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Black Butterfly

Chapter 4

Byakuya growled in warning at Ichigo's impertinence, even as his head fell back in pleasure. The bright haired teen's calloused hands slipped around the nobleman's back, joining together at the Kuchiki heir's navel before splitting. The fingers of one hand slowly tracing patterns on the thin skin of Byakuya's abdomen, as the teen pressed even closer to the slender man he craved. Wet tendrils of obsidian hair were plastered to Ichigo's shoulder, as one hand drifted upward, ghosting over the Kuchiki heir's pebbled nipples, before coming to rest on his throat.

Byakuya submitted to the gentle pressure Ichigo was placing on his throat, and tilted his head further back. Half lidded midnight blue eyes locked with the gilded teen's lust darkened brandy colored eyes, before Ichigo's lips tentatively met his, in what was perhaps the most innocent kiss Byakuya had ever shared, with anybody.

Even with his head tilted at an uncomfortable angle, the nobleman wanted more, something deeper. Tangling his fingers into Ichigo's short, spiky hair, Byakuya dragged the teen closer. The teen allowed the older, more experienced man to take the lead; at least for the moment. Byakuya's insistent tongue lapped at Ichigo's mouth, tracing the crease of the substitute shinigami's lush lips, demanding entrance. The teen opened his mouth, allowing the nobleman to explore the planes of his mouth.

Ichigo moaned as Byakuya's tongue invaded his mouth. Ichigo wouldn't admit it, ever; but the Kuchiki heir's kiss was making his knees feel a bit wobbly. Byakuya wasn't a refined, gentle kisser in this moment; he was simply a man, hungry for the substitute shinigami and his intensity.

The nobleman broke the kiss, and turned to face the teen; fed up with the uncomfortable position he found himself in. Ichigo yanked Byakuya flush against him, relishing in the feel of the taicho's lithely muscled body against his.

Byakuya came to his senses as Ichigo's teeth sank into his lower lip, those clever fingers plucking harshly at the nobleman's nipple. It took all of the Kuchiki heir's will to shove the teen's body away from his own.

"Get out of my shower Kurosaki." Byakuya demanded, his dark eyes heavy with lust, as he stood panting under the gentle patter of water.

"Make me Byakuya." Ichigo returned, his body loose and relaxed as he stared openly at the nobleman's lithe body.

"If you think you can throw me out of this shower, try it." The brash teen murmured, as he stepped closer still to his prey, enjoying the chase as the Kuchiki heir stepped back once more.

"…. Kurosaki. Back off." Byakuya ordered coldly, intense want making his eyes hot; belying his frigid attitude.

"No." Ichigo took a small step closer, watching the nobleman carefully as he continued to retreat as the substitute shinigami advanced.

The Kuchiki clan's manor was incredibly large, and that was reflected in the size of the heir's bathroom and shower. But, Ichigo noted, it wasn't big enough, as he watched Byakuya's slender back slam into the shower wall. Grabbing the sweet smelling body wash, Ichigo coated his hands, bubbles rising in his hands as he approached the trapped nobleman.

Byakuya wasn't quite ready to surrender to this brash teen just yet. Ichigo had proved time and again that he could overpower the obsidian haired man physically; and Rukia had informed him that Kido did not effectively work in binding the bright haired teen. Unfortunately, running in this situation would shatter his pride. After all, he was the head of the Kuchiki clan; he faced down his enemies. On the other hand, it was not often was one challenged in their private shower. All that was left was to submit, but Byakuya would be damned if he let this boy drive him over the edge.

Ichigo took advantage of Byakuya's momentary lapse of concentration, and flipped the nobleman around. Maneuvering that lithe body, until the heir of one of the most powerful clans in Seireitei was forced to brace his hands against the slick tile of the shower wall.

"Let me wash you Byakuya." Ichigo murmured softly, ignoring the nobleman's warning growl. "When I am done, I will get out of the shower." The teen promised, as his hands, covered in lather began to trail from his lover's hips, touching everywhere and lingering nowhere.

