hand against the bare skin of Ichigo's ass, gently circling the puckered entrance he so desperately wanted to breach.

"Please…Byakuya…" Ichigo panted, trying frantically to still his tense, quivering body. "I want you there…Your cock…your finger…anything…" The red head cried out hoarsely.

Byakuya could feel the moment when his highly prized control cracked slightly. The noble man lifted those limber legs which were still entangled in the red head's boxers; into the air; gripping his thighs harshly as he spread them wider. He looked briefly at his young lover, noticing his hooded eyes and labored breathing; before plunging his tongue into that tight, unexplored territory, savoring the dark flavor he encountered.

Ichigo screamed at the new onslaught of sensation traveling through his already needy body. He threw his head back, as the pleasure became too much; his hands clenching and unclenching helplessly bound in the thin silk in which Byakuya had tied them. That wet velvet tongue was plunging in and out of his puckered entrance like a piston, and it was excruciatingly erotic. The red headed Shinigami couldn't hold back his release any longer, crying out in ecstasy as he came all over his abdomen and chest.

Byakuya pulled away gently from his lover, lowering the shaking legs to the bed once more, before slowly traveling up the red head's limp body. The noble man lapped up the cooling cum on his Ichigo's body; savoring the taste of his release before he ended up lying on top of the sated substitute Shinigami.

Ichigo trembled under Byakuya's ministrations; that had been the most erotic thing his lover had done to him. Tonight was a night of first for them, and if Ichigo had any say in the matter, it wasn't going to end here. Slowly preparing himself to leave, the dark haired Shinigami untied his lover's bound hands; not noticing the tension entering Ichigo's lax body.

Once his hands were untied, Ichigo did something he had never done before; always choosing to respect Byakuya's limits. He launched himself at his kneeling lover. With his breath knocked out of him, Byakuya lay sprawled on the bed, with Ichigo straddling his hips. The dark haired man panicked slightly, struggling to remove himself from this situation. Ichigo allowed the man to sit up and scoot backwards, content in the fact that he could, if need be, overpower him once more.

Byakuya ended up with his back braced against the headboard, and a very naked Shinigami straddling his hips. The noble man's cock was hard, trying to escape the confines of his pants. Ichigo could feel it pressing against his ass as he slowly rocked his hips, drawing out a low moan from his lover.

"I am not your toy..." Ichigo whispered softly, wrapping his arms loosely around Byakuya's broad shoulders, his teeth sinking gently into the delicate flesh of his lover's ear. "…Nor am I your pet."

The obsidian haired man growled lowly, as Ichigo attacked his throat, teeth nipping roughly, velvet tongue soothing; his hands sliding down his lover's shirt clad chest. Byakuya always wore such provocative clothing during these dreams. No Shinigami robes or signs of his nobility. Leather pants and a simple button up shirt…Ichigo wanted to see what was underneath.

The red head sat back his fingers gently stroking Byakuya's chest, his chocolate eyes locking with his lovers, as he ripped the offensive material. The hints of that smooth porcelain skin peeking out from the torn shirt, a sight which had been previously denied time and time again was finally bared to the young substitute Shinigami. Ichigo gentled his touch, finger tracing designs on his lover's exposed chest, plucking gently at the pebbled nipples, before enclosing one between his lips.

Byakuya's lithe body arched, reluctantly aroused by his young and normally submissive lover's aggressive behavior. His slender fingers, which were more accustomed to holding a sword, twined in that spiky hair, his own head thrown back, gasping for air as his nipple was nipped and sucked by Ichigo.

The chocolate eyed teen smirked against his lover's chest, fingers tracing designs on the thin alabaster skin of Byakuya's abdomen, before trailing farther down, slowly stroking the hardness trapped beneath a layer of leather. Ichigo was relishing the sounds the obsidian haired man was emitting; soft mewling moans of pleasure and need escaping from petal pink lips.

Ichigo gasped, his body felt like it was being pulled in two different directions at once…Not painful, but it felt as though his heart was shattering into a million pieces. The walls, which nobody had breached besides them, were rapidly disintegrating before their shocked eyes; a loud buzzing assaulting their ears, echoing loudly through out the room.

Ichigo woke panting, eyes wild as he searched for the source of the noise. His chocolate colored eyes fell on his seemingly innocent alarm clock, which was still buzzing. The teen flopped back against his bed exhausted and confused. The shock in Byakuya's dark eyes kept playing in a loop through his sleepy mind. A slow realization began to awaken in the substitute Shinigami; a crazy idea born…


A/N: The lack of formality, and major OOCness was intentional. I think people react differently in a dream like state, different facets of their personality emerge, becoming more aggressive or submissive, or becoming the person they wish they could be, etc. I hope you enjoyed reading.