Byakuya moaned as he felt Ichigo sink his teeth into his shoulder, his calloused fingertips plucking at a pebbled nipple before moving on. The shower amplified his heartfelt and lusty sounds of pleasure, making the Kuchiki heir feel like a wanton whore under the hands of this brash teen. This was what he had pictured, when he had allowed himself to imagine a situation like this. Often he had daydreams about these strong hands holding him firmly in place, while driving him to the brink of a very pleasant insanity.

Ichigo murmured softly, his words indistinguishable against Byakuya's ear. The teen's words caused tendrils of heat that were curling around in the nobleman's belly to shoot straight to his already throbbing cock. Byakuya couldn't help but rock against Ichigo, he could feel the press of the teen's erection between his cheeks, as those wonderful hands continued to map out the planes of his body.

Byakuya could tell Ichigo was not as calm as he was pretending to be. His fingers were trembling as they caressed his skin, as was his body. The teen had his forehead pressed against the nobleman's wet shoulder as he tried to calm his erratic breath. The obsidian haired man, ground against the brandy eyed teen, wanting to push the brash substitute shinigami over the edge. To see Ichigo fall apart at the seams was something Byakuya desperately needed.

Ichigo couldn't hold on, he could feel his impending orgasm, as Byakuya rocked against his cock. The feel of his dream lover's silky smooth skin flush against his, for the first time, was driving him beyond his shaky control. The teen pressed his face against the nobleman's shoulder, attempting to cool the blush that was spreading across his face at his lack of restraint.

Byakuya agilely twisted away from his lover, shoving the teen against the shower wall, and pressed their lips harshly together. Nipping at Ichigo's lush bottom lip, encouraging the substitute shinigami to open his mouth, the nobleman slipped his knee between Ichigo's thighs. Complying almost immediately through a hazy fog of pleasure, the chocolate-eyed teen moaned harshly into his host's mouth as he rocked desperately against the leg, needing more friction.

Friction that Byakuya gave his young lover, as his long slender fingers began to stroke Ichigo's cock. His eyes were drawn to those expressive eyes, as the teen came apart for him. The nobleman licked the substitute shinigami's hot seed from his fingers, relishing the taste. The blush spreading across Ichigo's face entranced the noble heir, as he rested limply against the wall, his fingers clutching Byakuya's shoulders.

Ichigo's blush and his needy eyes was all it took to push the obsidian haired man over the edge. With a growl, he grabbed the substitute shinigami and dragged him from the shower, the teen's grace and balance saving him from falling on his ass more than once, as he slipped across the wet tile floor. Once they were safely out of the shower, Ichigo slammed Byakuya against a wall, and bit his lip harshly, only to be shoved away and attacked by the nobleman. It was only the desire to have Kurosaki in his bed that stopped Byakuya from taking him against a wall in a frenzied fuck.

It took the two men several minutes to make it to the nobleman's bedroom, as they could not seem to get enough of tasting each other. Several walls were abused as bodies were pushed and slammed against them. When they finally reached the bedroom, both shinigami paused and stood frozen in the doorway, panting heavily as they evaluated the situation.

Byakuya knew that if they took this any further, they could no longer claim it was an act of insanity, but did he really care? If he was going to be honest with himself and Ichigo, he no longer cared. The nobleman wanted this, more than he had ever wanted anything else in his privileged life.

As he had for most of the afternoon, Ichigo took advantage of the Kuchiki heir's distraction and pushed Byakuya onto the bed, determined to take control of this situation. Time and time again, it seemed he had grasped the upper hand in this battle, only to have it wrenched away from him. The substitute shinigami grinned boldly and advanced slowly on his hands and knees; until he hovered around the nobleman's water droplet covered body, without touching his luxurious skin.

The impulsive teen knew that he wasn't really in charge of this volatile situation. Byakuya was only letting him think he had some semblance of control. Ichigo would take what he could get. He was still embarrassed by his lack of finesse in the shower. The substitute shinigami had planned to shatter the cold façade the taicho hid behind; instead, he had come apart at the seams. His knees wobbly as he spurted his seed into that hard hand, as his lover watched with hot eyes.

Ichigo lowered his head and lapped at the water droplets that had pooled in the hollow of Byakuya's collarbone. The teen couldn't help but moan, as he tasted the nobleman's skin. He drew the thin skin into his mouth, nipping softly, before moving further down to continue his exploration. The substitute shinigami lovingly lavished attention on Byakuya's pebbled nipple, teasing the tightened flesh with his tongue.

Ichigo loved how his companion's body arched into his as he sucked and nipped at his flesh. The teen was determined to drive his lover just a little bit crazier, so the substitute shinigami abandoned the thoroughly worshipped nipple to trail further down. Pausing to pay homage to the nobleman's navel, playfully thrusting his tongue into the indention before moving on.

Ichigo hesitated briefly as he looked at Byakuya's erection. The flushed flesh quivering and leaking pre-cum from the slit. Inexperienced, yet more than willing; the bright haired teen licked the tip experimentally. Byakuya's moan was the only encouragement Ichigo needed, as he sucked the tip into his mouth, his tongue lashed at the pre-cum leaking slit, enjoying his lover's thrashing about and those slender hands tangled in his short spiky hair.

Byakuya was unsure how much time Ichigo spent lavishing attention on his engorged cock. It could have been hours or minutes, the feeling of that mouth and tongue heavenly. When he felt he couldn't withstand the temptation to release his seed into that warm mouth, he pulled harshly at his lover's spikes. The nobleman groaned at the sight of Ichigo licking his moist, pre-cum splattered lips before yanking him into his arms.

Byakuya settled the teen into his lap, trailing his hands down his lover's tan skin. Ichigo moaned softly as straddled the nobleman's waist, his brandy colored eyes locked with midnight blue as the Kuchiki heir's cock slide deliciously between his cheeks. The substitute shinigami wanted this, desperately. He would have his turn, but somehow, submitting to Byakuya in this moment felt right.

Byakuya dipped his fingers into the oil warming by his futon. How his household staff had known it was needed was beyond him, but in this moment he was not complaining. Once his fingers were liberally coated, the noble man trailed one slender hand upwards until his oiled fingers encountered the teen's puckered entrance, his other hand softly massaging the firm muscles of Ichigo's thigh in a soothing manner.

Ichigo groaned, his head resting on his lover's shoulder as Byakuya gently circled his entrance with his fingers. This side of the nobleman was different, Ichigo had seen it in his dreams, but reality was so much more delicious. Byakuya wasn't hiding behind his stoic, cold façade. His dark black hair was tousled, his eyes dark with passion. He was gentle yet demanding, as he sank his teeth into Ichigo's shoulder, his finger circling the tight ring of muscle he was going to breach. The teen arched into his lover's body as he cried out in pleasure, allowing the nobleman to slip an oiled finger into that ring of tight muscle.

Ichigo, his body trembling as he sobbed his need into Byakuya's shoulder, nipped at the smooth skin. Wantonly, he rocked against the nobleman's hand, as the obsidian haired man continued to thrust his slender fingers inside his hot cavern. Byakuya tangled his the fingers of his free hand in Ichigo's short, orange-red spikes as he dragged the teen's mouth to his.

The teen moaned softly, as he nipped harshly at Byakuya's lush lower lip, before drawing that silver tongue into his mouth, his fingers clutching and clawing as he started to come apart over his lover. The nobleman removed his fingers from the teen, and began to recoat them in the warm oil, only to have them slapped away by the substitute shinigami. Ichigo dipped his fingers into the warm, thick oil, his half lidded eyes staring into midnight blue, before thoroughly coating Byakuya's quivering cock.

The nobleman lifted Ichigo by his hips, positioning him so that his cock was pressing against the teen's entrance, and encouraged the substitute shinigami to seat himself. Byakuya stared at his lover, as the teen grasped his shoulders tightly, and lowered himself slowly. The obsidian haired man groaned, as he felt his cock breach Ichigo for the first time. His lover's hot, tight walls closing around the nobleman's erection deliciously, the teen throwing his head back, as he was assaulted by an amazing mixture of pain and pleasure as he fully seated himself on Byakuya's cock.

Ichigo froze as he allowed himself to adjust to the sensation of having Byakuya in him. Experimentally, he rose up, letting the thick cock slip free, only the engorged tip remaining before sitting back down. What pain there had been disappeared, replaced by indescribable pleasure, as his lover's hands adjusted his hips, changing the angle of penetration.

Byakuya rested on his elbows, allowing Ichigo to control the pace of their pleasure. The nobleman was entranced, as he watched his lover move wantonly over him, the teen's dark chocolate eyes half lidded with ecstasy, his face flushed with exertion; he looked so fucking beautiful, he took Byakuya's breath away.

The red headed substitute shinigami had his eyes glued to his lover's face, so when midnight blue eyes went black; he had to fight to brace himself against Byakuya's attack. A low growl, deep within the nobleman's throat was his next warning, before he was flipped over onto his hands and knees. Ichigo moaned loudly, as he felt his companion's engorged cock pressed between his cheeks, before it plunged into his needy entrance once more. Hard hands held his hips tightly, as Byakuya continued to drive into his body, without any of the finesse Ichigo had expected from the Kuchiki heir. Somehow, Byakuya's lack of control turned the chocolate-eyed teen on even more. This is what his lover was like under that fucking stoic mask, and Ichigo loved it.

Byakuya couldn't help the moans escaping from his mouth as he plunged in and out of Ichigo, anymore than he could control his pending orgasm. Reaching around with a hand accustomed to holding a zanpakuto, wrapping it around his lover's quivering cock. Stroking firmly in time with his thrust, Byakuya pushed Ichigo over the edge, as he sank his teeth into the nape of his neck, marking the substitute shinigami for all to see.

Ichigo screamed, as he felt Byakuya sink his teeth into his neck, spewing hot torrents of cum into his lover's stroking hand. Panting wildly, he fell limply into the futon, moving his hips weakly to help the nobleman along. Byakuya's hands tightened around the substitute shinigami's hips, as he thrust violently, his body trembling as he felt hot, tight walls close around him spasmodically. Buried deep within his young, brash lover; the Kuchiki heir released his seed, the room echoing with the sounds of his ecstasy.

Byakuya collapsed on top of Ichigo, his normally pristine appearance gone, as was his cold façade. Rather, as the shinigami dragged his lover to him, wrapping him in his arms, he wasn't a Kuchiki or the taicho of the sixth division, he was simply a man exhausted after a bloody good bout of sex.

Ichigo snuggled into Byakuya, not bothering to pull the covers up to shield their sweaty bodies from the breeze. He luxuriated in the feel of his lover next to him, and couldn't resist stroking his companion's rumpled hair, as the two lay entangled together.

"So Ichigo, why did you come to Seireitei, and how long are you staying?" Byakuya mumbled hoarsely against his lover's throat.

Ichigo stretched briefly, nuzzling Byakuya's silky hair. "I came here for you, you idiot. And you won't be getting rid of me for quite a while." The teen stated confidently.

Byakuya remained silent, only tightening his arms around Ichigo, while he thought of what the teen hadn't said. "Why?" the nobleman questioned as he ran his fingers up the teen's arm.

Ichigo couldn't control the blush that spread across his face. Fighting the urge to hide his face in his lover's chest, teen attempted to change the subject.

"You don't have any alarm clocks in here do you Byakuya?" the teen mumbled, as he fumbled with the sheets, attempting to cover the two lovers in a warm nest.

"No. What does that have to do..? Oh!!" Byakuya suddenly understood his young lover's embarrassment. Hiding the flush that suddenly blossomed on his cheeks, the nobleman debated the importance of mentioning the dreams he had been having lately.

"Do we have to discuss the how's and why's?" Ichigo growled roughly. "I, for some reason or another, missed you and wanted to see you. Fucking deal with it." Ichigo continued to mumble, getting worked up enough to pull away from the older man.

Byakuya pulled the teen back to him. "Ichigo, shut up." Was murmured softly before his lips shut off his lover's impending fit.

Ichigo pulled back slightly, taking in a much needed breathe of air. "Okay."

The End

A/N In case anybody was wondering (I am sure you could tell.), I ignored the story line for the most part, and Ichigo is 18. (Byakuya still calls him a teen, because he seems so young comparatively.)